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List of Logistics/ Shipping/ Dispatch Executive Resumes( 78 )

»Dispatch Executive : Preparing the Daily Dispatch Report, Follows the mails & actions plan, Shortage Material Follow up & Action plan. (45 views )
»Dispatch Executive : Responsible to check the stock & report to the customer for engine production, Responsible for tracking customer complaints identify root cause and to make action plans. (65 views )
»Dispatch Officer : Handling Dispatch Independently, Looking after the Entire Billing/Invoice, Challan, Job Challan, Annexure, Export Invoice entry in SAP. (158 views )
»Dispatch/ Material Executive : Materials Procurement, Stores operations, Maintain FIFO & 5S, Supporting annual internal audits on procurement and inventory functions. (225 views )
»Dispatch Manager : Dispatch planning as per work order, Invoice/Challan preparation and all documents records update related dispatch, Record and maintain files and records of customer requests, work or services performed and other dispatch information. (241 views )
»Dispatch Executive : Handling Dispatch Independently, Looking after the Entire Billing/Invoice, Challan, Job Challan, Annexure, Export Invoice entry in SAP. (271 views )
»Export Executive/Mangaer : Shipment planning & co-ordination with the Factory and Freight Forwarder / CHA, Following up Check list from CHA after checking provide approval on checklist, Co-ordinate with CHA for clearance and custom formalities. (164 views )
»Logistics Manager : Inventory clerk, House keeping, Shipping and receiving, Material handler, Ware house supervisor, Stock control supervisor, Storage Yard (464 views )
»Dispatch & Logistic Officer : Handling Dispatch Independently, Preparing Road Permit online, Taking of perpetual inventory daily physical stock of dispatch item (499 views )
»Shipping Executive : Check mails daily basis, Handle daily Client account, Understand the customer data & cross check. (txt, loadlist, photos, DSR), Processing the data as per customer requirement in particular software. (232 views )
»Logistics Manager : Developing the logistics network for ensuring seamless, cost-effective movement of consignment and timely delivery of orders. (323 views )
»Dispatch Executive : Managing logistics function, Ensure fleet of vehicles & transporters ensuring on time receipt the material at Distributor points, Arrange the vehicle for daily dispatch plan and monitoring the Truck Turnaround Time. (456 views )
»Dispatch Manager : Managing logistics function, Ensure fleet of vehicles & transporters ensuring on time receipt the material at Distributor points, Arrange the vehicle for daily dispatch plan and monitoring the Truck Turnaround Time. (252 views )
»Logistics Manager : Responsible for Rest of Maharashtra Inbound and Outbound operations, Closely monitoring reverse pickups performance as well, Monitoring of daily volumes and preparations to handle volumes. (299 views )
»Logistics & Dispatch Manager : Supply Chain Management, Logistics Operations, Vendor Management, Material Management , Customer Quality Management, Supplier Monitoring (341 views )
»Logistics Manager : Identifying client requirements and co-ordinating with the production activities, Overseeing production related tasks including planning, control and deliverry (259 views )
»Logistics & Warehousing Manager : Picking packing sagrigation according to clusterwise and store wise handling DC operation and team managment of warehouse, Plan or implement shipment flow management systems to meet demand requirements. (443 views )
»Dispatch Executive : All filing which are relative with dispatch including billing, Preparation of Invoicing as per system & order through SAP Package. (514 views )
»Logistics Specialist : Consumption/Capitalization of material & To Prepare Monthly Service Indent of Material for Circle, Review of Defective and Stock Conversion activity. (373 views )
»Logistics Manager : Handling the dispatch the material for national basis, Making MIS reports for purchase sale & inventory and check physical stock on monthly basis, Make Ageing of receivables and payables on monthly basis. (586 views )
»Logistics Operation Manager : Managing & supporting new business implementations, Continually focused on driving down expenditure, Identifying safety compliance issues. (525 views )
»Logistics Manager : Stock Management, Inventory, Delivery Management, Cash Handling, Attendance (438 views )
»Logistics Manager : SAP, MIS Reporting, Negotiation, Team Management, Warehouse Managaement (401 views )
»Logistics Manager : Preparing Excise Invoices, Delivery Challans, Sales Orders & Daily Sales Reports in Sap System, Prepare documents relating to export consignments; well acquainted with export procedures and coordination with forwarding agents. (524 views )
»Logistics Executive : Operations, Domestic Resolving Customer quires by delivering there shipment on time, Coordinating with Operations team and inside FedEx sales team. (1169 views )
»Commercial/Dispatch/Shipping & Logistics Manager : Prepared Documents for Customs Clearance of Import, Checking and Prepare L.C. Documents & Bill of Exchange, Liasioning & correspondence with customs authority & officers, Customs Brokers/CHA, Experience for Customs Clearance Procedure for Import, Inspection, de stuffing, CFS related documents etc. (751 views )
»Logistics Executive : Handling the warehouse overall, Managing the transportation rates and arrange vehicle for dispatching the goods, Overall maintaining FG Inventory. (1127 views )
»Logistics Manager : Marketing, Consumer Satisfaction, Business Management (476 views )
»Logistics Manager : Handling Pre-Shipment/ Post Shipment Document (597 views )
»Logistic/ Warehouse Incharge : Collect all Distributor Purchase Order and bill process, All the ITEMS Sorting & Proper dispatch to parties, Maintaining records of inward, outward & inventory of material as well as assets in practical and system. (720 views )
»Warehouse & Logistic Manager : Preparing Branch transfer dispatch report on daily basis & sent to all over India branch manager deputy manger, Take care of all customer order & dispatches which log by sales coordinator. (628 views )
»Dispatch Manager : Logistics/Warehouse/Inventory Order & Vendors Management, Managing logistics function, Ensure fleet of vehicles & transporters ensuring on time receipt the material at Distributor points. (610 views )
»Logistics Manager : Managing overall outbound operation, Finished goods Management, Material planning & procurement for packing material, Acting as Window Person for all customers for regular supply. Outbound Planning & Packing (860 views )
»Shipping Manager : Appointment acceptance and acknowledgement for agency services, Sending estimated port disbursement account to the principals, Updating berthing prospects to the principals and master of the expected vessel (726 views )
»Dispatch/ Logistic Officer : Stock Management (Gradewise), Envontry Manage, Mis Report Handling ,Loading & Despatch Handling Manpower Handling Etc. (1107 views )
»Dispatch Officer : Handling of Store & Dispatch Independently, Proper material handling & packing, Packing as per customer & make the ready for dispatch (1625 views )
»Dispatch Manager : Dealing with Transporters, Dispatch of finished products, Co-ordination with marketing for daily/weekly dispatch plan as per targets (1188 views )
»Logistics Executive : Handle Overall Cash Trsaction & Petty Cash, Overall Manpover Handling On Daily Bassis & Record Attdance On System (1220 views )
»Dispatch Executive : On Time Dispatch DO Wise/PO Wise, Preparation of 57f4 Challans, Making DO sheet & Dispatch of material as per DO schedule. Handling of Samsung Software GMES and WMES. (7682 views )
»Logistic Executive : Preparation of daily MIS Report of all Incoming and outgoing materials (Import and Indigenous), Preparation of GRN for all Inward materials in SAP, Ensure and preparation of report for timely submission of Excise Documents to Accounts dep’t for avail cenvat after making GRN of consignment. (1841 views )
»Import/ Account Manager : Maintain record of all vessel sailings, Accurate and efficient data input / data management in GCSS system, Plan/prioritize vessel data release with nil error within set release time as per guidelines. (682 views )
»Port/ Shipping Operations Manager : Port Operations, Shipping Agency, Stevedoring, Transport Operations, Rail, Road, Yard, Vessel,Cargo,Barges, Jetty handling & operations Managements, Branch Managements. (1773 views )
»Shipping Documentation Executive : Filing Shipping bill ( Complete knowledge of filing documents through ICEGATE ) , Knowledge about the various schemes under DEPB/ EPCG/ 100%EOU /2ND Machinery /Re-import /SEZ, more about export document , Practical knowledge about all CFS & Customs works / Operation (1324 views )
»Logistics Executive : Inventry Mangement, Calculating and reviewing establishment requirements,supervising work and guiding juniors as necessary,assisting in Export/Import and custom clearence, Thorough knowledge and experience of cheking scale entitlement, preparation of surplus reports and undetaking local purchases as required. Taking custody of valuable attractive and security items and ensuring their proper care and maintenance. Implementaion of new policies, orders etc in respect of their section. Fuction as NCO incharge and assisting in general administration. Supervising work of juniors and guiding them as necessary. (1373 views )
»EXIM Executive : Export Import, Verification of Supporting documents for Invoices, Duty / RD Statement, To dispatch courier and keep the track, Tracking KPI (1065 views )
»Export Import Documentation : Bill of Lading Prepare to customer & update to carrier, Carrier Co ordination, Rate filing & documentation follow up, Booking get from customer & filing with carrier , Maintain Tracking for Transshipment & Delivery Status and also update same to customer (1082 views )
»Warehouse/Logistic Manager : Check & Control Monthly Stock Reconciliation, Control on record update of IMEI Data of all dispatches, Control on All Stock related Transactions Books vs Physical. (1185 views )
»Export Import Documentation Executive : CHA & Logistics (1651 views )
»Logistics Executive : Totally ware-house handling, Stock taking daily basis, maintain FIFO system, Primary freight update, Creating Sales invoice based SAP software, Vehicle planning & handling Dispatching. (1261 views )
»Logistics Coordinator : Approving time sheets for delivery, Signing payment vouchers, Monitoring cargo movement through the tracking system, Issuing fuel cards to drivers (1208 views )
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