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List of Accountant / Accounts Officer / Executive Resumes( 344 )

Finance Accounts, Tax, Audit >> Accountant / Accounts Officer / Executive( 564 )

»Accounts Executive : Compile and analyze financial information to prepare books of accounts, such as general ledger accounts, and document business transactions, Maintaining books and implementation accounting control procedures. (123 views )
»Accountant : Generating invoice, Entering Purchase bill, Posting of Payment & Receipt, Taking Payment Follow Up, Maintain Petty Cash Book, Maintaining various data in Ms-Excel. (433 views )
»Commercial Executive : Responsible for unit accounting, SAP end user for Fi-moudule, Booking of Invoices, Making payments to vendor (212 views )
»Accountant : Handling All Export Documentation (World Wide) (Like Prepairing Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill Of Lading (Bl) Export Documents (E.D) & Prepare Other Supporting Documents. (380 views )
»Accountant : Maintaining the billing system, Generating invoices and account statements, Performing account reconciliations, Maintaining accounts receivable files and record (783 views )
»Fresher Accountant : TDS Entry in Tally, Filling return of GST -1&3B, Accounting Concept Tally (597 views )
»Tax Consultant & Accountant : ITR Filing, GST Return, TDS Return, Advance Tax Payment, Tax Audit & Accouting etc. (892 views )
»Accounts Executive : SAP, Creating PO, MIGO and MIRO, Inward entry, STO with Respective T-code in SAP, Service/Capex Bill booking, Knowledge of GST and TDS (929 views )
»Accounts Executive : Handling TDS matters, TDS Payment, E-filling, Generating TDS Certificates & TDS Query, Excise & Service Tax (999 views )
»Accounts Executive : Day to day accounting entries in SAP, Collection cash and patty cash handling, Purchase order creation and make GRN, Sales order creation, releasing and invoicing. (1094 views )
»Accounts Manager : Making Payment of TDS, Submitting TDS Return, Handling day to day accounting, Follow up with client, Sales, Purchase entry, Bank Reconciliation. (1037 views )
»Account Executive : Preparing Invoice, Managing vendor payments, bank reconciliation & accounts work, Maintaining Bank record, Payable, Maintaining Vouchers Purchase, Sales and Journal entries or data entry. (1371 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining Individual Staff Imprest Account Regarding the monthly fixed allowances /perquisites provide by the company, Maintaining Individual Staff Imprest Account Regarding the travelling expenses (646 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing of Cheques and entry into accounting systems, Bank Payment, Receipt and Reconciliation Processing the urgent payment finance approval (659 views )
»Accountant : Making entries in Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Booking Purchases,Invoice Processing, Preparing salary statement, Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement. (1381 views )
»Accounts Manager : Team player with good organizational skills, strong accounting and system knowledge, Good planning and prioritizing skills to manage a varied and pressurized workload. (802 views )
»Accounts Executive : TDS Deduction from liable payment, Process and deposit tax within due date on every month, Managing Statutory Compliances like GST Payment, GST Return filing (GSTR3B & GSTR1). (1271 views )
»Accountant : Inventory, Cost Centers, Bill by Bill, etc, Knowledge of Income Tax, TDS and GST, Preparing MIS Reports (Sale/Purchase Reports) & Tax Reports (GSTR1/GSTR3B and GSTR2A Reco) (1447 views )
»Account Officer : Day to Day Accounting Transaction in ERP Prime, Preparation and filing of TDS and TCS status, Handling outstanding report, Bank Reconciliation, Reconcile accounts payable and receivable (1079 views )
»Accounts Executive : Keeping financial control records for expenditures, allotments and receipts etc, Verifying financial documents for validity, accuracy and completeness. (1172 views )
»Audit Assistant & Accountant : Internal audit for Private limited company and Partnership firm, Concurrent audit for syndicate bank aminjikaral, Stock audit for trading & manufacturing companies (774 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing accounts and Tax Return (Income, GST & TDS), Monitoring Spending and Budgets, Auditing and analysis financial Performance, Financial forecasting and risk analysis. (1452 views )
»Accounts Officer : Inventory, Cost Centers, Bill by Bill, etc, Knowledge of Income Tax, TDS and GST, Preparing MIS Reports (Sale/Purchase Reports) & Tax Reports (GSTR1/GSTR3B and GSTR2A Reco) (1040 views )
»Accounts Executive : Make Sale Invoice, Expenses, Payment & Receipt Entry in Spectrum Software, Generate Party wise Ageing Report. (1107 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive : Tally ERP, Good hands on MS Word, Excel, Excellent verbal and written communication (745 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining billing systems keeping them up-to-date and carrying out billing duties, GST Sales Entry, Purchase Entry, BRS, GST HSN Code Wise Report (1017 views )
»Accountant : Finance & Accountant Field (1162 views )
»Accountant : Maintaining General Ledgers, Party Ledgers, Sales Ledgers, Purchase Ledgers, Maintaining banking functions, including Bank Reconciliation Statement, Cash Disbursement. (1528 views )
»Accountant : Accounts & Records To Maintained Under GST-Stock Register, Input tax credit availed, Output tax payable and paid, Such other particulars as be prescribed. (1066 views )
»Accounts Manager : Preparing financial documents such as invoices, bills, and accounts payable and receivable, Completing financial reports on a regular basis and providing information to the finance team. (964 views )
»Accountant : Preparing purchase & Sales entries in tally, Preparing journal entries in tally, Preparing TDS entries in tally & TDS returns, Payments & Receipts entries in tally (1262 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining billing systems keeping them up-to-date and carrying out billing duties, Creating and sending out invoices, GST Sales Entry, Purchase Entry, BRS, GST HSN Code Wise Report. (1566 views )
»Accounts Manager : Preparing financial documents such as invoices, bills, and accounts payable and receivable, Completing financial reports on a regular basis and providing information to the finance team. (862 views )
»Accountant : Responsibility for Entire vendor management (Quotation checking, PO raise, Bill checking, Entry posting in SAP, Payment entry & reconciliation & balance Signoff) (969 views )
»Accountant : Maintain day to day books of Accounts in Busy Win, Maintain Bank Reconciliation Statement, Maintain Journal entry, Sale, Purchase & Exp.Invoice, (1119 views )
»MIS/Account Executive : Accounts Receivables Management Managing Billings & Collections Preparation of Final Accounts/ Financial Status Reports Prepare Sales Invoices, Quotations, Sales Orders,Debit Notes, Credit Note Prepre Reports in Excel i.e. Company Dashbord Reports, MIS reports. Strong Motivational and Leadership skills Ability to produce quality Result in pressure situation (1162 views )
»Account Executive : Accounting, Audits, Direct and Indirect Taxes, Tally, GST & Tax Related Software (1742 views )
»Accountant Cum Payroll : Financial statement analysis, Expert Payroll administration, Expert, Account reconciliation expert, Expert General ledger accounting, Expert (679 views )
»Accountant & Payroll Officer : All Accounting From Bookkeeping To Balance Sheet, All Statutory Works PF ESI Professional Tax,Gratuity, Leaveencashments, Maintaining Service Records of All Employees ,TDS Deduction And It Fillings,, Tally ERP 9, Payroll In Excel ,Recruitments (791 views )
»Accounts Officer : Accounts payable accounting and vendor reconciliations, Accounts Receivable accounting and debtor reconciliations, Posting TDS Entries in Tally. (1032 views )
»Accountant : Accounting, Tally, Cash, Bank, GST,TDS, Preparation of all types voucher like Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note/Tally ERP, Preparation of Profit & Loss Account, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Monitoring and Control of Debtors & Creditors. (2594 views )
»Account Executive : Accounting, Tally, Payroll, Cash, Bank, GST,TDS, Preparation of all types voucher like Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note/Tally ERP (1857 views )
»Account Executive : Accounting, Tally, Payroll, Cash, Bank, GST,TDS, Preparation of all types voucher like Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note/Tally ERP (1327 views )
»Accountant : To Handle accounts functions and documentation, Supervision of day to day Accounting and data entry, Preparation of Bank Reconciliation, Preparation of Profit & Loss Account, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Monitoring and Control of Debtors & Creditors. (1191 views )
»Accountant : Calculation of GST /TDS /Profession Tax, Online Payments of TDS, Income-Tax, GST, Profession Tax, Advance Tax, Preparation of Profit & Loss A/c, Balance-Sheet. (1349 views )
»Accountant : Handling books of Accounts and Excise relating matters, Maintained Store Stock and updation of store books, Reporting to Finance Team Manager with all the reports pertaining to Excise. (772 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing LC issuance & acceptance, Coordinating with Bankers for LC related Issue, Reconciliation of bank accounts on daily & monthly basis & reporting of bank balance to HOD (923 views )
»Accounts Head : Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement, Managing & controlling Accounts Payables, Follow up on Accounts Receivables, Sales taxpreparation and filing GST (1187 views )
»Accountant : Handle the Account Receivable reconciliations, Monthly Bank Reconciliation, Vendor Reconciliation (1128 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, ERP, Good knowledge of GST Return filling. (1672 views )
»Accountant : Experienced in Accounting & Finance Management, Finance Operations, Taxation and MIS Planning & Implementation, Bank Negotiation, Policy & Procedural Development, Active Relationship Management, Inventory Management, Documentation, Record Keeping etc. (976 views )
»Accounts Executive : Verification of day-to-day Verification Vendor Payments, Preparation of Bank Reconciliation statements, Maintain GL Transactions. (1398 views )
»Accountant : Preparation of Day book, Preparation of Financial Reports, Preparation of ledgers, Bank Transactions, Cash Handling (1138 views )
»Accountant : Knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the General Accounting Principles, Dealing with Bank Transactions along with preparation of Bank Reconciliation statements (1083 views )
»Accountant : Preparation of Day book, Preparation of Financial Reports, Preparation of ledgers, Bank Transactions, Cash Handling (999 views )
»Accountant : Statutory Audit, Bank Audit and Tax Audit, Preparation of Final accounts & Returns of various Individual, Preparation and Finalization of Final Accounts of various enterprises. (860 views )
»Accounts Executive : Administered past due accounts and facilitated required decisions, Evaluated all collection activities and modified as required, Developed and maintained efficient relationships with partners. (1245 views )
»Accounts Executive : Exposure in maintaining accounts head wise, reconciliation of bank and ledgers and having experience in dealing with VAT, CST, Service Tax, Income Tax, TDS & GST. (1586 views )
»Accountant : Handling Accounts Independently, Operating Tally up to Finalizations, Maintaining computerized books of accounts, Handling accounts & Taxation Function. (1362 views )
»Accountant : Prepared Tax Audit Report under section 44AB various clients, Prepared Balance Sheet of various clients, Prepared Income Tax Returns of various clients (799 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive / Tally Operator : Maintaining Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement, Salary Statement, TDS, VAT, Service Tax and Tally Entries. (1544 views )
»Accountant : Accounting, Tally, Payroll, Cash, Bank, GST,TDS, Preparation of all types voucher like Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note. (2403 views )
»Accounts & Finance Executive : Accounts, Finance, Excise, Sales Tax, Service Tax and Income Tax, Knowledge of Sales, Purchase, Stores, and Administration (2010 views )
»Account Executive : Maintaining Monthly bills, Maintaining Account Book, Maintaining Monthly bills, Maintaining Account Book (2102 views )
»Accountant : Monthly Profitability, Finalization of accounts till Balance-Sheet & Audit Report, Monitor of monthly Internal Audit of their group Companies (1412 views )
»Accountant : Tally ERP, Monthly Preparing Account Receivable Report. (1396 views )
»Accounts Manager : Preparing Notes to Accounts, Collecting the details from various stake holders, Entry and Reconciliation of monthly salary and Expense sheets. (1487 views )
»Accountant : Manually as well as Computerize Accounts work, Preparing of Purchase and Sales Register and Preparing Sales Bills, Maintain Cash Book, Bank Book and Scrutiny of Ledger. (1925 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparation GST Return and filling Return on monthly and having good knowledge of GST, Sale tax Return, All Sale tax office related works (2351 views )
»Accounts & Finanace Executive : Filling of Quarterly Returns of MPVAT, CST and Entry Tax and responsible for Assessment, Maintain VAT Input Register and VAT Input Credit. (1285 views )
»Accountant / Accounts Executive : Maintain cash transaction & petty cash book, Day to day cash & bank transactions handle, Preparing outstanding list of Debtor & making Payment follow-up. (1725 views )
»Account Manager : Taking care of GST, TDS, VAT,, loan, etc. of the employee and preparing invoices and memos, Book keeping and updating records on daily and weekly basis including ledgers. (1667 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining of day to day Accounting and bank work, Maintaining of Cash book, Journal, Ledger, Day book, Purchase book, Sales book, Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors book etc. (2255 views )
»Accounts & Finance Manager : Financial Planning, Budget Planning & Forecasting, Financial Analysis &Reporting, Cash Management (1639 views )
»Accounts Manager : Operating as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to your accounts, Building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships (911 views )
»Accountant : Tally, Maintain day to day books of Accounts, Maintain petty cash book & internal audit, Maintain day to day accounts and reporting to the senior management. (2171 views )
»Account Manager : Handling all kinds of Books And Register, Using Tally ERP, Cash Book, General Ledger, Journal, Purchase Register, Sale Register etc. (1459 views )
»Accountant : Pitching the product for new market creation, Identifying Market Potential, Understanding Supply Chain Management process. (1113 views )
»Accountant : Tally ERP (1568 views )
»Accounts/ Purchase Executive : Preparation of sales bills, Book Keeping, Recording of day to day transactions, Checking of bills, Recording of sales & purchase transactions (1236 views )
»Accounts Executive : Prepare Tax Invoice , Delivery challan, Packing list, E Way Bills & other dispatch documents, Collect Lorry Receipts from Transporters and check all details as per instructionDispatch details send to our customer, our representative and head office through mail daily. (1774 views )
»Accountant : Preparing & Filing GST Return, Bank Reconciliation, Import & Export (Custom Invoice, Packing List) (2355 views )
»Accounts Officer : Branch Accounts, BRS, Cash Counter, Petty Cash, Expenditure, etc. (1452 views )
»Accountant : Accounting & Taxtation, Handle All cash related transaction like distribution of wages, Petty expenses of company, Assisting in analysis, preparation and finalization of financial statements including notes to accounts. (1661 views )
»Account Executive : Preparing financial statements such as Profit & Loss A/C, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Funds Flow statements, Managing complete accounting cycle, including opening posting entries and closing of accounts and preparation of various accounting reports (1857 views )
»Accounts Excutive : Assisted clients for the impending introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST) in India, Advising on various issues related Goods & Service Tax(GST), Handling GST assignments to help client in smooth transition from erstwhile tax regime. (1611 views )
»Accountant : Preparation of vouchers/cheques on daily basis, Preparing fortnightly Bank Reconciliation, Preparation of Ledger Scrutiny and Trail Balance Monthly, Service Tax Payment (1121 views )
»Accounts Officer : Accounting, Auditing, Taxation (1796 views )
»Accounts Executive : Making entry in accounts Receivables and Payables on daily basis, Coordinated with finance team, Making month end provision and verifying ledgers. (1879 views )
»Accounts Executive : Passing of Voucher of Sales, Purchase, Service Invoice and JV in Tally ERP 9.0., MARG and Proman and Following Dispatch, E-Way Bill. (1989 views )
»MIS Executive Cum Accountant : Maintain cash transaction & petty cash manually, Day to day cash & bank transactions, Solving centers queries & answering phone calls. (1922 views )
»Accounts Officer : Maintain day to day books of Accounts in Tally ERP, Calculation of Monthly GST working & E-payment, Prepare Monthly Bank Reconciliation for daily operating Bank Accounts (2114 views )
»Accounts Executive : Audit, Revenue Control departments, Checking Day to day Transactions Payment, Handling revenue collection from all India units, Checking Sales report, bill Verifications. Sales entries For the Unit. (1599 views )
»Accounts Officer : Funds Rotation Withe Bank, Book keeping And Accountancy and Accounting Package Tally, Stock Handling & Purchase Aceesorry, Finance payout and Bank Coordination. (1292 views )
»Accounts Officer : TALLY ERP, Bank Reconciliation, Responsible for entire Creditor’s & Debtor’s accounting, Responsible for General Ledger Accounting, (1686 views )
»Accountant : Mentioning all financial records like Bills, receipt etc, Verifying bills & reconciliation of parties, Preparing monthly salary sheet and working on statutory dues like PF,ESIC. (1929 views )
»Accountant : Computerized Accounting, Knowledge in Tally, GST, Peachtree (2031 views )
»Accounts & Finance Manager : Control of Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Fees Reconciliation, Vendor’s Reconciliation, Statutory payments Reconciliation, Inter Unit. (1485 views )
»Accounts Executive : Banks Reconciliation and bank loans stock Statements, Received Purchase bills from Store & Check MRN of Purchase Bills and with P O & Enter Purchase Bills (1312 views )
»Accounts Executive : Banks Reconciliation and bank loans stock Statements, Received Purchase bills from Store & Check MRN of Purchase Bills and with P O & Enter Purchase Bills (977 views )
»Account Manager : Prepare monthly management accounts, Assisting the Financial controller when preparing statutory accounts, Monthly payroll tax calculation, Assisting year-end group tax return (1185 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintain Bank reconciliation statement and reconciliation of debtors & creditors, Maintain petty cash & Bank book, Receive payment by cash,cheques,credit cards (1514 views )
»Accounts Officer : Sales and Purchase bills Varification, Banks Reconciliation and bank loans stock Statements, VAT and Central Excise returns audit with department (1169 views )
»Accounts Manager : Accounts Receivables/Payables Management, Managing Billings, Collections & Reconciliation, MIS, Team Management (1505 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, GST, TDS, Book Keeping , Bank Reconcilation, Account Payable & Receivable (2953 views )
»Accounts Executive : Bank Reconciliation on daily basis, Bills verification and enter in software, Daily Expenses entry and payment, Making weekly Creditors outstanding report and payment as per management approval. (1418 views )
»Accounts Executive : Responsible for all accounting activities, Supervising& maintaining all the Account records as per statuary requirements, Supervision of Sales Tax, Service Tax Records Ensuring compliance to the Government rules and regulations. (1297 views )
»Accounts and Commercial Manager : GST-Invoicing, Performa Invoices, Challan, Credit & Debit Notes, Having knowledge of GST Registration, GST payment, GST Return Filing (1704 views )
»Accountant : Maintaining Accounts In Tally, Handilling Various Payment To Be Made To The Parities, Maintaining Bank Accounts With Proper Reconciliation (1762 views )
»Accounts Executive : Working on GST, TDS, Payment, Receipt, Bank Reconciliation, Vendor and Customer Reconciliation, Monthly Profit and Loss A/cMonthly MIS Reports (2082 views )
»Accounts Executive : Accounting, Tally, Payroll, Cash, Bank, GST,TDS, Preparation of all types voucher like Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note. (1776 views )
»Accountant : Reconciliation of monthly accounts with accounts of party, Maintain records of day to transactions In Tally ERP, Preparation of TDS, EPF & GST filling. (1651 views )
»GST Executive : Reconciliation related to bank & salary, Purchase and sales bills booked in tally, Payment & Receipt entries booked in tally, Prepare the Debit & Credit Note. (2279 views )
»Accounts Manager : Reconciliation of Party accounts, Internal Auditing of Companies ledger books, Maintenance of books of Account. (1350 views )
»Accounts & Finance Executive : Monitoring Books of Accounts in Tally Software, Monthly Financial Reports, Medicine refund reports, Discount Reports, Cash Expenses reports and Bank Settlement Reports, Monitoring Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable (1843 views )
»Accounts Executive : Raise queries for Orders which have information missing, Liaise with the Team Lead / Members for ensuring all orders are processed as per the timelines, Participate in all Team events and maintain cordial relationship with all Team members (1463 views )
»Accountant : Verification of bills & reconciliation of total turnover, Bank Debtors & Creditors Reconciliation, Maintain cash transaction & petty cash book (1809 views )
»Accounts Executive : Debit Note Prepartion for Material Rejection, Creditors Aging Statement, Vendor Finance, WIP Stock Verification (1458 views )
»Accountant : Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable. Vendor Management TDS, PAN, Bank details for ECS. Petty Cash maintenance (1594 views )
»Accountant : Finalization of Accounts and Preparing Financial Statements viz. Balance Sheet and P&L Accounts, Checking, preparing of sales and purchase Invoices in Tally ERP (GST) (1960 views )
»Accountant : Vender Tax Credit Reconciliation, Indentify track and communicate on vender wise input tax disallowances,Tax Ledger-Maintain, review, reconcile tax ledger (1213 views )
»Accountant : Account MIS, Providing All Accounting & TDS, GST Reports to HO, Day To Day Work & Cash Maintaining, Profit & Loss Analysis (1543 views )
»Accountant : Responsible for daily accounting of the company, Handle Petty Cash & Bank Reconciliation, Credit monitoring and controlling, Analyze profit for each job and prepare salesman report along with commission. (1317 views )
»Accountant : Independent handling and VAT return , Service tax return, Central excise return on monthly/quarterly /yearly, Posting of all bank payments vouchers on daily basis, Report the status of pending cheques for preparation. (1572 views )
»Accounts & Finance Manager : Received Purchase bills from Store & Check MRN of Purchase Bills and with P O & Enter Purchase Bills, Invoicing to Party, and collect all document from customer for Dispatches, Data Entry of all Journal Vouchers, Purchase Vouchers & Debit note, Credit Note, Cash Vouchers & Bank Vouchers. (1918 views )
»Accountant : Vendor Bill Processing & Issue of Debit Notes, Vendor Reconciliation, All payment processing relating to Vendors-sending AP to HO (1376 views )
»Accountant : Account Tax Audit, Prepared Company Account, Calculate monthly & quarterly GST and Checking of GST Accounting, Preparation of GST challan and online payment of GST (1453 views )
»Accounts Executive : Checks, verifies and commits purchase orders, Maintains commitment control, invoice, Payroll, cheques and other related files, Preparing Cash, P&L Account and Balance Sheet. (2291 views )
»Accountant : Accounts & Records to maintain under Input tax credit availed, Output tax payable and paid, Tax Ledger, Maintain, review, reconcile tax ledger, Preparation of various reports & summery for MIS. (1499 views )
»Accountant : Calculation monthly & quarterly GST and checking of GST Accounting, Preparation and submission of GST returns GSTR-1, GSTR-2, GSTR-3B. (2313 views )
»Accounts Manager : Handle the tasks of preparing financial analysis of organization to support the management, Provides comprehensive finance service like income and expenditure management ,production of management accounts, and maintenance of financial systems (1301 views )
»Accountant : Looking after preparation of all types voucher like Cash, Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note and their proper posting in the books of accounts, Scrutiny of ledgers, Reconciliation of Debtors & Creditors also preparation Bank Reconciliation statement (1773 views )
»Account Manager : Tally ERP, Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statements and monthly MIS reports, Taking care of TDS, VAT, PF, ESIC, loan, etc. of the employee and preparing invoices and memos. (1412 views )
»Accounts Manager : Finalization of Accounts, Direct Taxation, Indirect Taxation, Import-Export, Finance, GAAP, Transfer Pricing (1111 views )
»Accounts & Finance Executive : Preparation and finalization of financial statements of Listed Companies and Private companies, Review of the reports prepared by junior team and finalization of the same (1545 views )
»Accounts Executive : Purchase register, Sales Register, Cash and bank books, Journal Register, Ledgers, Debit and Credit Note Register, Preparation of Payable Cheques and Payroll processing. (2068 views )
»Accountant : Raising Sales Invoice bills to the clients & maintaining Debtors outstanding reports, Checking the monthly attendance, preparing acquaintance and salaries list and the same shall be Sending to the bank. (1384 views )
»Accountant : Tally, Maintain Internal Audit Accounts Book, Calculation of Monthly Sale Tax / Vat, Services Tax, Reconciliation of Tds 26AS monthly basis. (1429 views )
»Accounts/ Office Executive : Knowledge of Marketing, Reconciliation of Cash & Bank, Tally, MS Office, Corel drow, Photo Shop (888 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing statutory accounts, Calculating and checking to make sure payments, amounts and records are correct, Sorting out incoming and outgoing daily post and answering any queries. (1472 views )
»Accounts Executive : Creation of Vouchers on daily bases, Maintain daily expenses of office & site, Handle daily cash & maintain cash book. (1208 views )
»Account Officer : ERP Tally, Monthly VAT online returns, Maintains C, F and H Form Register, Bank Reconcilliation, Maintains Sundry Creditors and Sundry Debtors List (1281 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintenance of accounts on day to day basis, Handling Payroll, Handling Cash Counter in Software. (1380 views )
»Accountant : Supervision of Purchase Bill Passing and day to day accounting, Supervision of bank and debtor reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation & Party Reconciliation, Handling Customers account. (1945 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, ERP, Accounts Payable, Account Receivable, & Processing Invoice Payment (1849 views )
»Accounts Executive : Purchase And Sales Bills Booking, Payments, Bank Reconciliations, Petty Cash, Salary Etc. (1659 views )
»Accountant : Tally ERP, Journals, Delivery notes, Tax Invoices and waybills generated Etc, Manual Accounting, Preparation of Monthly Reports, Book Keeping. (1861 views )
»Accounts Executive : Daily Banking & Cash Transactions, Data Entry of Bank, Cash & Other Various Expenses, Cheque & Voucher Printing (1527 views )
»Accounts Executive : Handling Bank Accounts, Receivable, Payable, Payments, Bank Reconciliations etc, Corresponding with suppliers (2029 views )
»Account Manager : Debtors Follow-Up & Monitoring For Deposite Cheques With Bank, Preparation of TDS, issue TDS certificates, Preparation of monthly payments for Vat & Cst & file the return (1546 views )
»Account Executive : Petty cash account on weekly basis, Reconciliation of Filing fees paid to ROC, Attending Tax Scrutiny & Refund application procedure with Income tax department. (1723 views )
»Account Manager : Responsible for preparation and finalisation of factory accounts, Monthly closing of books and preparation of various MIS reports, Responsible for audit compliance both internal, statutory and government. (1239 views )
»Accounts Executive : Handling customer inquiries researched problems and developed solutions, Preparing forms and manuals for accounting and bookkeeping personnel. Reviewing all insurance. (1215 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive : Answer and respond to bank customers inquiries on financial transactions, Make payments to bank customers after checking and validating customer’s signatures on checks. (1394 views )
»Accounts Officer : Handling Petty Cash, Daily inward and outward checking, Stock verifications and bill passing, Daily deviation mailing in concern unit (1667 views )
»Branch Accountant : Booking Sales & Purchase invoices, Preparation of Bank reconciliation statement, Checking Vendor bills before making payment. (1859 views )
»Regional Accountant : Accounts Payable & Receivables, Part of developing and implementing an Accounts Mannual for the Region, Hands on experience in Logistics, Branch Accounting and Administration. (1338 views )
»Accounts Officer : Reconciliation of accounts, Sales Invoice generation, Posting purchase and sales entry, Payment follow up with debtors, Raising of debit & credit notes (1817 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally ERP9, GST Return File, TDS Return,Service Tax Case Solve, Income Tax Return, 4C Plus Software (3446 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing and analyzing accounting records and financial statements reports, Assigning entries to proper accounts, Handling ledger accounts and keeping the check for any invoices or payments. (1534 views )
»Finance & Accounts Manager : General Accounting, Invoicing, Bank Reconciliation/Fund Management, Payment to vendors, Maintain Inventory and Closing Stock Valuation (1766 views )
»Accounts & Admin Executive : Manage general Correspondence, postage, company documents and reports, Manage inventory and installation or repair of the asset as and when required, Handle day to day accounting transactions, petty cash handling. (1318 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally ERP, Busy, Finacle, Flexcube, Preparation & Online Filling of GST, Income Tax, & TDS return, & Filling of Tax Audit report. (1734 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive : Daily Banking & Cash Transactions, Data Entry of Bank, Cash & Other Various Expenses, Cheque & Voucher Printing, Bank Reconciliation (1376 views )
»Accounts Executive : Managed accounting operations , accounting close , account reporting and reconciliation, Performed debit, credit and total account in computer. (1366 views )
»Accounts & Tax Officer : Handling day to day cash & bank transactions and bank reconciliation, Maintenance of petty cash, Verification of monthly travelling bills of employees. (1604 views )
»Accountant Cum Office Executive : Preparing monthly balance sheet for the project, maintaining daily expenses, keeping record of the company assets, sending fund requisition and preparing supply and erection bill. (2438 views )
»Accounts Executive : Record and document financial transactions. Prepare, analyze, and interpret financial reports, statements and records, Handling the Petty Cash & Main Cash (1355 views )
»Accounts Executive : In-charge of Financial Accounting and Credit Control activities at Branch level including Purchase accounting, Sales Accounting, Payments, Finalization of Books of accounts, Taxation and Audit through the online ERP system (SAP) and Inventory Management (1264 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining all books of Accounts In SAP, Preparation of RA Bill, verifying and arranging necessary document for Processing vendor bills for payment. Ensure TDS applicability, making statutory payment, preparing details for filing return Vat, TDS, Service Tax and Entry Tax. (1556 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintain day to day books of Accounts in Focus, Maintain Reconcilation of Debtors & Creditors. (1426 views )
»Accounts Officer : Tally ERP, Service Tax Return, VAT Returns (1372 views )
»Accounts Manager : Opening Demat & Trading A/C, Knowledge of E-STAMPING, Providing Solution To The Customer Problem. (1125 views )
»Account Executive : Operating Tally ERP, Posting Day Book, Bank, Sales, Purchase Entries. (1319 views )
»Accounts Officer : Accounts Payable & Receivable, Handling of Day to Day Accounts in Tally ERP, Bank Reconciliation Statement , Maintain Inventory Stock and incoming material handling (1538 views )
»Accounts Manager : Maintaining the cash and bank payments/ receipts, Preparing Bank Reconciliation, Preparation of Sales Comparison Report. (1274 views )
»Accounts Executive : Credit approvals for Two Wheeler Loan Cases based on Company Policy, Preparing CAM Credit Appraisal Memo, Co-ordination with sales team to achieve set target. (1051 views )
»Accounts Executive cum Cashier : Preparation and Filing of Central Excise & service Tax e-Returns, Verification/Filing the CST&VAT e-Returns, Commercial Tax Statutory Forms Receipts and Issues. (3770 views )
»Accountant : ERP ,tally (1343 views )
»Excise Executive & Accountant : Follow up with the customer for their requirements and arrange dispatch accordingly, Coordination with manufacturing department for material readiness. (1066 views )
»Account Commercial Manager : Produce error-free accounting reports and present their results, Analyze financial information and summarize financial status, Provide technical support and advice on management (1008 views )
»Accounts Executive : Keep Sales Register and Debtors Ledger, Raw Material Purchase Register and Creditors Ledger, Packing Material Purchase Register and Creditors Ledger (1298 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive : Tally ERP, Good Hands on MS word, Excel (4692 views )
»Accountant : Stong Analytical Skills (1167 views )
»Accounts Manager : Value Added Tax, CST, Input Tax Credit, Sales Tax Reconciliation e-returns & Statutory forms, VAT Audit, Sales Tax Assessment, Excise, Service Tax, Cenvat, Excise & Service Tax Returns and Audit, Indirect tax Compliance, Accounts & Auditing, Stores Inventory Management, Dispatch Management, MIS Report etc., (1570 views )
»Accounts Executive : Making salary statement and keeping records of salary, Bonus and maintain petty cash and voucher, Conducting audit from stock income tax, etc (1350 views )
»Account Manager : Handling cash receipts & payments of branches, Reconciling bank account on weekly & monthly basis, Facilitating and co-operate the internal/statutory Auditors for their verification of records. (1478 views )
»Accounts Executive : Responsible for all Accounts Payable processes, Ensured input and timely payment of all vendor invoices, Ensure that invoices are processed within the guidelines. (1383 views )
»Accountant & Cashier : Hot-soft, Hotelier, MS Office Suit, Tally, Le- Host, C, C++, Pascal, COBOL (1592 views )
»Accounts Executive : Ensuring the preparation & maintenance of statutory books of accounts & financial statements including P&L Account and Balance Sheet in line with statutory and corporate governance requirements. (1322 views )
»Account Executive : Preparations of Cheque in daily basis, Co-ordinate with the client, Bank in terms of Cheques, Preparing monthly bank reconciliation. (1253 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally ERP Operator, Accounting Software (1240 views )
»Account Executive : Accounts works, Excise works, Maintain Sales claim & Credit Note, Timely Issue Debit Note (1227 views )
»Accounts Executive : Making Data Entry in Excel & Tally ERP, Looking over Sale & Purchase over all receivables & payables, Debtors, Creditors, Maintaining the Factory Stock. (1290 views )
»Accounts Executive : AR Invoice & AP Invoice Creation, Bank Receipt Entry, Credit Note & Debit Note Entry, Vendor & Customer Reconciliation (1117 views )
»Account Executive : Indirect Taxation & Account Payable, State excise and Central excise & Service tax payment duty payments (1374 views )
»Accountant : Basic, Microsoft Word, Internet, English Typing, E-mail. (1202 views )
»Accountant : Handling work related to TDS, Bank Reconciliation, Book keeping and maintaining of Cash Book (1206 views )
»Accounts Officer : Accounts Payable/ Receivables, Vouchers preparation, Bills Analysis and Verification, Maintaining monthly expenses of the organization - (Telephone, Electricity, Stationery, Etc.) (6960 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining Day To Day Accounts, Banking Transactions,Bank Reconciliations, Cash Book (Main & Petty Cash), Reconciliation of Accounts Of Customers & Suppliers (1374 views )
»Finance & Accounts Manager : Computerized Accounting in Tally ERP 9 (payments, receipts, sales, purchases, journal, Debit Notes & Credit Notes, Trial Balance, cash flow/fund flow statements, variance analysis, manufacturing (receipts & payments a/c, income & expenditure a/c, and Assisting to Manager to finalization of accounts up to balance sheet, reconciliation of bank, A/R, A/P, payment follow-up and cheque printing. (1536 views )
»Accountant Executive/ Company Secretary : Financial &Commercial Executive, Billing Section, Coordination with vendor/circle for Invoices & Payment Issues. (1363 views )
»Accounts Executive : Accounting of domestic bills and import bills, Import payments (Preparation of debit authority form), Bank reconciliation, Inter unit reconciliation. (1834 views )
»Accounts Executive : Identified the working of standards on auditing, Developed a knowledge of accounting standards and accounting policies, Finalisation of Trial balances (1346 views )
»Account Manager : Financial Reporting & MIS, Budget & Budgetary Control Activities, Product Costing , Taxation-TDS,Tax Audit , Finalization of Accounts and Consolidation of Foreign Subsidiaries (1394 views )
»Accounts Manager : Branch Accounting & Book keeping, Invoices/Payment Transactions, Expense Reports, Tax & Government Regulations Maintenances. (1616 views )
»Accounts Assistant : Bank Reconciliation, Accounting Close, Business Process Mapping, General Ledger, Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Receivable Management, Cash Management (1527 views )
»Accounts Clerk : Accountant, Sales, Purchases, Tally, Ms Office (1230 views )
»Accountant : TDS deducted from parties & Preparation of TDS Returns, Finalization of Trading & Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet & Other reports with the help of CA.TALLY ERP & BUSY (1392 views )
»Account Executive : Responsible for Trail Balance, Trading & Profit & Loss A/c, Balance sheet, Reconciliation of debtors & creditors statement, Sales & Purchase Statement with sales tax& TDS (1319 views )
»Accounts Manager : Excel Accounting Package, Making Receipt entries, and cheques, Checking supplier’s statements whether received in time and reconciling, Processing of Credit Notes. (1253 views )
»Accounts Executive : To Prepare all Bank Reconciliation Statement on Monthly Basis, To Handle Entire Bank & Cash Operation, Day to day general accounting, Review & Sending of Indent for Stock of All Division (1453 views )
»Accounts Executive : Enter posting of purchase, sales, payment, receipt collection & journal voucher, Verification of bills & reconciliation of total turnover, Bank, Debtors & Creditors Reconciliation. (1585 views )
»Account Executive : Passing of Purchase Bill & Expence Voucher, Service / Contractors Bills Passing, Tds Related Work, Preparing Payment Schedules (1401 views )
»Deputy Accounts Manager : Responsible for cash and customer transactions, Branch Operations and Audit Compliance, Supervise & Monitor Personal Banker desks and contract sales staff, Authorize Personal Banker transactions. (1663 views )
»Account Manager : Oracle Financial / SAP, Handle all day to day factory Accounts Operation, Finalization of Monthly Accounts for Unit, Scrutiny of General Ledger Accounts. (1685 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparation of Payable on monthly basis, Maintaining General, Bank & Cash Accounting Entries in ERP Navision, Collecting from confirmation balance statement various Vendors for auditing purpose. (1527 views )
»Fresher Legal Accountant : Accountancy, Data analysis, Diplomo in Microsoft office (1232 views )
»Accounts Executive : Ms Office & Excel Accounting Reconciliation Of Daily Report, Data Entry Purchase Orders, Analysing Financial Data Bank Reconciliations, Numeracy Able to deal with confidential (1547 views )
»Commercial/ Accounts Manager : Financial Planning & Management Bank/Creditors/Debtor's Reconciliation, P & L Management Accounts Auditing & Taxation MIS Reporting Coordination, Statutory Compliances Liaison Work (1627 views )
»Accountant/ Commercial Executive : Co-ordination with HO, Regional Branch, C & F and Distributors, Internal Audit & co-ordination statutory Audits, Ensuring proper & timely compliances of statutory obligations such as of Sales Tax, Profession Tax & ESIC. (1447 views )
»Accountant : Cash Book, Bank Reco, Bank Transaction, TDS Working & Tds E Filling (1659 views )
»MIS/Account Executive : Tally ERP, Final Accounts, Financial Reports, Legal Compliances, Handling e Payments/ e Returns of Service Tax, TDS & VAT (3300 views )
»Account Cum Commercial Executive : Party Reconciliation, To handle routine bank transaction, Bank Reconciliation, Maintains all the challans and Papers, Knowledge of Bank Guarantee (BG), Corporate Guarantee & Letter of Credit (LC) (1817 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing Profit & Loss A/C (Monthly), Monthly Cash Flow, Creditors & Debtors Reconciliations, Inter Company Closing Balance (Monthly), IFRS & Schedule VI. (4744 views )
»Accounts Officer : Finalization of Accounts, AP Module, Sales Tax, Service Tax, TDS, Reco with Bank and Branches, Inventory Management (1647 views )
»Accounts Executive : Accounts Payable, Tally ERP, Responsible for preparing monthly bank reconciliation statement, Carrying out ledger reconciliation of creditors (1580 views )
»Accounts Assistant : Tally ERP, Busy 3.9, Wings & Focus (1496 views )
»Account Executive : Handling Cash ,Tally Operator for Data Entry, Debtor & Creditor reco, bank reco, Read mail & reply, Vehicle Sale Letter, Vehicle Installation Form (VIF).SAP,(EXCELLON) (1584 views )
»Accountant Cum Excise Executive : Data entry on Tally ERP day to day transaction, Bank Reconciliation, Provisions,Stock Reconciliation Statement, Verification of Stock Inward & Outward, Branch Transfer of Stock, Venders & Clients Reconciliation Statement. (2560 views )
»Account Manager : Service Tax Payment, Tds On Salary, Tds On Rent, Filing Income Tax Return, Preparation Balance Sheet And Profit & Loss A/c., And Other Schedules. (1919 views )
»Accountant : Word, Excel, Powerpoint, All kind of entry, Handling whole accountant activity for 3 companies at a time (1570 views )
»Accountant : Analytical reasoning, General ledger accounting, Strength in regulatory reporting, Expert in customer relation, Account Reconciliation expert, Flexible team player. (1601 views )
» Accounts Manager : Accounting, MIS, Audit & Branch Accounting, Supervision of day to day Accounts, TDS Deduction, Ledger Scrutiny, Fund transfer to branches & Vendors,Handling periodical/Annual Audit for local & overseas companies (1777 views )
»Account Executive : Taxation, Sales Tax, Service Tax, Excise, accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank Reconciliation, Debtor Creditor Reconciliation (10204 views )
»Account Manager : Keep an account of sales by cash, credit card and Gift vouchers, Maintain Office cash, petty cash and change float (1617 views )
»Accounts/ Finance Executive : VAT Return Filing, Statement preparing, Accounts maintains in Tally ERP. (1508 views )
»Accounts Executive : SAP FICO, Tally ERP, Inventory Management, Focus, Checking & Verification of bills, supporting documents, Releasing payments to all vendors up to the prescribed limit, Sales entry verification for customer DP’s as per Company rules. (1874 views )
»Accounts Manager : Had Responsible for all accounting matters including cash dealing, Liaison with C.A. and Income tax advocates, Liaison with bankers, MCD, MTNL, HSIDC, ESI, PF , Handing the security matter of company, and maintenance of fixed assets, plant with machinery, Handling of vehicles , maintenance, insurance , claims and recoveries. (2458 views )
»Fresher Account Manager : Different Functions Of Finance and Account Department with Special Reference To Capital Budgeting, Research based project on consumer perception towards internet banking. (1548 views )
»Accountant : Maintenance of Subsidiary Books of Sales, Sales Returns, Purchase, Purchase Returns, Cash Register, Journal Book and Ledger Book, Complete knowledge VAT Procedures & Input VAT Entries, Preparation of Monthly VAT Reports and Filing, Over all in changes in admin related work. (1664 views )
»Fresher Accountant : Daily keep all the records of the business from different aspects, Maintain all the debtors� ledger daily basis, Maintain all the creditors� ledger in daily basis, Keep all the collection money from the debtors. (1764 views )
»Commercial Account Manager : Vat, Cst & Wct Reconciliation, Attending Sales Tax Assessment & Business Audit Appointments Independently, At Sales Tax Office With Necessary Statements & Documents, And Co-ordinate With Sales Tax Authorities, (1679 views )
»Accountant : Monitoring Books of Accounts, Preparing forecasting/Budgeting and Monthly Financial Reports, Controlling the day to day financial and administrative transactions, MIS Reporting such as monthly Financial Reports, Cash Flow Statements, Stores Reports, Cost Centre wise performance analysis. (1677 views )
»Accounts/ Process Associate : Preparing salary statement, Income tax return, Form VAT and COT filling, Individual Tax computation, Making Reversal and Corrections given by Market Analysts, Resolving queries and issues to Market Analyst through Communicator. (1609 views )
»Loan Accountant : Accountable for the account reconciliation on daily basis, Responsible for ensuring all SLA�s are met; reporting Dashboards to BACS Management Conducting internal audits in the team, Addressing & resolving escalations received within in the TAT and implementing control plans. (1619 views )
»Accountant /Document Controller : Vendor Creation on SAP, Entering Payment Voucher, Petty Cash Expenses and handling Local Conveyance on SAP, Handling Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) on SAP. (2246 views )
»Accounts Officer : Sub contractors & Department bills payments with TDS, Maintained monthly and Daily cash Records, Preparation of all types of Vouchers, Petty cash Maintained, Maintained cash flow statement & Ledger Scrutiny with BRS. (1793 views )
»Accountant : Data Processing, Data Mining, Data Auditing using Microsoft Excel, Excellent data entry and word processing skills, Deep knowledge of A/c payable, Receivable & payroll policies and procedures, Strong records maintenance skills. (1631 views )
»Accounts Officer : Calculation, Deduction of TDS & TCS and TDS Payable Statements, Preparing of, TDS & TCS Challan and deposit and Prepare Return detail, Knowledge/hands on experience of Internal & statutory Audit and audit supporting. (5725 views )
»Accountant : Maintain Balance Sheet, P&L Account customer account cash book stock register, and all financial accounting in. Responsible for Accounts Payable activity, Bank Reconciliation, Inventory Reconciliation,Calculation of Entry Tax,Various Accounting Functions through Tally ERP. (5477 views )
»Accountant : Oracle Financial, General Ledger, Account Payable, Account Receivable, P&l & Balance Sheet, Tally, Quickbooks, Preparation Of Financial Statements. Sales Tax Related Works Like Preparation, Preparing Salary Advance, Loans And Every Month This Report Sending To Hr Department For Salary Deduction. (1704 views )
»Accountant : Tally, Fact, Ace, Accounting, Income Tax, Business Computer Application, Excise & Service Tax, Maintaining VAT input and output register, Maintaining input and output Excise register, Maintaining stock book. (1492 views )
»Accounts Executive : Working On Tally Software For Accountancy, Taking Care Of Banking Related Issues Of Companywork, Coordinated Monthly Payroll Functions. (1635 views )
»Accounts Audit Assistant : Internal Audit Of Infrastructure Company, Concurrent Audit Of Bank, Statutory Audit, Preparation of Profit & Loss A/C Balance Sheet with Schedules up to Finalization,Registration of Sales Tax Summery Calculation, Calculation of Sales Tax of Traders, Filling of returns. (2604 views )
»Accounts Operations Executive : To check the KYC (Account opening) form with SEBI, NSDL & CDSL norms, Verify the Account modification, Account closure, Instruction slip, Pledge & Unpledged etc. with CDSL live system (CDAS) & Back office, Handling DIS, Pledge, Demat, Remat. (4187 views )
»Management Accountant : Prepare day to day Financial transaction & Preparing Daily Financial Report, Petty cash Handling and Reconcilation, Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement, Ensuring accounting records are maintained in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). (1678 views )
»Branch Accountant : Accounting, Assistance to Auditor (Internal/External), Credit Control, Payment & Disbursement, Cash & Funds Flow Management, Payroll, Taxation / MIS Reports, Cross Functional coordination, Bank Reconciliation, General Administration. (4170 views )
»Accountant : Tally , ACE Accounting software, Income Tax, Sales Tax, Advance Account, Operated Wings software, Maintain Stock Register. (1636 views )
»Accounts Officer : Independent handling of Singapore Accounting & Australian Payable process, Preparation of Financial Statements, Preparation of MIS reports. (1568 views )
»Accounts Executive : Accounting for day to day transactions (i.e. Sales Register, Purchase Register, Bank Book, Cash Book, Journal Book, Bank Reconciliation etc.),Submission of Outstanding lists of Debtors and Agewise Debtors to the management on monthly basis as a part of MIS. (1684 views )
»Cost Accountant : Payment accounting of creditors before checking of Creditors balance & payment advise ship Sign of authorize person, also cash Collection entry & bank reconciliation, Manufacturing And Marketing Of Fmcg, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Soap, Detergent, Formulations Packaging, Printing Materials, Fertilizers Etc. (1704 views )
»Accounts/ Commercial Executive : Accounting, Commercial, Fmcg Indrusties & Back Office, Payroll Processing, Various Type Billing & Disbursement & Pf, Esi & Pt Calculation, Bank A/c Up Gradation Of Associates, Making & Maintain Various Type Of Mis For Daily Work Done In Disbursement. (1647 views )
»Accounts Executive : Finance, Human resource management, Fund Management and Portfolio Management, Study of Mutual Funds and Derivative Products. (1550 views )
»Financial Accountant : Collecting Data From Back Office ,work On Excel Sheet, Solving Customer Problem, Opening Saving A/c, Current/ac, Fixed Deposit, Convince For The Home Loan To The Customer & Demate A/c Etc. (1572 views )
»Accounts Administrative Officer : Managing and Supervising Accounts and Administrative Functions, Specification about Accounts Department, Maintaining all accounts books. (1587 views )
»Accounts Administration Manager : Day to day posting of expenses, Bank book, Cash book and petty cash, Maintaining company affairs matters, Reconciliation of bank statements. (1677 views )
»Accounts/ Branch Coordinator : Complete documentation and fill up of all Account Opening Form, Make CMS entry in wire, Communicate with HO-QUES and ANSWERS. (1780 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparing Daily Bank Vouchers, Purchase, Cash Vouchers, Creating Sales Invoice & Purchase vouchers & Filled all the documents, Reconciliation of Bank & Sales & Purchase, Maintaining all the discount & rebates, Preparing Trial balance Monthly. (1692 views )
»Accounts Officer : Handling complete accounts work like wise Preparation of Purchase Books, Sales Book, Receipt, Payment,Journal, Cash Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Inventory, Cheque Printing, Preparation of TDS Sheet. (1603 views )
»Accountant : Account Package Tally, FACT.ACL, Tax Software E-Tds, Excise, E-Banking, Business & Finance, Collection Process, Handle to Problem of Customer, Tire Loan. (1660 views )
»Accounts/ Finance Team Leader : Administration and Monitoring Staff, Fund Management, Conducting Trainings To The Accounts Staff As Well As Field Staff, Liaisons With Other Departments In The Organization. (2879 views )
»Accounts Manager : Accounts up to Finalization, Office Admin & Payroll Administrator, STPI Reporting, Excise & Customs, Service Tax, Income Tax etc. (1613 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparation of FBT Calculation & Income Tax payment challan, Preparation of Employees & Management TDS deduction & other than salary TDS deductions (1703 views )
»Accountant : Analytical reasoning, General ledger accounting, Strength in regulatory reporting, Expert in customer relation, Account reconciliation expert, Flexible team player. (1537 views )
»Accountant : Knowledge in Managerial subjects like, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Security Evaluation & Portfolio Management, Working Capital Management, Capital Budgeting, Ratio Analysis. (1616 views )
»Accounts Assistant : Making calculations for VAT, Service Tax, E-payment of TDS etc., Preparing Bank Reconciliation Statement (BRS), Tally. (1633 views )
»Accounts Officer : Checking all Bank, Cash, Preparing Sales Tax Returns & Income Tax Returns, Preparing Balance Sheet of various firms, Prepare scrutiny case documents of firms under scrutiny cases. (1675 views )
»Accounts / Commercial Executive : Handling Internal Audit, Billing In Tally ERP, Payment And Issuing Credit Note, Maintaining, Daily Cash Book On Ms Excel, Vat And Taxation. (2633 views )
»Administrator/ Accountant : Indepth knowledge of budgeting and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Responsible for supporting in analyzing, organizing and managing document management processes and activities. (1665 views )
»Accounts Executive : Doing Entry of Purchase & Sales Bills in Tally, Preparing Cash Voucher, Maintaing Stock in Tally, Perparing TDS Challan. (1603 views )
»Accounts Executive : ERP, Tally, Maintain Books of accounts viz. Cash, Ledger, Purchase, Sales, Stock register. (1708 views )
»Accountant : Reconciliation with Bank Statement, Preparation of Sales Tax & T.D.S returns, Revenue Figure Maintain, Reconciliation with Customers & Suppliers. (1674 views )
»Accounts Manager : Finalization of Balance sheet, Monthly MIS Report, TDS- In respect of labour contract, Payment on account of interest, Professional Service, Hiring of Machinery, Rent of land & building etc (1737 views )
»Accounts Executive : Post dated Cheque Entry, Purchase Order, Journal entry, Dispatch details, Doing the ERP number entry in the register, GIT entry. (1621 views )
»Accounts Executive : Knowledge of BG, LC,HSS,TT Doc., TDS Returns, Vat, Petty Cash, Preparing Bill, Debit Note, Credit Note, Online TDS Payment , ETDS Working. (1745 views )
»Branch Incharge/ Accountant : Accounting Software Tally, Fact, Ace, Industrial Accountant, Financial Management (1663 views )
»Chief Accountant : Bank Reconciliation, Sales Tax & Income Tax, Cash Flow, MIS Report, Calculation of Deferred Tax, Stock Analysis and Ledger Scrutiny. (1681 views )
»Accountant : Reconciliation of Debtors & Creditors Account, Bank statement Entry, Income tax, TDS, Service Tax, Payroll, Job costing, Budget, Manufacturing. (1748 views )
»Account Manager : Checking of All Accounts Ledger & Reconciliation, Preparing of Monthly Outstanding Statement of Sales, Service, Insurance & used Car Business Accounts, Maintain Daily Cash / Bank Reconciliation and Scrutiny of Ledger. (1782 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparation of Cheque & Cash Deposits, Fund transfer entries in Oracle Cash Cheques & Credit Card, Handling of Petty Cash. (1493 views )
»Accounts Administrator : Bank Reconciliation, Monthly handily Taxation TDS return, Handling Petty Cash, Debit Credit Voucher, Journal Voucher, Pay Roll sheet, Overtime sheet, Leave record, CST Refund Sale Tax Attending Call, Administrated works , Attending Call (1752 views )
»Accounts / Liasoning Officer : Prepared Sales Tax Return, Prepared TDS Returns and Service Tax Return, Responsible for Mining Permissions, Mining Returns, MDCC, License etc. (3363 views )
»Accountant : Cash Book, Voucher Preparation, Bank /Party reconciliation, Dr./ Cr. Notes, Depreciation calculation, Sales Tax Return, Sales/purchase etc. all Entries on Tally ERP (1824 views )
»Chief Accountant : Preparation of Final Accounts, Preparation of MIS, Preparation of VAT Returns, Preparation of Journal Vouchers, Preparation of General Ledger, Cash & Bank Book, Sales Register and Stock Register (3056 views )
»Finance Accounts Executive : Dealing with Petty Cash, Accounts Receipts, Collections, Tally, ERP, Managing finances in an optimised manner (1742 views )
»Accounts Officer : Monitoring of Freight clearing account , Cenvat clearing account, Asset clearing account and GRN, Vendor knocking off, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Quarterly provision statement and entries. (1846 views )
»Account Section Coordinator : HTML, C++, Tally, Online Banking System Development, Hospital Management, Consumer Switching Behavior in Cellular Service (1429 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive / Tally Operator : Maintaining Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement, Salary Statement, TDS, VAT, Service Tax and Tally Entries. (60986 views )
»Fresher Account Assistant : ALLY, FACT, EXPERT.ACE, Direct Tax & Indirect Tax, Central Excise & Service Tax, Return of excisable goods, Vat & CST Form, Pan Form (49A), Bank Interest (15G & 15H), Income Tax Return (1848 views )
»Accounting Technician : Financial Recording Accounting Work Skills, Business Structure and Goals Introductory Accounting, Vocational Assignments Drafting Financial Statements, Information for Financial Management Professional Ethics (1997 views )
»Accounting Bookkeeper : ERP Accounting, Tally, Financial Accounting, Busy, Proficient in accounts payable and receivable, and reporting and spreadsheet management, Able to meet tight deadlines (1687 views )
»Accounts Executive : Booking of Cash/Bank collection and payment vouchers, Computation and timely submission of Tax returns, Maintaining Fixed Assets records (2630 views )
»Account Executive : Tally, Prepare, review and analysis financial statements, Manage and train staff for various accounting tasks, Deal with all technical client issues (1630 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally ERP, MMS Software, Petty Cash, MIS Preperation, Accounts Payable & Receivable, Banking, Reconciliation,TDS Working, Vat Working (1798 views )
»VAT/ Cost Accountant : Excise Duty Computation, Balance Sheet Finalization (4078 views )
»Cost Management Accountant : Overhead Analysis, Statutory Audit Interfacing (2843 views )
»Accounts Assistant : TALLY 9, MS OFFICE, INTERNET (1904 views )
»SAP Accountant : Tax Planning, Cash Book, Bank Reconciliation (3378 views )
»Fresher SAP Accountant : Tally ERP 9.0, Accountant (2954 views )
»Accounts Assistant : TALLY.ERP 9, Accounting Software (1949 views )
»Accounts Executive : Statutory,Petty Cash,Mis Reporting,Accounts Payable & Receivable,Banking . (2065 views )
»Accountant : M.S Office, Tally ERP (1894 views )
»Accountant : Tally ERP 9.0, Spectrum, Microsoft Office (1868 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, Tds Return,MIS report, (1997 views )
»Account Assistant : VAT, CST, Entry Tax, TDS, PF, ESI, Balance Sheet (1968 views )
»Fresher Accountant : Ms office,tally,c++, html, oracle,type writing (44713 views )
»Accounts Officer : Balance sheet Final, TDS & Service Tax (2060 views )
»SAP Accounts Officer : Vendor Payment, Material Balance (6620 views )
»Accounts Manager : Debtors Creditors Ledger, Cash Book, Bank book (12701 views )
»Accounts Assistant : Tally (2674 views )
»Accounts Executive : ERP, Tally, SAP (7573 views )
»Accounts Assistant : Tally, Medico, MSCIT (2001 views )
»Accountant : Tally, ERP (3724 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally (2161 views )
»Account Executive : Tally, ERP (1774 views )
»Account Assistant : Tally, ERP (21766 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, E.R.P (3191 views )
»Account Assistant : Tally, Automated Accounting Systems (2038 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, Financial Accounting (3525 views )
»Account Assistant : Tally, Banking, Retail (2334 views )
»Accountant : Tally, Profit Loss analysis (1925 views )
»Accountant : Cash Vouchers, Petty Cash, Receivables, Payables (2380 views )
»Accountant : Compass Billing, Ratio Analysis (2016 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining the Cash & Bank Books, Tally, ERP (2356 views )
»Accountant : Cash Handling, Ledgers Maintenance (2112 views )
»Accountant : Tally, Focus, Wings (2319 views )
»Accounts Executive : Voucher Entry, TDS & Service tax (2381 views )
»Accountant : CST, VAT Entries (2061 views )
»Accounts Executive : Tally, English Typing (2077 views )
»Accounts Assistant : ERP Hercules, Tally, CFAS (2235 views )
»Accounts Manager : Tally , ERP, ETDS (2502 views )
»Accountant : Stock Register Maintenance, Tally (2817 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive : Tally, TCP (4787 views )