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List of Accountant / Accounts Officer / Executive Resumes( 293 )

»Accountant : Preparation of Day book, Preparation of Financial Reports, Preparation of ledgers, Bank Transactions, Cash Handling (47 views )
»Accountant : Knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the General Accounting Principles, Dealing with Bank Transactions along with preparation of Bank Reconciliation statements (176 views )
»Accountant : Preparation of Day book, Preparation of Financial Reports, Preparation of ledgers, Bank Transactions, Cash Handling (170 views )
»Accountant : Statutory Audit, Bank Audit and Tax Audit, Preparation of Final accounts & Returns of various Individual, Preparation and Finalization of Final Accounts of various enterprises. (138 views )
»Accounts Executive : Administered past due accounts and facilitated required decisions, Evaluated all collection activities and modified as required, Developed and maintained efficient relationships with partners. (425 views )
»Accounts Executive : Exposure in maintaining accounts head wise, reconciliation of bank and ledgers and having experience in dealing with VAT, CST, Service Tax, Income Tax, TDS & GST. (555 views )
»Accountant : Handling Accounts Independently, Operating Tally up to Finalizations, Maintaining computerized books of accounts, Handling accounts & Taxation Function. (486 views )
»Accountant : Prepared Tax Audit Report under section 44AB various clients, Prepared Balance Sheet of various clients, Prepared Income Tax Returns of various clients (212 views )
»Fresher Accounts Executive / Tally Operator : Maintaining Monthly Bank Reconciliation Statement, Salary Statement, TDS, VAT, Service Tax and Tally Entries. (381 views )
»Accountant : Accounting, Tally, Payroll, Cash, Bank, GST,TDS, Preparation of all types voucher like Bank, Journal, Sales, Purchases, Debit Note, Credit Note. (934 views )
»Accounts & Finance Executive : Accounts, Finance, Excise, Sales Tax, Service Tax and Income Tax, Knowledge of Sales, Purchase, Stores, and Administration (937 views )
»Account Executive : Maintaining Monthly bills, Maintaining Account Book, Maintaining Monthly bills, Maintaining Account Book (1226 views )
»Accountant : Monthly Profitability, Finalization of accounts till Balance-Sheet & Audit Report, Monitor of monthly Internal Audit of their group Companies (801 views )
»Accountant : Tally ERP, Monthly Preparing Account Receivable Report. (710 views )
»Accounts Manager : Preparing Notes to Accounts, Collecting the details from various stake holders, Entry and Reconciliation of monthly salary and Expense sheets. (747 views )
»Accountant : Manually as well as Computerize Accounts work, Preparing of Purchase and Sales Register and Preparing Sales Bills, Maintain Cash Book, Bank Book and Scrutiny of Ledger. (1247 views )
»Accounts Executive : Preparation GST Return and filling Return on monthly and having good knowledge of GST, Sale tax Return, All Sale tax office related works (1409 views )
»Accounts & Finanace Executive : Filling of Quarterly Returns of MPVAT, CST and Entry Tax and responsible for Assessment, Maintain VAT Input Register and VAT Input Credit. (664 views )
»Accountant / Accounts Executive : Maintain cash transaction & petty cash book, Day to day cash & bank transactions handle, Preparing outstanding list of Debtor & making Payment follow-up. (978 views )
»Account Manager : Taking care of GST, TDS, VAT,, loan, etc. of the employee and preparing invoices and memos, Book keeping and updating records on daily and weekly basis including ledgers. (880 views )
»Accounts Executive : Maintaining of day to day Accounting and bank work, Maintaining of Cash book, Journal, Ledger, Day book, Purchase book, Sales book, Sundry Debtors and Sundry Creditors book etc. (1394 views )
»Accounts & Finance Manager : Financial Planning, Budget Planning & Forecasting, Financial Analysis &Reporting, Cash Management (672 views )
»Accounts Manager : Operating as the lead point of contact for any and all matters specific to your accounts, Building and maintaining strong, long-lasting customer relationships (413 views )
»Accountant : Tally, Maintain day to day books of Accounts, Maintain petty cash book & internal audit, Maintain day to day accounts and reporting to the senior management. (1121 views )
»Account Manager : Handling all kinds of Books And Register, Using Tally ERP, Cash Book, General Ledger, Journal, Purchase Register, Sale Register etc. (708 views )
»Accountant : Pitching the product for new market creation, Identifying Market Potential, Understanding Supply Chain Management process. (517 views )
»Accountant : Tally ERP (873 views )
»Accounts/ Purchase Executive : Preparation of sales bills, Book Keeping, Recording of day to day transactions, Checking of bills, Recording of sales & purchase transactions (544 views )
»Accounts Executive : Prepare Tax Invoice , Delivery challan, Packing list, E Way Bills & other dispatch documents, Collect Lorry Receipts from Transporters and check all details as per instructionDispatch details send to our customer, our representative and head office through mail daily. (1058 views )
»Accountant : Preparing & Filing GST Return, Bank Reconciliation, Import & Export (Custom Invoice, Packing List) (1554 views )
»Accounts Officer : Branch Accounts, BRS, Cash Counter, Petty Cash, Expenditure, etc. (793 views )
»Accountant : Accounting & Taxtation, Handle All cash related transaction like distribution of wages, Petty expenses of company, Assisting in analysis, preparation and finalization of financial statements including notes to accounts. (817 views )
»Account Executive : Preparing financial statements such as Profit & Loss A/C, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Funds Flow statements, Managing complete accounting cycle, including opening posting entries and closing of accounts and preparation of various accounting reports (1129 views )
»Accounts Excutive : Assisted clients for the impending introduction of Goods & Services Tax (GST) in India, Advising on various issues related Goods & Service Tax(GST), Handling GST assignments to help client in smooth transition from erstwhile tax regime. (943 views )
»Accountant : Preparation of vouchers/cheques on daily basis, Preparing fortnightly Bank Reconciliation, Preparation of Ledger Scrutiny and Trail Balance Monthly, Service Tax Payment (545 views )
»Accounts Officer : Accounting, Auditing, Taxation (1067 views )
»Accounts Executive : Making entry in accounts Receivables and Payables on daily basis, Coordinated with finance team, Making month end provision and verifying ledgers. (1232 views )
»Accounts Executive : Passing of Voucher of Sales, Purchase, Service Invoice and JV in Tally ERP 9.0., MARG and Proman and Following Dispatch, E-Way Bill. (1331 views )
»MIS Executive Cum Accountant : Maintain cash transaction & petty cash manually, Day to day cash & bank transactions, Solving centers queries & answering phone calls. (707 views )
»Accounts Officer : Maintain day to day books of Accounts in Tally ERP, Calculation of Monthly GST working & E-payment, Prepare Monthly Bank Reconciliation for daily operating Bank Accounts (1388 views )
»Accounts Executive : Audit, Revenue Control departments, Checking Day to day Transactions Payment, Handling revenue collection from all India units, Checking Sales report, bill Verifications. Sales entries For the Unit. (995 views )
»Accounts Officer : Funds Rotation Withe Bank, Book keeping And Accountancy and Accounting Package Tally, Stock Handling & Purchase Aceesorry, Finance payout and Bank Coordination. (722 views )
»Accounts Officer : TALLY ERP, Bank Reconciliation, Responsible for entire Creditor’s & Debtor’s accounting, Responsible for General Ledger Accounting, (1017 views )
»Accountant : Mentioning all financial records like Bills, receipt etc, Verifying bills & reconciliation of parties, Preparing monthly salary sheet and working on statutory dues like PF,ESIC. (1233 views )
»Accounts Manager : Payables Management, TDS Return Filing, GST Return Filing, Banking Relations, Strategic Operational Planning, Payroll Process Implementation (1124 views )
»Accountant : Computerized Accounting, Knowledge in Tally, GST, Peachtree (1333 views )
»Accounts & Finance Manager : Control of Reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Fees Reconciliation, Vendor’s Reconciliation, Statutory payments Reconciliation, Inter Unit. (862 views )
»Accounts Executive : Banks Reconciliation and bank loans stock Statements, Received Purchase bills from Store & Check MRN of Purchase Bills and with P O & Enter Purchase Bills (750 views )
»Accounts Executive : Banks Reconciliation and bank loans stock Statements, Received Purchase bills from Store & Check MRN of Purchase Bills and with P O & Enter Purchase Bills (533 views )
»Account Manager : Prepare monthly management accounts, Assisting the Financial controller when preparing statutory accounts, Monthly payroll tax calculation, Assisting year-end group tax return (636 views )
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