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»Computer Hardware & Networking Technician : Assembling & dissembling of computers, Installing, maintaining & troubleshooting different operating system, Installing, maintaining different hardware devices, Installing, maintaining, & troubleshooting of LAN using switch & hub. (1889 views )
»Hardware Engineer : Power Systems, Electrical Machines, Electrical And Electronics, Pro-Type Bio-Mass Power Plant (690 views )
»Network Engineer : Work with users to develop network engineering solutions from concept through implementation, Performed network maintenance and system upgrades including service packs, patches, hot fixed and security configurations,Monitored performance and ensured system availability and reliability (622 views )
»Service Engineer : Networking, Basic Computer, Repairing Faults, Servicing Equipment, Creating Preventative Maintenance Strategies (468 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : Network Staging & Testing, Technical Issues Management, Troubleshooting and resolving highly complex customer network problems across a broad range of technologies, Routing and switching (677 views )
»Hardware and Networking Engineer : Computer Hardware, Network & Software, Software & Hardware Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting. Cabling, Punching, Internet & LAN Configuration, Windows Server Administration DNS, WSUS, TCP/IP Services, Windows Installation, Active Directory, Files Server, Print Server, Group Policy. (2353 views )
»Fresher Networking Engineer : Installing Windows Operating Systems like XP Professional, Windows Seven and Windows 10, Configuring Windows OS, Assembling a PC and De-Assembling a PC. (831 views )
»Network Engineer : Network Staging & Testing, Technical Issues Management, Troubleshooting and resolving highly complex customer network problems across a broad range of technologies, Onsite support as per the criticality of the project (743 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Knowledge in networking protocols and devices Configurations Gathered Very Good Expertise in Installation, Troubleshooting and Monitoring Skill for CCTV Security Systems (1493 views )
»Network Engineer : Maintaining campus network infrastructure, Installing and managing campus wireless network based on policies. (554 views )
»IT Hardware & Networking Engineer : DNS, DHCP, FTP, RAS, Proxy, AD, Group Policy, FTP, File Server (1418 views )
»Network Engineer : BSC, BTS Integration in the OMC-R- Parameter changes in the network- Back-up of the network, Troubleshooting Of various alarms, making and analysis of KPI report. (605 views )
»IT Administrator : Configuring and Troubleshoot the Microsoft Exchange Mail and Imap, Pop3, Proving Desktop Support to the user regarding system Issues, Troubleshoot and provide the Networking Support to the User (1031 views )
»Hardware Support Engineer : Printer Hardware Support, Configure antivirus software to fully protect IT environment, Monitor the performance of the computer systems and address issues as they arise. (1585 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Assembling and Disassembling the computer, Router configuration (static routing, dynamic routing),• Networking, LAN & WAN Trouble Shooting, Network Auditing (2273 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : PC Assembling, Formatting, Drivers Configuration, Installation, All Peripherals Installation, Configuration of Domain & Workgroup (1567 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Hardware & Networking, Fundamentals of the operating system and PC Hardware, including assembling, fault tracking and support. (2166 views )
»Fresher Network & Hardware Engineer : Technical knowledge of Repeaters, Hubs, Switches, Routers, Topology, Modem, OSI Model. Assembling & Dissembling Computers,Trouble Shooting of Connectors. (1443 views )
»Network Support Engineer : Desktop & Laptop installation & configuration, Troubleshooting & first level for network, MS outlook configuration, Outlook backup & restore and troubleshooting. (916 views )
»Network Administrator : Remote desktop, Telnet, Data sharing, Print sharing, Configuring networks, Server configuration, ADS, DHCP, DNS, RIS,WDS,MAIL server, Application Server, Print Server, File Server (1133 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : Routers, Network Topology, OSI Reference Model, Hub, Switches, DNS, VPN Types of Internet Connection, Transmission (1152 views )
»System & Network Enginner : Design of Control Systems and Industrial Instrumentation, Basics of PLC, SCADA & DCS programming, HMI Screen development, Troubleshooting of system software and hardware. (1244 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : Embedded System, Wireless Communication, Networking (1212 views )
»Network Engineer : Route Summarization, Load balancing, Advanced OSPF (STUB & NSSA), Hands on Experience of Cisco Routers Backup, Recovery & Password Breaking. (1063 views )
»Computer Hardware/Networking Engineer : Manage Active Directory, and server and workstation, Manage end user accounts, permissions, and access rights, Installed and configured of DNS, DHCP and Terminal Services. (2994 views )
»Fresher Network/ System Administrator : Networking TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, ISDN, Switching/Routing, Installation & configuration of LAN ,Trouble shooting the networking related problems. (1477 views )
»Computer Hardware Engineer : Configuration & installation of Firewalls, Antivirus, LAN, WAN and Dial up configuration and maintenance, Installation of Peripherals and sharing in LAN. (1814 views )
»Network Engineer : Good knowledge in networking of routers and IP addressing, System administration and network administration of windows server active directory. (1414 views )
»Windows Administrator : Troubleshooted of software issues of Hardware and Software issues, Configured new systems, applied patches, implemented software updated and handled desktop systems configuration and support, Troubleshooted systems fault finding and problem solving skills. (1480 views )
»Hardware & Network Engineer : Installing, Configuring and Troubleshooting of email technologies, Create and manage shared folders, and troubleshoot share permissions (2270 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : IP Addressing & Sub netting, Configuring and maintaining routers and switches, Configuring and troubleshooting RIP, OSPF and EIGRP in routers, Routing method’s Static routing, Default routing and Dynamic Routing. (1237 views )
»Monitoring Executive : Monitoring ATM related error and hardware related troubleshoot the technical issues, Monitor the progress of trouble tickets to ensure issues were resolved in a timely manner, Respond to escalate calls and issues from vendor & bank. Handling FLM and SLM vendors effectively. (1481 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : Configuring and troubleshooting RIP, EGIRP, OSPF & BGP,Switching (VLANs, VTP,STP, RSTP), Well versed with Network protocols like TCP/IP and Sub-netting, Implementing LAN & WAN connections using Routing & Switches. (5148 views )
»Fresher IT Recruiter : Hardware & Networking , CCNA, MCSE, REDHAT, A+, N+ (8892 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Configuring IP Addressing & sub netting, Network processing, centralized and distributive network connection, Administering network technologies, Configuring & installation of Routers and Switches. (1937 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Complete System Assembling and Overhauling, Complete System Repairing & Networking. (1861 views )
»Fresher Network Support Engineer : Installation, Assembling and Trouble Shooting, Automatic Fuel Checker & Theft Detections (1158 views )
»Network Administrator : Networking, Switch Configuration, Firewall Configuring,Computer Assembling, Specialists in Laptop servicing, Motherboard, SMPS Assembling (1132 views )
»Computer Hardware/ Networking Engineer : Assembling the Computers, System formatting and Installation, Configuration of the Computers with the internet, Solving the regular upcoming Hardware issues. (1663 views )
»Hardware/ Networking Engineer : Installs software and repairs hardware and peripherals, Troubleshoots, diagnoses problems, implements corrective action procedures within prescribed guidelines and/or escalates to other technical resources as appropriate (1280 views )
»Hardware/Network Engineer : Mail Configuration and Take Backup, Domain related Issue like Domain not available, Unable to login. User Creation and Provide Permission. (1136 views )
»Network & System Support Engineer : Installation of Microsoft Office configured email accounts and shared resources, Provided on-going technical support and service, Provided technical support, including identifying problem incidents with their subsequent resolutions. (1201 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Complete System Assembling and Overhauling, Complete System Repairing & Networking. (1744 views )
»Hardware & Network Engineer : Installation of Networked & standalone printers & scanners, Configuration and troubleshooting of MS outlook, Investigating, diagnosing and resolve all network problems. (1581 views )
»Hardware/ Networking Engineer : Linux installation, Formatting Linux, Managing physical storage & logical volumes (1215 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Assembling and Disassembling the computer, Router configuration (static routing, dynamic routing),• Networking, LAN & WAN Trouble Shooting, Network Auditing, Knowledge of configuration and maintenance. (1921 views )
»Network Engineer : Desktop Support Engineer,System Admin, Technical Support, Laptop Support,Hardware Networking,Printer Engineer (1512 views )
»Fresher Hardware & Networking Engineer : Switch, Router, Hub, C C++ Java, MATLAB (1427 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Assembling and disassembling the Desktop PCs, Installing and working with hard disk drives, Modems and drivers. (1481 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Basic troubleshooting of desktop level problems, Providing required settings and security for banking applications, Drivers installation , antivirus up-date , printer installation and adding printer to network (1501 views )
»Networking Engineer : Assembling, Hardware Installation, hardware up gradation, Windows maintenance, dual booting, upgrade & update the windows (1217 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Assembling Hardware, Printer Installation and Troubleshooting, Antivirus Update and Virus Protection (2160 views )
»Fresher Computer Operator : Laptop Data Backup Taken & formatting New installation Os , Drivers & Standard Software, Installing Licensed Copy Xp ,vista & win 7 & Microsoft office Home student Installing & updating (1823 views )
»Network Engineer : Understanding & meeting customer requirements for new LTE project work, Understanding KPIs & delivering same as signed in contract with customer. (4620 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Cabling, crimping, testing, configuring and troubleshooting the LAN connections, Setting up of client network using windows 98, NT and 2000, XP, VISTA. (2074 views )
»Networking Protocols Testing Engineer : Linux, Windows System Administration, Linux System Administrator, Linux Networking, YUM Server (1251 views )
»Hardware & Networking Support Engineer : Laptops, Desktops and Printer Servicing & Server Maintenance, Maintained and co-ordinate with 2 Engineers for server Products (1710 views )
»Fresher Hardware & Networking Engineer : Managing and Administrating all user domains and accounts, Knowledge of configuration and maintenance, DHCP (Dynamic host configuration protocol, DNS (Domain Name Service). (1309 views )
»Hardware Engineer : Online troubleshooting, Fault Analysis, Fault Rectification, Customer Interaction, Configuration of the Modem & router as per customer request. (1295 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : CCNA, Networking, Routing, SQL, Microsoft .Net Framework (1309 views )
»Computer Hardware Engineer : Assembling of Computer, trouble shooting & maintenance of Desktop PC’s, Servers, Printers, Software Installation, Network Installation & Configuration (2019 views )
»Fresher Hardware Networking Engineer : Computer Assembling & Servicing , Installation Of Hardware & Software, Networking (1471 views )
»GIS Engineer : Planning and Coordinate for execution of Sites for Reliance 4G, Site survey for Reliance 4G , Supervision of Trenching and Ducting, Take all details to the client and coordinate team for site report. (1106 views )
»Network Engineer : Operation & Maintenance of All systems, Proficient with Installation, Maintenance of systems hardware and software, Troubleshooting network related problem. (1301 views )
»Fresher Hardware/Networking Engineer : Hardware (A+) & Networking (N+), CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) (1422 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer : Assembling & Disassembling & Troubleshooting, Memory Types & Characteristics, CCNA & MCITP,Operating Systems (1811 views )
»Network Engineer : Data Recovery, Thin Client installation, Installing, maintaining & troubleshooting different operating system.Installing, maintaining different hardware devices. (1361 views )
»Network Engineer : Installation & Configure Cisco Router, Switch , Schmid Modem & Router (1386 views )
»Computer Hardware & Network Engineer : Hardware & Networking,Assembling and Maintenance Troubleshooting PC, OS & Basic network Troubleshooting, Networking Fundamentals (2015 views )
»Computer Operator : Assembling and Disassembling the Computer, Troubleshooting the Computer and Operating System Computer Repairing Hardware And Software. Knowledge of computer operation {like Ms Word, Excel, Power Point, etc.} And English Typing (1274 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Professor : Networking, Cloud Computing, C, C++, SQL, HTML (1226 views )
»Computer Hardware & Network Engineer : Hardware & Networking,Assembling and Maintenancetroubleshooting PC, OS & Basic network troubleshooting, Networking Fundamentals (11917 views )
»Network Executive : Server Operating System installation & troubleshooting, Taking backup & it’s restore in major device, individual machines and laptops etc, Set up of Networking and troubleshooting (1392 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : Immense knowledge in designing cable and wireless networks, structured network cabling such as STP, UTP, coaxial etc., installation and configuration of LAN, WAN and wireless networks with active components such as routers, switches, firewalls, modems, access points, repeaters etc. (3576 views )
»Fresher CCNA Network Engineer : Testing of Current Transformers and Potential Tranformers, Testing of Core & Checking of turns ratio in CTs and PTs (7372 views )
»Fresher Windows Administrator : Troubleshooting network connectivity in LAN/WAN Environment, Assembling and disassembling the computer ,Troubleshooting, Install and configure windows server 2012 Active directory services (1316 views )
»Fresher VLSI Verification Engineer : Verilog, Performance of cooperative multiuser OFDMA systems with subcarrier resource allocation. (3442 views )
»Fresher Hardware Engineer : C language,MATLAB, Robotics, Removal of cracks in digitized paintings (1314 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : CCNA, Pulse Height Analysis And Data Acquisition System Using FPGA (4279 views )
»Computer Hardware & Network Engineer : Hardware & Networking, MS Outlook, Configure new hardware, install and update the software packages, Assembling andDisassemble, the computer, cabling Troubleshooting, Conduct the supervisory check (3065 views )
»System & Network Support Engineer : Expert in Installation, Assembling/dissembling & Troubleshooting Computers, Servers, Desktops, Workstations, Thin clients, Laptops, Printers & other Peripheral devices, Installation & Configuration of Networking devices like � Routers, Switch, hub etc (1601 views )
»Fresher Computer Network Engineer : Wireless Communication, Computer Communication Network, Programming in C, C++, MATLAB (1385 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : ISDN, Frame Relay, Leased Line, Creation and changing of VLAN, Know networking topologies, Basic switch and router configuration, Know advanced IP featuresCreation, Deletion; Modification of User account. (1388 views )
»Computer Hardware Engineer : Computer Assembling, Hardware & Networking, Installation of all types Software’s Etc, Microsoft Office, Outlook. (1690 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Performed hardware and network installation and provide customer care and Technical support, Assembled and install the computer system, workstation and peripheral hardware (2453 views )
»Health and Safety Officer : Handling Pro Tues (CMMS) Software, Maximo (Assets management Software), Auto Cad designing, Hardware and Network maintenance, Operation and maintenance data of STP. (1672 views )
»Network Engineer : Working knowledge with higher version Cisco Routers and Switches, Basic Firewall troubleshooting and immediate notifying to firewall team and Ops Manager if any alert. (15980 views )
»Network Administrator : Maintaining Components like Cisco Router, Switches, Commissioning the major links for the internal network. Configure and Troubleshoot the Layer 3 switches with RSTP, Configure and Troubleshoot the Cisco Routers, To Install, maintain and troubleshoot the WAN and LAN links, Planning and designing the Leased lines and its hardware requirement. (1895 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : Advanced C, C++ Programming Skills, Experience in Linux System Programming, Sound understanding of Data Structures and IPC mechanism, Experience in Socket programming, Debugging with gdb, make & make file. (1630 views )
»Fresher Hardware Engineer : Hardware And Networking, Fabrication And Characterization Of Thin Film Mos Capacitor Using High-k Di Electric Nano Material. (1590 views )
»Fresher Network Coordinator : C, C++, Vb.net, Sql, Ms Access, Digital Contrast Sensitivity Analyser, Foot Pressure Measurement, Human Resource Management System. (1513 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : Microprocessor, Computer Networks, Basics Of C, Php/mysql, Matlab /simulink For Image Processing And Its Applications, Advances In Communication And Computing. (1898 views )
»Fresher Computer Network Engineer : Programming Basic knowledge of computer and knowledge of C, C++, Data Communication, Computer Network. (1531 views )
»Hardware Engineer : Personal Computer assembling and maintenance, Installation and maintenance of OS (windows) and Linux, Good Knowledge in Major Wafer Fabrication processes, Ability of performing PM Job for machines, Knowledge in Robotics. (1664 views )
»System and Network Support Engineer : Expert in Installation, Assembling/dissembling & Troubleshooting Computers, Servers, Desktops, Workstations, Thin clients, Laptops, Printers & other Peripheral devices, Installation & Configuration of Networking devices like � Routers, Switch, hub etc (1923 views )
»Application Engineer : Cloud Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Networking, Operating Systems, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Web based Applications. (1450 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : Linux Installation, File System Management, Server Hardware Overview,user Management, File Transfer Protocol, Domain Naming Service, Apache, Package Manager, Backups&recovery, Network File System(nfs), Dhcp, Samba, Network Information Service(nis). (1632 views )
»Fresher Wireless Network Engineer : C Programming, Data Structures, Very Large Scale Integration, Digital Communication, Digital Electronics, Wireless Data Modem,Smart dust network for border surveillance system. (1717 views )
»Hardware and Networking Engineer : Maintenance / Troubleshooting of Computer Networking in LAN / WAN etc, Networking Maintenance and Implementation using Switch & Router, Cabling and Configure of Router & Switch. (1884 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : Having good exposure in wireless network and communication field, Having knowledge of networking. (1612 views )
»Fresher Hardware Network Engineer : C, C++, HTML, Installing, Supporting And Maintaining New Server Hardware And Software Infrastructure, Managing Email, Anti-spam And Virus Protection, Setting Up User Accounts, Permissions And Passwords, Monitoring Network Usage, Ensuring The Most Cost-effective And Efficient Use Of Servers. (1546 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : C, C++, DBMS, Done Projects in istributed cache updating for the Dynamic source routing protocol and Bandwidth Estimation for IEEE 802.11Based Ad Hoc Networks (1612 views )
»Hardware & Networking Engineer : Install and configure new software and update existing software, Installing configuring and maintaining personal computer, laptop. (1792 views )
»Network Engineer : ADS server administrator, DNS server administrator, DHCP server administrator, RIS server administrator, EXCHANGE server administrator, CCNA, installation and assembling, Complete solution of computer hardware and software problem. (1624 views )
»Fresher Wireless Network Engineer : Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming, Java and J2EE , Linux and some new concepts regarding OO Programming, Advanced Network and Wireless Technology (1715 views )
»Network Administrator : Knowledge of Routing and Switching, Providing network solutions including Cisco Routers & Switches, Monitoring & maintaining LAN & WAN connectivity, Good knowledge of OSI & TCP/IP model. (1571 views )
»Fault Management Engineer : Support of GSM access networks, Fault handling, troubleshooting and resolution of BTS/BSC related issues, Proactive and preventive surveillance on radio base stations and base station controller (2410 views )
»Hardware Engineer : Basic Repairing like Modem, Switch, Lan card, Sound card, Monitor, UPS, Mp4 player. DVR card, DVD writer, RAM, SMPS, Jetking, Networking, CCNA. (1547 views )
»Network Engineer : Responsible for designing and implementation of LAN & WAN network infrastructure, Configuration and installed Cisco Switches, Configuration Cisco Router using RIP, OSPF. (1673 views )
»Network Engineer : Knowledge of C and C++ programming languages on GNU/Linux environment, Good understanding of Object Oriented Programming concepts in C++, Good knowledge of SDLC, Knowledge of Linux File systems, IPC, Threads, Memory management. (1537 views )
»Computer Hardware Networking Engineer : Software/installation/configuration/Networking, Installation of all Software, Repair many component of Computer, Basic Knowledge of Electronics. (3848 views )
»Fresher Networking Engineer : Networking & Oops Concept, C, C++, CCNA(basics), .Net, Record Matching Over Query Result From Multiple Web Databases, Java (1886 views )
»Hardware/ Network Engineer : Cabling, crimping & Punching for systems, hubs, switches & routers, Installation and configuration of Networks Printers, TCP/IP services, IP addressing. (2008 views )
»Surveillance Engineer : Knolwledge of GSM, Optical Fiber Communication (SDH) and GPRS technology, Coordinate With Nsn Team To Resolve The Issues Of Critical Alarms And Site Outage. (1840 views )
»Hardware Testing Engineer : Electronics Hardware Testing, Electronics Display Board Servicing and Installation, Responsible For Total Hardware Testing Of Scrolling Display, Andon Display, Digital Clocks. (1741 views )
»Fresher Hardware/ Networking Engineer : Planning and Managing Local Area Networking, Installation and configuration of DNS, DHCP, IIS Services, Creating and Managing VLAN. (1621 views )
»Network Engineer : Configuration, installation and Troubleshooting of Switch and Router, Providing technical assistance remotely through Remote Desktop, VNC, & Team Viewer. (1612 views )
»Fresher Network Engineer : MFC, Socket Programming, ODBC for database connectivity, Client Server architecture, C#, VC++, C/C++, Visual Basic, Java, ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, PHP, HTML (1541 views )
»Fresher B.Tech ECE : Assembling and disassembling the Desktop PCs, Installing and working with hard disk drives, Modems and drivers. (1928 views )
»Fresher Computer Networking : C, C++, HTML, CSS, PHP, Masking & Veiling, Massage generation & encryption & decryption, Java(J2se), MYSQL, Data Structure (1699 views )
»Fresher Hardware & Networking : Electronic devices and Circuits, Cellular and Mobile Communication, Routing Protocols, Routing Concepts, Switching Concepts STP, VLAN, VTP, Inter-VLAN, Port security. (1686 views )
»Fresher Hardware Engineer : Hardware Assembling, System Integrating, Trouble Shooting, C, C++, DBMS, Java Script , VB Script , RDBMS, HTML, DHTML, XML (1585 views )
»Network Support Engineer : Designing LAN & WAN Solutions with equipments like Firewalls,Routers,Switches, Managing Antivirus Server (1780 views )
»Fresher IT Hardware & Networking : Disk management, and NT backup and Recovery Tools, Responsible for the technical operations involving trouble-shooting the Servers, Desktop Systems & laptops, networking solutions (1780 views )
»Embedded Engineer/ MIS Coordinator : C , Embedded C, ORCAD-Schematic capture & PCB layout, Keeping track of acquisition activities, Preparing files for LAD2 and LAD3, Follow up of executives and keep track of daily acquisition activities. (2283 views )
»Network Engineer : Configure and upgrade the BTS, Migrate the BTS to ASN, Configuring and Troubleshooting the Firewall, Router, Wireless modem, Taking RF Survey & Designing wireless networks, Implemented Fiber Optic Network & Wireless Point to Point networks. (1728 views )
»Network Administrator : Managed Datacenter Router, Switch and Server, Installation and Troubleshooting of Antivirus, Configuring IP Address, Installation & troubleshooting of LAN, Making Straight & Cross Cable, and Maintaining Local Area Network. (1653 views )
»Fresher Desktop Network Engineer : Hardware and Networking, Installation, Troubleshooting and Maintenance of all Printers, Looking all the maintenance of Scanners, Troubleshooting & Maintenance of SMPS, Motherboard, Printer, Monitor. (1582 views )
»Hardware/ Networking Engineer : Embedded System, Electronics & Servicing Technology, A/c & Ref Servicing Technology, Home Security With Automatic Was Announcement System, Wireless Battery Charging System Using Radio Frequency Harvesting (1878 views )
»Fresher Graduate Engineer Trainee : Programmable Logic Controller, Microcontroller, Tele-Thermometry with computerised closed loop distributed control system (1927 views )
»Hardware Engineer : Dot matrix Printers, Laser and inkjet Printer, Scanners and other Equipments, Trouble shooting, Configuration, Assembling, Maintenance,Installation of desktop and supporting peripherals. (1577 views )
»Network Engineer : CCNA, modem installation, troubleshooting, networking and customer service (1752 views )
»Cisco Routing Network Engineer : Switching Technologies, Satellite Communication (1783 views )
»FMS Engineer : Hardware Networking, Installation, Configuring & Managing Server 2003 (3770 views )
»Network Engineer : Knowledge on Networking Devices as Switch, Router, Hub and Repeaters. Initial Configuration of CISCO Routers and Switches, Knowledge on Static Routing and Routing Protocols, Knowledge on VLAN’s and Inter VLAN routing, Knowledge on NAT, PAT and ACL’s. (1792 views )
»Computer Hardware & Networking : Laptop Assembly & Computer, Mobile hardware & Software (2028 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : CCNA, RHCE, Diploma in Hardware & Networking, MCSA (5725 views )
»Network Engineer : Hardware & Networking, MCITP, CCNA and Linux. (1944 views )
»Network Support Engineer : Hardware Engineer, CCNA Certification (4826 views )
»Wide Area Network Engineer : Lease Line, ISDN, Tellabs, ASCOM (1903 views )
»Network System Engineer : Hardware Installation, Printer Administration (3546 views )
»Network Engineer : POP3, IMAP4, MAPI, OWA, HTTP (1886 views )
»Electronics Hardware Design Engineer : Soldering, Circuit Reading, Trouble Shooting (6335 views )
»CCNA Network Engineer : MCSE, Desktop Support (7358 views )
»Electronics & Communication Engineer : Implementation, Maintenance (2187 views )
»Network Surveillance Engineer : BHARTI AIRTEL Network Monitoring (2895 views )
»Fresher Hardware & Networking Engineer : PC Maintenance and Troubleshooting, CCNA (17558 views )
»Hardware Engineer : PC Hardware, MCITP, MAINFRAMES, COBOL (2222 views )
»Hardware Assistant : Repairing, Assembling, Troubleshooting (2581 views )
»Hardware Maintenance Engineer : Hardware/ Networking (2741 views )
»Fresher Hardware Engineer : CCNA, Adobe Indesign, Photoshop (5946 views )