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List of System Engineer/ Server Administrator Resumes( 147 )

IT / Computer2 >> System Engineer/ Server Administrator( 1068 )

»Windows System Administrator : Maintain hardening of all IT infra devices like Sever, Router Switch, Laptop, Desktop, Maintain and update renewal of licenses. (119 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Strong knowledge in network/security/systems administration and systems support in Cisco and Microsoft network environment (143 views )
»System Administrator : In hardware we have to troubleshoot the systems and assembling and disassembling the system parts. In operating system we have to install the operating systems and assigning ip address and printer sharing and create a user account and configure MS outlook. (116 views )
»Fresher System/Network Administrator : DHCP, DNS, IIS, TCP/IP Services, Installation & configuration of LAN (Win 7, Win 10), Trouble shooting the networking related problems, Troubleshooting & maintenance of PCs, Fault finding & trouble shooting of Monitor, SMPS, and Mother Board. (209 views )
»Fresher System Engineer : Assessing Systems, Determining Problems, Providing solutions to issues that arise, Designing Systems (244 views )
»System Engineer : Development and support of financial application of client Bharti, Business Objects for reporting and analysis of Billing Data of Warehouse (243 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : DHCP, DNS, IIS, TCP/IP Services, Installation & configuration of LAN (Win NT, Win 2000), Trouble shooting the networking related problems. (209 views )
»System Engineer : Hardware and software installations, hardware and software trouble shooting, windows installation and trouble shooting, customer problem handling and trouble shooting, os installation & trouble shooting (252 views )
»System Engineer : Troubleshooting & maintenance of PC’s, Configuring & installing different Hardware Components, Installation of Operating System & Application software’s. (323 views )
»System Administrator : Analysis and Research, Knowledge on creating users and with admin powers, Performing patches for Linux servers (430 views )
»System Administrator : Install and Troubleshoot Windows 10 operating system, Maintaining and Updating ZOHO server to the latest version, Checking and updating latest version of windows to all users using ZOHO. (585 views )
»System Administrator : ADS,DNS,DHCP,Outlook,Remote Support,FTP,Windows Server Administration,Raid Configuration,Vmware (742 views )
»System Engineer/Desktop Support Engineer : Windows Operation Systems and MS Outlook (459 views )
»System Administrator : Maintaining for systems in Language lab, Installing software’s and networking configuration, Diagnose hardware and software problems, and replace defective components. (659 views )
»VLSI & Embedded Systems Engineer : Digital Electronics, Electronic Devices And Circuits, Micro Processors, Communication Protocols, Basics of PCB Design. (306 views )
»IT Infrastructure Engineer : Supporting, Operating & Maintaining IT Infrastructure, Remedy Ticketing Tool, Patch Management on Prod, UAT, DEV and QA servers. (680 views )
»Fresher Systems/ Network Administrator : DHCP, DNS, IIS, TCP/IP Services,Trouble shooting the networking related problems (565 views )
»Linux Administrator : Installation and maintenance of Linux operating System (Red Hat, Ubuntu, centos etc), Package Administration for Linux servers using YUM and RPM utilities. (652 views )
»System Admin/ Cloud Admin : Windows Server, VM Ware, Cloud,Azure, Networking,Cisco, Patching and software installation on Windows servers through IBM Bigfix, Shavlik and manually where ever required (1046 views )
»Linux Administrator : Systems & Procedures Infrastructure Security, Compliance & Audits Vulnerability Assessment, Server Administration Day to Day Escalations, Support & Services Managing & Troubleshooting (652 views )
»System and Network Administrator : Computer Hardware, Network & Software, Software & Hardware Installation, Maintenance & Troubleshooting. Cabling, Punching, Internet & LAN Configuration (1163 views )
»System Admin : MS outlook configuration, Outlook backup & restore and troubleshooting, Disk Management, partitions, Printer installation and troubleshooting (1057 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Windows, Installations of OS, Software’s, Outlook, Printers, Hardware troubleshooting, Antivirus update in client PC’s, Network level OS Installation. (1101 views )
»System Admin : DNS, DHCP, WDS, WSUS, TCP/IP Services, Windows Installation, Active Directory, FSMO Roles, Files Server, Print Server, Stub Zones, Group Policy.switching,Routing,OSI Models,TCP/IP. (1206 views )
»Fresher Linux Administrator : Disk Management and LVM (Logical Volume Management), Package Management, Relational Database Service (691 views )
»Windows System Administrator : Creation and Managing User and group Accounts, Implementation of Fine grain Password Policies and Delegate Control, Installation of Software using Group Policy, Implementation of Recycle Bin Feature of Active Directory (1620 views )
»System Administrator : Supported on boarding of new employees as a presenter of technical services, tools, policies, and best practices, Provide coaching, continuous training and support to team members (1115 views )
»System Analyst : Installing and troubleshooting the Operating System and Application Software on network environment, Involved in the Maintenance, Installation & Troubleshooting of Desktops & Network Operating System. (785 views )
»System Administrator : Server Administrator, Installation of Linux Operating System, Create Active Directory & manage it, Installation, configure and troubleshoot of SAN,NAS storage Box, Configure MS Outlook & outlook express. (1179 views )
»System Administrator : Install and configure software and hardware, Manage network servers and technology tools, Set up accounts and workstations, user rights. (1149 views )
»System Administrator : Linux, PHP, MVC, MySQL, Javascript, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Jquery (772 views )
»System Administrator : System Administration, AD, MS Exchange, Outlook, Remote Support, Team Management. (1165 views )
»System Administrator : Application Software Installation and Maintenance, Open Source Linux Fedora, Ubutu Clint system and Server System (854 views )
»Fresher Cyber Security Profesional : Cyber Security, Captcha As Graphical Password, C++, C, HTML, JAVA (742 views )
»Fresher Linux System Administrator : C Language ,Core Java, M.S.Office, Linux Administrator (1020 views )
»Linux Administrator : Configuration of network & troubleshooting, Configuration of MS Outlook and Installation of printers, Managing local users and groups, files and folders, desktop settings. (839 views )
»Fresher System Engineer : Cloud Computing, UI Design, OOPS Concepts, CSS, JavaScript, Visual Force Pages and Apex (1044 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Installing & maintain Network Printers, Scanners, Webcam, SMPS etc, Wide knowledge of Motherboard, Monitor & Solid understanding of SMPS and UPS, Structure cabling, IP addressing and LAN technologies, TCP/IP and Wireless Network. (1335 views )
»System Administrator : Printer configuration, Handled IBM Lotus notes, Ticketing tool handling on HP service manager, Handled user issue on call and remotely. (1298 views )
»Windows/ VMWare System Engineer : IIS Administration, Web Hosting & Mail Configuration, Network Printer, Knowledge on supporting Microsoft Windows Servers, Managing and Administrating all user domains and accounts,virtual machine, VM Servers build & rebuild deploying the New VM from the Template and Cloning an existing, Installing, configuring and managing virtual infrastructure and virtual centre (4437 views )
»Systems/Network Administrator : Installation & configuration of LAN, Trouble shooting the networking related problems, Fault finding & trouble shooting of Monitor, and Mother Board. (1176 views )
»Server Administrator : Exchange Server Configuration, Email Group Access, Outlook Troubleshooting (1133 views )
»System Engineer : Handling daily operations and managing all IT infrastructure teams, Ensuring high productivity is acheived from every engineer, Handling customer escalations and engaging engineers for action on top priority. (1066 views )
»Windows System Administrator : Installation and Managing of Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, File server, OU, user ID creation and deletion, Password resetting and account unlocking, Group policy creation, Managing file server (1911 views )
»Server Administrator : Troubleshoot basic Hardware problems, Knowledge about the applications, Creating Users Accounts in AD, Managing Active Directory Users, Groups and Profiles, Installation and configuration of Windows server and client configuration using Active Directory Services (ADS). (1245 views )
»System Administrator : Installing And Configuration Operating System like Windows, Linux, Android, Software Installation depends upon User requirement, Installing, Configuring and Managing AD (1242 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : RHCSA, RHCE, Openstack , AWS certified solution Architect, CCNA,CEH (1985 views )
»Fresher Linux System Administrator : Cloud Computing, Linux System Administration, Software Development (965 views )
»Fresher Linux Administrator : C, Assembly Languages, Micro Processor and Micro Controller, Embedded C (845 views )
»System Administrator : Mail Store Server for Mail Archiving, FreeNAS Server Administration, Installation and Configuration of GoGlobal Server, Installation and Configuration of PHP, Apache and MySQL with XAMPP on Windows Server. (989 views )
»System Amin : Responsible for providing the desktop system, Server administration and support to the network, Assist team in resolution of hardware, software and system issues (1172 views )
»System Engineer : ADDS,DNS,DHCP, IIS,WSUS TCP/IP Services (1286 views )
»Systems Engineer : Servers Installation / Configuration, Maintenance & Troubleshooting, Handling Network Related Issues, Printer Installation & Troubleshoting (1049 views )
»Fresher Windows/ System Admin : Windows/ System Administration, Create user accounts, System configurations, Active directory management, perform windows based environments. (3253 views )
»System Administrator : Windows Operating Systems Installation, Up Gradation, Updating, Troubleshooting. (1669 views )
»System Engineer : Installation and Troubleshooting of Windows XP/ Vista OS/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10. Configuration, Troubleshooting, Backup & Restore of E-mail Client Software (1032 views )
»Server Administrator : OS installation and troubleshooting, Manage Network, Manage Printers, Installation and troubleshooting of Anti Virus (1210 views )
»System Administrator : Server, Desktop, Laptop and Router Switch Management, TCP/IP Configuration,Troubleshooting, Lan Setting, Shearing. (1396 views )
»System Engineer : Configuring & installing different Hardware Components, Installation of Operating System & Application software’s, Printer Connections, Configurations & Troubleshooting (1001 views )
»Fresher Linux Administrator : Good knowledge in Windows & Linux operating system, Apache Web Server, Installing OS and application software, SSH, SMTP,Mail servers (Postfix) ,Troubleshooting ,FTP ,LFTP ,Dns ,NFS ,User and Group Management ,Resizing of LVM ,Logical Volume Management ,Folder and File Permitions ,SAMBA Server ,Setup IP Adress ,Manage Physical Storage Devices ,ISCSI ,Cron jobs ,LDAP, Good Command Over Linux Environment (952 views )
»Fresher System Administration : Responsible for LAN setup design, Installation and Configuring Servers for optimal performance. (1055 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : C, C++, Java, Software Engineering, HTML, Hospital Management System (768 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : DHCP, DNS, IIS, DC,TCP/IP Services, Embedded System (1087 views )
»Linux Administrator : Using Support central Tool manages Helpdesk Queue Workgroup relate, Creating ticket for problem & amp; troubleshoot the software issues. (845 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Redhat Linux, Deployment Of Linux Foxy,User Administration, Gro[p Admministration, (1044 views )
»System Administrator : Manage Internal LAN setup within office and provided support for all the server, Desktop and Laptop of client, Handling services like DHCP, DNS, Escan Anti-Virus (1412 views )
»Network Administrator : Maintained Desktop in different services like Medical transcriptions, Registry& Share Transfer, BPO, Hardware Assembling, Routing, Switching, System Restores, Troubleshooting, Data recovering, System application, Software installing & online updating (1096 views )
»System Administration Engineer : Installation of Set top Boxes, Activate & Deactivate, Systems Installation, Hardware maintenance, Update Software’s Troubleshooting etc… (1027 views )
»Server Support Engineer : Computer Hardware & Basic Network troubleshooting, Local & network Printer installation & configuration, Installation of windows OS through SCCM and WSUS. (1195 views )
»System Administrator : Installing Microsoft products and other software’s, Troubleshooting and administration of windows XP, Resolving most of the problems by using Net meeting and remote control software. (1000 views )
»System Administrator : Installation of hardware and bring them online in the network, Installation and configuring switches and hubs, Configuring internet and email. (998 views )
»System Administrator : Maintenance of PC’s and Printers, Maintenance of Local Area Network with Optical Fiber Connectivity, Installing, Configuring of Campus Automation Softwares. (1053 views )
»System Administrator : Responsible for managing project for installation of Desktop Server and other devices and coordination with different branches and engineers for the same and handling escalation. (1161 views )
»System Administrator : Diagnose and resolve Networking issues, Sharing of Printer and Data on Network, Antivirus installation to all desktops and laptops. (1102 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Trained in CCNA, MCSE, LINUX, Installation of OS, Application Software (1703 views )
»Fresher Systems/Network Administrator : DHCP, DNS, IIS, TCP/IP Services, Trouble shooting the networking related problems (1127 views )
»Lotus Notes Administrator : Client level issues like installation of Lotus Notes software. Doing mail Replication and Archiving, Maintaining DCL, Installation & Configuration of Lotus Domino server. (1225 views )
»Fresher Linux Administrator : Good knowledge in Linux operating system, Apache Web Server, Installing OS and application software, SSH, SMTP,Mail servers (Postfix) ,FTP ,LFTP ,Dns ,NFS ,User and Group Management ,Resizing of LVM ,Logical Volume Management ,Folder and File Permitions ,SAMBA Server ,Setup IP Adress ,Manage Physical Storage Devices ,ISCSI ,Cron jobs ,LDAP ,Good Command Over Linux Environment. (886 views )
»System Administrator : Assembling, Installation, Maintenance the system, Maintaining overall IT Equipments Computer, Hardware, Routers and Switches. (1142 views )
»Fresher Associate System Engineer : Digital Electronics, Password Based Door Lock System, Automatic Irrigation System (1029 views )
»Linux Administrator : Server Operating System installation & troubleshooting, DNS, DHCP, Samba Server, NFS, Cifs, ISCSI, NAS, SAN, Firewall, LVM, Yum, SSH, teaming/bridging, Virtualization, KVM, Bind, Sendmail, Apache, Squid, NAGIOS, Linux System Administration, Shell Script (1094 views )
»System Admininstrator : CCNA Certified, Trouble shooting, Performance Tuning, Installation Up gradation & Migration Planning and Implementation, System Administration (1069 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Fault finding & trouble shooting of Monitor, SMPS, and Mother Board, Installation of device drivers & hardware components (1027 views )
»Fresher Network Administrator : Networking, Wireless Communication,CCNA (Routing & Switching),Cisco Academic, Touch screen based on Hotel management (884 views )
»Fresher Windows Administrator : Installing windows server operating system, Managing user accounts through active directory (1415 views )
»System Administrator : Troubleshooted and resolved desktop support issues, Maintained the up to date operating procedures inside the IT department, Created user accounts and managed access control of desktop and Network applications. (1281 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Installation & configuration of LAN, Trouble shooting the networking related problems, Fault finding & trouble shooting of Monitor, SMPS, and Mother Board. (989 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : MCSE, CCNA, linux and hardware networking (1243 views )
»Linux System Administrator : Assembling and configuration, Optical and Magnetic device, Interfacing PCB’s, Memory devices, Mother boards, Power devices, Knowledge on Linux (2010 views )
»Fresher Systems/Network Administrator : Installation & configuration of LAN, Trouble shooting the networking related problems. Troubleshooting & maintenance of PCs. (1169 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Identification, Installation and troubleshooting of processors,memory,motherboards,SMPS, Peripherals and input devices and their troubleshooting, Checking and managing application compatibility. (1168 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : CCNA,Mobile Communication, Wireless Network and Fiber Optics Communication,Routing and Switching (912 views )
»System/ Network Administrator : Computer assembling and maintains, Installation of different operating systems like windows XP, windows 7, windows 8, windows server, Hard disc partitioning and giving permissions. (1338 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : C, C++, C#.Net, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing (1224 views )
»System Engineer : Managing SQL Server Database, Backup and restoration of SQL database, Managing Active Directory Service console, Verifying user permissions, resetting NT account password, unlocking NT account. (1296 views )
»System Administrator : IT professional experience in Windows technology on security platform, Have good experience in ticketing tools like Remedy Ticketing System & J-Track, Good technical knowledge on allocating certain privileges to client using Active Directory (1979 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Windows and Linux server, Network Configuration & Maintenance (1415 views )
»System Administrator : Knowledge in windows server installation & configuration, My SQL, Oracle, C, C++, Java (1626 views )
»System Engineer : Managing user accounts in Active Directory, CreatingVirtual Servers and creating virtual environment, Taking backup onTape with Symantec Backup Software, Configuration of mail clients like Thunderbird, MS Outlook (1540 views )
»Windows Administrator : Installation, configuration & administration of Windows 2003, 2008 Server, Windows 7/xp,Solving network, Conducted operations of pier-to-pier networks.Provided expertise in hardware installation & Software configuration, Provided technical assistance to client,Maintaining the Windows Infrastructure (2129 views )
»Fresher System Administration : Hardware Ability, Computer Assembling, Printer toner refilling (HP Laser, Inkjet), Hardware New Installation/Repair/Replace/Troubleshooting, LAN/WAN setup & maintain (1522 views )
»Fresher System Associate/ Administrator : Configuring DNS, DHCP Server, Implementing Security for files and directories, Managing the User account and Computer account with its policy and profiles in Windows, Remote Desktop Administration through Terminal Services. (1404 views )
»Fresher Windows Administrator : Designing, implementing and managing Active Directory. Files and Folder, Good understanding of: Server Hardware Technology, LANs,WANs. , Knowledge of: Windows 2012, Active Directory Group Policies, TCP/IP, DNS. DHCP , Active Directory Services; Active Directory Group Policy Objects (GPO); Group Policy Management Console (GPMC) , IIS Web Servers and FTP Servers , Installation and maintenance of all systems within a clients digital environment , Building, configuration and troubleshooting of server and desktop hardware. (1728 views )
»Fresher Linux System Administrator : Good knowledge in Windows & Linux operating system, Apache Web Server, Installing OS and application software, SSH, SMTP,Mail servers (Postfix) ,Troubleshooting ,FTP ,LFTP ,Dns ,NFS ,User and Group Management ,Resizing of LVM ,Logical Volume Management ,Folder and File Permitions ,SAMBA Server ,Setup IP Adress ,Manage Physical Storage Devices ,ISCSI ,Cron jobs ,LDAP ,Good Command Over Linux Environment (25511 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Network Operating System, Client Operating System, C, HTML and PHP, Oracle, Hardware troubleshooting and Networking Essentials. (1433 views )
»System/ Network Administrator : Installing and configuring DNS,DHCP,IIS serviceand FTP configuration, Troubleshooting Active Directory, and Related Problems&Software Deployment in Windows using group policies. (1585 views )
»Fresher Associate System Engineer : Have a basic knowledge of language C, .NET technology, ANDROID technology, Have a good experience working with Windows XP/Vista/7& Windows 8, Software packages Microsoft Office, Photoshop (1311 views )
»System Administrator : Handling and Administering of Symantec Antivirus Server, Quick Heal Admin Console, File and Print Server, FTP Server, Providing online help to other branches users through NetMeeting and Remote Desktop Connection tools. (1587 views )
»Windows System Administartor : Knowledge in Desktop Troubleshooting and OS Installation, Installation and Configuration of Application Software’s, Knowledge of Active Directory & Group Policies, DHCP, DNS servers. (1831 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Troubleshooting and handling Hardware and software problems, PC hardware setup, configuration & Networking, Good knowledge in LAN and WAN Administration, Configuration of Cisco Routers and Switches. (1666 views )
»Linux Administrator : Installed, configured and worked on various Operating Systems including Windows 98/ ME/2000/XP/Vista/Windows7/2003/2008/Linux/Unix Server, Planning and Implementation of Symantec End Point Anti-Virus Policies, Planning and Implementation for teaming in all clients for network redundancy, Remote Desktop support & Problem analysis. (1674 views )
»Database/ System Administrator : JAVA/J2EE developer, Programmer, Web Designing using JAVA , C , C++ & OOPs, NetBeans, Eclipse, Oracle, MYSQL. (1370 views )
»Fresher System Administrator : Experience in network administration, Installation and configuration of IIS web server, Well refined in analytical and troubleshooting skills, Experienced in installation and configuration of Network printers, Experienced in File and Printer Sharing, Experienced in Recovering Data from a crashed operating system. (3826 views )
»System Administrator : Desktop Support Engineer, System Hardware and Networking, Server installations, System installations and servicing, Digital electronics, Electronic circuits, Computer networks. (1648 views )
»System Administrator : Hardware & Networking Professional, User administration (setup and maintaining account), Maintaining system, Verify that peripherals are working properly, Quickly arrange repair for hardware in occasion of hardware failure, Monitor system performance. (1472 views )
»System Administrator : Installing and Administrating Network Printing, Troubleshooting the Network and Boot problems, Brief knowledge of PC assembling & hardware maintenance. (1544 views )
»System Administrator : MCITP, CCNA, Working on data processing systems using XML and Excel soft wares to create indexing for PDF files. (1646 views )
»System Administrator : Install Various Software And Hardware Components Or Set Up Alternate Operating System As Demanded By Organizational Needs (1539 views )
»System Administrator : Networking Operations, Systems Administration, Technical Support, Troubleshooting, Installation & Configuration, Installation & Configuration Plotter ,Wipro Lain Printer, Printronix Lain, Print Server, Network Printer. (1973 views )
»Fresher Windows System Administrator : MCITP, LINUX , CCNA, Ability to provide technical assistance and resolution (1687 views )
»Fresher Associate System Engineer : Knowledge of Networking and C, Verilog, Automatic toll collection & number plate recognition using image processing on FPGA (7163 views )
»Fresher System Engineer : Knowledge of Programming Languages C, C++, Java, Oracle, System Software, Application software, Wireless Network (1385 views )
»System Administrator : Technologies Server Windows 2003/2008/Exchange server 2010, Client Windows XP/ Windows 7, Web servers IIS6/IIS7, JRUN,Apache Tomcat, Antivirus Symantec (SEPM), Database SQL server 2003/2008 (1619 views )
»System Engineer : Lotus Notes Administration, Provides L1 & L2 support for Domino related issues, Performance tuning for domino servers, Notes Client Up gradation. (1519 views )
»Linux Administrator : C, C++, Visual basic, Vb.net, Asp.net, Html, Java, Assembling & Trouble Shooting of PC, Installation of Linux, Windows, XP, Windows 2000/03 Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7. (1636 views )
»Fresher Web Database Management Systems Engineer : Database Management System, C,C++, Information Storage and Management, Bluetooth technology, Green technology, Implementation of mchess pad in android (1412 views )
»Fresher Systems Project Engineer : Automatic Library System, C,C++, Visual C++, C# .net with EmguCV and OpenCV, Matlab, JAVA.,Embeded Programming, Mobile Hardware, Library Management System (1334 views )
»Network Engineer/ System Administrator : Lan and Network printer installation, Maintaining Data backup in Server Systems, Creating a backup from Tablet PC to Linux Server, Troubleshoot Tablet PC, Install Linux Cent OS, Upload data to an Online NIC Server, PC Support to Associates, Package Training to Associates. (1870 views )
»Linux Windows System Administrator : Administration support for Data Centers, Root cause analysis, Preparing In/Out ward for materials, Installing Packages with rpm, yum and yast, Performing System Administrations tasks, Configuring Remote Desktop and Remote assistance, Configuring internet connection sharing, Installing and configuring DHCP and assigning IP addresses to client hosts. (3732 views )
»System Administrator : System Assemble and System Troubleshoot, Wireless configured network for Laptop and Desktop, Basic Printing troubleshooting with Inkjet, Laser, Maintaining Anti virus server separately for System (1669 views )
»System Administrator : C,C++, MS office, Excel, Installation and Providing Service & Support for Computers based Customers in and around Chennai. (1487 views )
»Server Administrator / System Engineer : Active Directory, LOTUS DOMINO, SQL SERVER ,VISUAL STUDIO (1935 views )
»System Administrator : Ethernet, VLAN, VPN, WLAN, Hubs, Ethernet Switch, KVM Switches (1765 views )
»Windows System Administrator : Checking File System Utilization, Syslog (2094 views )
»Lotus Notes Administrator : IT Infrastructure Management (2647 views )
»UNIX / LINUX Logon ID Administrator : Server Migration, Access Modification (2112 views )
»Fresher Hardware Network System Engineer : Configure windows server 2008, Active directory ,CCNA (1638 views )
»System Administrator / System Engineer : Server Managing, Helpdesk (1893 views )
»Fresher Hardware Networking / System Admin : Configure Windows Server 2008, Active Director, CCNA (4549 views )
»System Administrator : MCSE, CCNA, Computer Hardware, OS Maintenance, Win Server, Firewall, lAN WAN, Networking, Printers (2437 views )
»Fresher Systems/Network Administrator : DHCP, DNS, IIS, TCP/IP Services (25722 views )
»Windows System Administrator : ADS, DNS & DHCP, Windows XP,Windows 2003 server,Windows 2008. (8124 views )
»Network Administrator : CCNA (2175 views )
»SAP BASIS System Administrator : SAP User Management & Maintenance (4400 views )
»System Administrator : Lab OS Infrastructure Maintenance (2683 views )
»System Engineer : Maintain computer Hardware & Networking (2226 views )
»Server System Engineer : Cabling, LAN, TCP, Hubs, Switches, Router (2382 views )