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Hotels >> F and B Executive / Bartender / Steward / Waiter

List of F and B Executive / Bartender / Steward / Waiter Resumes( 36 )

Hotels >> F and B Executive / Bartender / Steward / Waiter( 96 )

»Store keeper : Microsoft Dynamics Xpa (101 views )
»Fresher Bar Steward : Setting up pre-opening budgets, Co-operation with the architecture for planning layout, Designing menu and standard recipe with team members, Handling multiple areas like Service as well as kitchen. (374 views )
»F&B Executive : Monitoring and ensuring f&b service operations are running smoothly, Maintain cleanliness of the working area throughout the day, Responsible for supervision and training for juniors (839 views )
»Food & Beverage Manager : Proven track record in delivering quality food and beverage service, Strong ability to provide effective leadership to achieving desired goals, Organizational and time management skills. (843 views )
»F&B Cost Controller : Recipe Costing Kitchen and Bar, F&B Cost Report for half month and monthly Basis, Ideal VS Actual, Comparative Report, Expiry Report, Liquor Ordering on the basis of consumption (752 views )
»Food & Beverages Waiter : Handle guest relations, Take the food order from guest and serving the food and explain, Handle the guest complaints and solving the problems (1591 views )
»F&B Cost Controller : Maintaining the Liquor Cost summary and Variance reports on daily basis, Preparation of Food and Beverage Cost Reports. (1660 views )
»Fresher Food & Beverage Production Executive : Food & Beverage Production, Prepare sandwiches , and burgers, Tea / coffee making, Prepare simple salads (1078 views )
»Fresher Food & Beverage Executive : Takes and serves food and beverage orders according to prescribed standards of service Looks after the necessary preparations before the start of operation likeMis-en-place, napkins, tray, cutleries, other supplies, Checks and re-stocks service station and sees to it that the par stack is maintained. (1103 views )
»Fresher Food & Beverage Executive : Food & Beverage, Quality Control, Food Safety, Beer & Alcohol Fermentation, Food Beverage Industry, Basic Computer Application. (1074 views )
»Food & Beverage Manager : Oversaw and manager all three outlet operations in a fast paced la cart and banquet environment, experience encompassed and social functions. (1238 views )
»Banquet Executive : Supervising performance of kitchen, front office and dining room staff, Conducting pre-event preparation meeting with hotel staff, Scheduling and distributing job responsibility to banquet staff. (1145 views )
»Fresher Bartender : Customer Service & Relations, Safety Management, Multicultural Understanding, Staff Training & Supervision, Hygiene Standards (3410 views )
»Food and Beverage Manager : Responsible for check up all outlet setup, Relationship building, Dutyroster, Training operation, Makingcheck list for forth coming week Staff Accountability (1810 views )
»Food & Beverage Cost Controller : To Detect, Investigate, And Report Any Undue Variances In Receiving, Issuing, And Transfer-reports, Or Any Other Documents, To The Reporting Officer / Or The Executive Chef, To Supervise, Guide, And Assist The Cost Control Personnel And Inventory Systems Officer With Their Tasks Whenever Needed. (7104 views )
»Food Beverage Executive : Responsible for independently handling GUEST, Responding to guest complaints, investigation of root causes and suggesting and implementing corrective action, Responsible for handling Service request to resolution process which involves suggesting service request, creating task, scheduling the task. (1983 views )
»Waiter : Responsible to serve Food & Beverage to guests in the assigned Place of Work, providing a Courteous, professional, Efficient and flexible service in order to maximize guest satisfaction, Suggesting the food menu with appropriate wine, Taking the proper order from the guests. (3095 views )
»Food and Beverage Manager : Planning and organizing F & B promotional activities like in house promotional activities & customer loyalties programs for customer retention & increasing concession sale. (1855 views )
»Food and Beverage Executive : Serving food and beverage to the hotel guests during the serving period, Maintaining the highest levels for professionalism, standards and hospitality. (1893 views )
»Professional Bartender/ Banquet Food Beverages Supervisor : Order taking and service of Food and Beverages in the Restaurant and Bar, Handling and supervision of Cash Register in the Bar, Handling and supervision of Banquet Food and Beverages. (1821 views )
»Food Beverage Attendant/ Bartender : Hotel and Resort Management, Managing the restaurant and the bar, Time Management, Training New Staff, Being efficient & punctual are some of the skills required to work in this place. (2063 views )
»Bartender/ Acting Bar Supervisor : Maintaining the standards of beverage products and cocktails, Working on innovation, displayed in front of the guest. (1975 views )
»Head Bartender : Tack care of bar operation and make sure all guest fill comfortable, Taking inventory and taking new stock according to Daley basis, Tack care of staff grooming and hygiene. (1910 views )
»Bar Steward/ Hotel Steward : Setting up pre-opening budgets, Co-operation with the architecture for planning layout, Designing menu and standard recipe with team members, Handling multiple areas like Service as well as kitchen. (4031 views )
»Relief Food Service Manager : Operations Management, F&B Operations, Guest Servicing, CRM & Business Development, Team Management, Banqueting, Business Development, Handling Entire Restaurant Operations (1847 views )
»Kitchen Manager : Handle all aspects of kitchen management including monitoring food production and aesthetic presentation of food and beverages (1630 views )
»Room Service Waiter : Strategic Planning, Operations, Team Supervision, Hospitality Management and Client Servicing, Food Hygiene Refresher, Fire Training, Health & Safety, Team Building, Knowledge of Food, Wines, Cocktails, Cigar (2624 views )
»Catering Supervisor/ Food Beverage Supervisor : Supervise and Support assistingstaff in Set up, Food Preparation, Service and Cleaning, Handling Guest Complaints, Supervise for the smooth operation of service, Preparation of Inventory report (3998 views )
»Food Beverage Shift Supervisor : Ordering food and beverage for the shift, Organaise the staff to work safe and hygiene, Serving good presentation food (1992 views )
»Fresher Food & Beverage Service : Hotel Management, Front Office, Housekeeping (7966 views )
»Food and Beverage Manager : Hotel Payroll, Analyzing Profit (2806 views )
»Food and Beverage Controller : Take Physical Stock, Checking Quality (2282 views )
»Food and Beverage Executive Chef : Conducting Menu Planning/ Rotation (2220 views )
»Food and Beverage Manager : Menu Engineering, Standard Recipe Formulation (5045 views )
»Food/ Beverage Assistant : Check Customer Identification, Offering Table Service (2049 views )
»Food and Beverage Associate : Restaurant Station Handling, Breakage Control (4659 views )