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List of Lecturer Resumes( 173 )

»Engineering Lecturer : Automatic Street Light controller, Adaptive control of voltage source converter to power factor correction. (5 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Data structure, Analysis and designing of algorithms, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing (7 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Passionate of teaching and guiding students, Embedded systems, Power Electronics and Electrical machines. (5 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE, VLSI, Modelsim, MatLab, EDC, Analog circuit, Control system, Newtwork Analysis (10 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Core Java,Servlets,JSP,SQL, Incursion Recognition And Corrective Assortment In Wireless Sensor Networks (9 views )
»Fresher Physics Lecturer : Handiling Lab Equipments, Synthesizing the copper oxide nanoparticle by laboratory method and studying its structure, shape, characterstics in applied field. (8 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Involved in complete Software Test Life Cycle includes Analysis, Test Scenarios, Test Case Preparation and Review, Test execution and Test Reports Understanding the Requirements by referring to the detailed design specifications, identify any gaps, seek clarifications and ensure that all requirements can be tested Involved in preparation of Test Plan document and in Designing Functional and UI Test cases. (12 views )
»Geography Lecturer : Teaching Communication, Capacity Building of Government Teachers, Lecturers & Functionaries Through Research, School Practices, Case Studies, Intense Field Work & Content (Module) Development. (8 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Networking, Telecomunication, Wireless Communication (15 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Teaching, Administration, Student & School Management, Proficient in training the students by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approaches to help students learn and get a better understanding of the concerned subject. (26 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Cloud computing, Networking, Computer Network, Software engineering and testing, Open source software, Web Technology, Formal models and Data structure (20 views )
»Commerce Lecturer : Management & Cost Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Accounting (19 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Digital electronics, Basic electronics, Electrical technology, Strength of material, Theory of structure, Discrete Structure, Fundamental of electrical engineering (16 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Java, SQL, Identified the root cause of mismatch between System Cash and Hard Cash, Derived the root flow of functionality of Departmental Unit Allocation (16 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : REVIT Architecture, 3Ds Max, Primavera, Planning and Estimation (17 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, BWSIM, ADS, Digital image processing, Wireless Communication, Maintaining desktops, O.S Installation, Data backups,Internet Browsing (25 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Advance Database, Software Testing, Computer Networks, C, C++, JAVA, MySQL. (29 views )
»Pharmacognosy Lecturer : Preparation of time table, Submit Student Attendance record to RGPV through RGPV portal, Conduction of proper classes, Regularly check and follow up teacher’s diary and weekly status report. (27 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Automata, Graph Theory, Database Management System, Automata (24 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Nano-Electronics and Sensors, Communication Systems, Nano-Composites, Physico chemical characterization methods, Photonics for Nanotechnology (25 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Data Structure, Computer Network, Theory of Computation, Computer Graphics & Multimedia Techniques, Operating System, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing. (32 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Visual Basic,C,C++,C#,HTML,JAVA,SQL,MS-Office,Matlab, Image processing, Data structures,Database management system (32 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C,C++,Java,MySQL,Phishing and spamming,Software Testing (27 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer/ Teacher : Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Data Structures, Object Oriented Technology, Computational Geometry, (31 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Altera Quartus, Mikro C For Pic, Xilinx, Multisim, Digtial Electronics, VLSI Design, Embedded System (31 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Object Oriented analysis and Design, Foundation of Computer Science, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Operating System (39 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C,C++, VB, VB.NET, HTML, JAVA, Efficient Video Distribution with QoS in Wireless Networks (53 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Matlab, Xilinx, EDC, Digital Electronics & Signal Processing (58 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Production Planning and Control, Manufacturing and product development, Deployment and maintenance (43 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : DBMS, Web Technology, Programming in Java, Programming in C++ using Data Structure, Visual Basic, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Systems, Software Engineering,Design Analysis and Algorithm, Discrete Mathematics with Fundamental Automata, Multimedia systems. (50 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Computer Networking, Design Analysis & Algorithms (DDA), Computer Networking, Theory of Computation (TOC), Compiler Design (CD), System Programming & Operating Systems, Principle of Programming Languages (PPL) & Analysis Designing & Algorithms (ADA), Object Oriented Technology & OOP’s. (54 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System/ Matlab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller (50 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Solar Energy, Electrical Machines, Electronic devices and circuits. (52 views )
»Biotechnology Lecturer : Direct and indirect organogenesis of Anthurium Andreanum, Bioremediation of Cr(VI) using chromium resistant bacteria isolated from tannery polluted areas. (86 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Scheduling, Cloud Computing, C,HTML,PHP (84 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, ADS, HFSS, Fundamentals of Telecommunications (58 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, CPP, Java, Oracle, Virtualization and Cloud Computing (64 views )
»Nursing Tutor : Theory and Clinical Skill, Medical Surgical Nursing, Oncology (65 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Object Oriented Programming System, Software Engineering, Wireless Network,C, C++ and Java (70 views )
»Fresher Chemitry Lecturer : Initiate, Superwise, Communicate Fundamental, Applied Research (84 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Assembly / C / C++ , HTML / DHTML / ASP, ManualSoftware Testing, WinRunner / Quick Test Professional ,Test Director / Rational Robot (101 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : CSE, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Internet of things (94 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : MODELSIM,XILINX,MATLAB, VLSI, Computer Networks (95 views )
»Fresher Computer Lecturer : JAVA,.NET,Matlab,ASP.NET,MS Access, PHP,Online Blood Bank Admin System (113 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C and C++,Core Java,HTML (120 views )
»Lecturer/Nurse Educator : Preparing the Daily stock statement of RM/PM material and reporting to plant manager, Daily Reconciliation of all RM/PM issue slips with SAP (105 views )
»Learning & Development Engineer : Mastery in the planning & control activities like raw material, work in progress and finished goods, Having more Effective and efficient shop floor management skills like managing manpower (100 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Xilling, Express PCB, Micro C Programming, Embedded C Programming, C, C++, HTML(Beginners Level) (117 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Basic embedded C language, Ability to interact with people on all levels & ability to work in team. (121 views )
»associate professer : auto cad (115 views )
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