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List of Lecturer Resumes( 218 )

»Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, Power Electronics, Circuit Theory, Solid State Drives, Measurements and Instrumentation, Special Electrical Machines, Power System Analysis. (5 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Mobile Computing, Web Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting, Analog and Digital Communication (11 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Power Electronics, Electrical Networks, Control Systems,Power Systems, Machines, MATLAB (16 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition, Motion Control, AutoCAD Panel Designing, HMI Human Machine Interface (13 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Control Systems, Microelectronics, Electronic Instrumentation, Linear Integrated Circuits (17 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Communication and Networking, Research & Development, C Language and Basics of C++ (14 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Matlab,Modelsim, Xilinx, Serves as a basic point of contact for customers with complaints, queries, request, feedbacks etc, Prepares daily reports on the daily activities of Customer Care team (14 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Mechanical Testing of Materials and Characterization of materials by XRD, SEM and EDS analysis, Hands on experience in various training workshops in key applications of Metallurgy and Material science. (14 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : Network Analysis, Power Systems, Power System Analysis, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics (17 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Computer Organization, Systems Programming, DBMS, Tender Application Systems (32 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, Java, SQL, DBMS, Mathematical Methods, Having Knowledge and keen to teach as lecturer (29 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Theory of computation, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Testing, Data structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Cloud computing, Network Security, Operating systems, Mobile computing, Computer practices. (36 views )
»EEE Lecturer : MATLAB, Power Electronics, Electrical, PSPICE (35 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Knowledge about STAAD PRO, Expertise in Auto Cad 2D & 3D, Knowledge about 3DS Max, Knowledge about Revit (32 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C#. Net, Asp.Net, Web Application Programming, Analysis, Designing and development of Web based applications (30 views )
»Fresher Law Lecturer : Teaching, Competition Law, Statistical Package For Social Sciences (43 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C/C++, Java, Asp.net, Visual Basic, Web based Application (40 views )
»Fresher Marketing Lecturer : Handling Primary and Secondary Sales of the Distributors, Supporting Distributor through our good relation in the market. (31 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++,C#, FoxPro, Cobol, Assembly, Shell Programming, Java SCRIPTING JSP, ASP, HTML (37 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : JAVA (CORE JAVA,JSP,SPRING,SWING),.NET(ASP.NET & C#), PHP and Scripting languages (Java Script and VBScript) (40 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Manage the powerpoint presentation for students, Provide conceptual knowledge and make them visualize the things, Develop the extra curricular activities of students (44 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Lecturer : Thermal Power Plant, Production, Design and construction of an evaporative cooling system for storage vegetables (48 views )
»Electronics & Communication Lecturer : Basic and Digital Electronics Data communication and Network Mathematics, Programming on C & C++ LINUX/UNIX 8051 Micro-controller (47 views )
»Botany Lecturer : Capsicum, Tomato, eggplant ,Okra, and other OP Variety , Handling of breeding and trial, Kowledge of processing plant (84 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : ModelSim, Cadence, Altiumdesigner, Xilinx ISE Design Suite, Microwind, Dsch (42 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++,CORE JAVA, Windows XP/7/8, Linux-Ubuntu, A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity & Traceability In Wireless Mesh N/W (49 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Computer Graphics Data Mining & Data Ware Housing Information Theory & Coding, Software Engineering (54 views )
»Mechanical Lecturer : Quality Assurance & Control, Fabrication Operation, Power point presentation, Project Coordination, Assessment classes, Assessment programes (56 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++, JAVA, MS SQL server, Designing/ CAD, .NET, PHP, Networking (49 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Software Programming & Tools, C, Linux, Arduino Microcontroller, JS, PHP, Bootstrap, SQL (45 views )
»ECE Lecturer : Electromagnetic Theory, Analog & Digital Electronics, DSP,PLC,VLSI, Embedded System, Microcontroller, Microprosser, Power Electronic, Mobile Communication, Satellite Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Electronic Product Design, Communication System, DISP, Antenna & Radar Engineering (53 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : C, MATLAB, SQL, Digital Electronic, Electronic Digital Communication, Wireless Communication (40 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Digital Communication and Networking, Computer Science, System Modeling & Simulation, Programming in C, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics (47 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++, JAVA, Computer Organization, Advanced Networking Trends (51 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : PCB Designing, Or cad, Embedded, Comsol, Metro Train Prototype (52 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C#.NET, MS Access, SQL, MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint & Internet (58 views )
»Fresher Assistant Professor : Matlab, Power Electronics, Power Factor Corrected Converter Fed Improved Multiple Output Switch Mode Power Supply (68 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Image Processing, Fundamentals of Telecom, Trends in Computational Engineering and Technology (51 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System, Wireless Communication, C,C++, Java, MATLAB, Network Simulator (44 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Computer Architecture and Operating System, Linux System Administration, AGILE Test Methodology,Software Testing and SDLC ,Network Fundamentals, Cloud Computing (59 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Power electronics and Drives, Electrical & Electronics, Electrical Machines, Renewable Energy. (72 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Autocad, Manufacturing Technology, Automobile Engineering (67 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Software Testing, C, Java, HTML, OOPS Concepts, Proficient in preparing Test design, Writing Test Cases, Test Execution. (76 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Web Development & Designing, Website Creation, Project Coding, Software downloading, Installation of Antivirus. (66 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Excellent Communication Skills, Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Having Analytical Skill (88 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Automatic Street Light controller, Adaptive control of voltage source converter to power factor correction. (60 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Data structure, Analysis and designing of algorithms, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing (72 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Passionate of teaching and guiding students, Embedded systems, Power Electronics and Electrical machines. (61 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE, VLSI, Modelsim, MatLab, EDC, Analog circuit, Control system, Newtwork Analysis (62 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Core Java,Servlets,JSP,SQL, Incursion Recognition And Corrective Assortment In Wireless Sensor Networks (67 views )
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