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List of Lecturer Resumes( 280 )

»Fresher Maths Lecturer : Explaining mathematical concepts in easy and understandable terms to the students, Using real-life examples to teach geometrical concepts (13 views )
»Economics Lecturer : Teaching, Econometric Analysis of Foreign Trade in India, Econometric Analysis of Gross and Net NPA of Scheduled Commercial Banks (37 views )
»Fresher Civil Engineering Lecturer : Civil, Geotechnical, Autocad, Revit, Navisworks, Primavera, Project Management (60 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Writing Poems, Essays, Write New Stories, Read Literature and language of English for prepare competitive exams and read stories faster. (46 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Embeded Systems, Can based collision avoidance system for automobiles by using CAN protocol (55 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Teach and Conduct Laboratory work in physics, Plan and organize hands-on activities to a diverse array of students (121 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Database, Cloud Computing. (96 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Control Systems, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, HFSS (95 views )
»Physics Lecturer /Teacher : Teach physics classes to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities, Advisor for Robotics Club, focus on fostering student leadership (75 views )
»Fresher Mathematics Lecturer : Provide individualized instruction to keep all students at expected skill level, Meet with parents to discuss progress and address behavior or mastery issues. (116 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ETABS, Auto CAD, Staad Pro, Seismic resistant design of structures, Reliability analysis and Design of Structures (115 views )
»Management Lecturer : Lecturer Management Study, Accounts Payable Operations and Process Management, Excel based Reports- KPI, Daily Dash Board, Cash out etc. (198 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Teach physics classes to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities, Plan and organize hands-on activities that encourage active student participation, involvement, and team work (163 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Web Technology, Business Analytics, Software Engineering, Programming in C++,Business Analtics using spss package (129 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : AutoCAD, CATIA, CREO, ANSYS, COMSOL, Research & Development, Design & Analysis, Quality Control (133 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MS Office, MS Word, MS Power-Point, Autocadd, Primvera, MS- project and Qe-pro. (130 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Fusion Boot Camp (Autodesk Fusion 360), Automobile Mechanics and IC Engine, 3D Printing, SolidWorks. (131 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Soft Skill Trainer, Teaching University level students computer science subjects , Using a variety of teaching methods depending on individual learning style, Providing video tutoring using online platform to students (271 views )
»Civil Engineering Lecturer : Borrow areas (Excavation of Soil, Clearing & Grading) Construction of Structure (Interchange, Drains and drainage pipe) (167 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : ML / DL / CV / Google colab / Nvidia DGX2 / Simulink / C,C++, Python (172 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Lecturer : Responsible for handling the class of 30 students, Teaching chemistry subject to the class, Conducting weekly and monthly assessment tests to check the performance and improvement of the students. (204 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Team co-ordination, Pollution monitoring system for automobiles, Smart batteries for smartphones (145 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System Technologies, Electronics and Instrumentation, C language, Matlab, PLC & Automation, Code Composer, Xilinx (175 views )
»Electrical and Electronics Lecturer : Programming Technology, Matlab, PLC & Automation, SQL. (168 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Teaching, Skilled and short term experience at freelance writing and editing job (198 views )
»Fresher Guest Lecturer : Taught all subjects for SSLC students of state syllabus and English for higher secondary students. (1019 views )
»Management Lecturer : Involved in taking classes related to “BBA& MBA” Stream & “Internal Auditing” activities, Actively involved in taking regular classes as well as arranging Industrial Visits, Seminars, Guest Lectures and all other activities. (174 views )
»Fresher Biotechnology Lecturer : Biotechnology, Participated in parent-teacher conferences, Graded papers, lessons, tests, quizzes, and other assignments, relaying information to parents and school board when necessary. (194 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Networking, Communication Systems, Electronics and Communication, MATLAB (225 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Embedded System And Technology, VLSI, Computer Networks, MODELSIM, XILINX, MATLAB (236 views )
»Fresher Biology Lecturer : Protein estimation, Protein Isolationetc. Cell Culture: Animal and Plant Cell Culture, macrophageculturing. (210 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE ,VLSI, MATLAB, VLSI, Computer Networks (252 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE), Electrical Circuits (EC), Control Systems (CS) (260 views )
»Fresher Psychology Lecturer : Teaching, Counselling, Organizing Summer Camp (242 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Soil Mechanics, Highway Design, RCC Design, Survey, Irrigation, Building Materials & Construction, Fluid Mechanics, Structure Design (260 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Planned and evaluated current curriculum and course programs, Evaluated student’s performance in class and conducted a series of constructive and healthy competition for students to participate in (335 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Industrial Electronics, Design of Mechatronics, Analog communication, DCN, Medical Electronics ,PCB Design, Advanced Communication (267 views )
»Fresher Computer Lecturer : PYTHON, DJANGO, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JS etc (290 views )
»Fresher Physics Lecturer : Knowledge in computer applications, Recent Development in Physics and Prosperity in Solar Physics-Space Science (325 views )
»Maths Lecturer : Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Techniques in Engineering and science (372 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, Xilinx, NETSIM, Digital Electronics, Digital Communication, Networking (330 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Taught Discrete Mathematics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented & Multicore Programming, System Programming and Operating System, High Performance Computing. (304 views )
»English Lecturer : Cummunication skill, Command over the subject, My teaching methods (739 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Proficiency in Core Java, C++, HTML, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks, Profound knowledge of various computer applications and ability to solve the technical problems. (367 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : SQL, DBMS, Computer Networks, Responsible for business development and marketing of assigned product (391 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Handling escalations and resolving production related issues, Updating QA points to avoids Internal as well as External errors (396 views )
»English Lecturer : Teaching Faculty in the Department of English (439 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Batch Counselor, Coordinator for the cultural events in the organization, Floor Incharge and Discipline Incharge, Admission Promotion team coordinator. (505 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, SQL Developer (402 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Bill of Quantity, Estimation of all civil works, BBS, and Costing technique of all Civil Works, Capability for accept responsibilities and accomplish project objective in a timely manner. (438 views )
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