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»Fresher MBA Lecturer : Advanced Learning Interactive Systems, Fundamentals Of Operations Management, Advanced Learning Interactive Systems, Finance and Accounts (147 views )
»Fresher Maths Lecturer : Explaining mathematical concepts in easy and understandable terms to the students, Using real-life examples to teach geometrical concepts (436 views )
»Economics Lecturer : Teaching, Econometric Analysis of Foreign Trade in India, Econometric Analysis of Gross and Net NPA of Scheduled Commercial Banks (354 views )
»Fresher Civil Engineering Lecturer : Civil, Geotechnical, Autocad, Revit, Navisworks, Primavera, Project Management (283 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Writing Poems, Essays, Write New Stories, Read Literature and language of English for prepare competitive exams and read stories faster. (276 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Embeded Systems, Can based collision avoidance system for automobiles by using CAN protocol (232 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Teach and Conduct Laboratory work in physics, Plan and organize hands-on activities to a diverse array of students (341 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Database, Cloud Computing. (311 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Control Systems, Embedded Systems, Internet of Things, HFSS (321 views )
»Physics Lecturer /Teacher : Teach physics classes to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities, Advisor for Robotics Club, focus on fostering student leadership (232 views )
»Fresher Mathematics Lecturer : Provide individualized instruction to keep all students at expected skill level, Meet with parents to discuss progress and address behavior or mastery issues. (297 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ETABS, Auto CAD, Staad Pro, Seismic resistant design of structures, Reliability analysis and Design of Structures (309 views )
»Management Lecturer : Lecturer Management Study, Accounts Payable Operations and Process Management, Excel based Reports- KPI, Daily Dash Board, Cash out etc. (571 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Teach physics classes to a diverse array of students of varying ages and abilities, Plan and organize hands-on activities that encourage active student participation, involvement, and team work (363 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Web Technology, Business Analytics, Software Engineering, Programming in C++,Business Analtics using spss package (327 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : AutoCAD, CATIA, CREO, ANSYS, COMSOL, Research & Development, Design & Analysis, Quality Control (327 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MS Office, MS Word, MS Power-Point, Autocadd, Primvera, MS- project and Qe-pro. (304 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Fusion Boot Camp (Autodesk Fusion 360), Automobile Mechanics and IC Engine, 3D Printing, SolidWorks. (336 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Soft Skill Trainer, Teaching University level students computer science subjects , Using a variety of teaching methods depending on individual learning style, Providing video tutoring using online platform to students (507 views )
»Civil Engineering Lecturer : Borrow areas (Excavation of Soil, Clearing & Grading) Construction of Structure (Interchange, Drains and drainage pipe) (454 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : ML / DL / CV / Google colab / Nvidia DGX2 / Simulink / C,C++, Python (359 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Lecturer : Responsible for handling the class of 30 students, Teaching chemistry subject to the class, Conducting weekly and monthly assessment tests to check the performance and improvement of the students. (451 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Team co-ordination, Pollution monitoring system for automobiles, Smart batteries for smartphones (330 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System Technologies, Electronics and Instrumentation, C language, Matlab, PLC & Automation, Code Composer, Xilinx (392 views )
»Electrical and Electronics Lecturer : Programming Technology, Matlab, PLC & Automation, SQL. (371 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Teaching, Skilled and short term experience at freelance writing and editing job (394 views )
»Fresher Guest Lecturer : Taught all subjects for SSLC students of state syllabus and English for higher secondary students. (2035 views )
»Management Lecturer : Involved in taking classes related to “BBA& MBA” Stream & “Internal Auditing” activities, Actively involved in taking regular classes as well as arranging Industrial Visits, Seminars, Guest Lectures and all other activities. (503 views )
»Fresher Biotechnology Lecturer : Biotechnology, Participated in parent-teacher conferences, Graded papers, lessons, tests, quizzes, and other assignments, relaying information to parents and school board when necessary. (396 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Networking, Communication Systems, Electronics and Communication, MATLAB (432 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Embedded System And Technology, VLSI, Computer Networks, MODELSIM, XILINX, MATLAB (419 views )
»Fresher Biology Lecturer : Protein estimation, Protein Isolationetc. Cell Culture: Animal and Plant Cell Culture, macrophageculturing. (452 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE ,VLSI, MATLAB, VLSI, Computer Networks (421 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE), Electrical Circuits (EC), Control Systems (CS) (469 views )
»Fresher Psychology Lecturer : Teaching, Counselling, Organizing Summer Camp (662 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Soil Mechanics, Highway Design, RCC Design, Survey, Irrigation, Building Materials & Construction, Fluid Mechanics, Structure Design (494 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Planned and evaluated current curriculum and course programs, Evaluated student’s performance in class and conducted a series of constructive and healthy competition for students to participate in (653 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Industrial Electronics, Design of Mechatronics, Analog communication, DCN, Medical Electronics ,PCB Design, Advanced Communication (476 views )
»Fresher Computer Lecturer : PYTHON, DJANGO, PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JS etc (488 views )
»Fresher Physics Lecturer : Knowledge in computer applications, Recent Development in Physics and Prosperity in Solar Physics-Space Science (516 views )
»Maths Lecturer : Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Techniques in Engineering and science (581 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, Xilinx, NETSIM, Digital Electronics, Digital Communication, Networking (538 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Taught Discrete Mathematics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Object Oriented & Multicore Programming, System Programming and Operating System, High Performance Computing. (487 views )
»English Lecturer : Cummunication skill, Command over the subject, My teaching methods (1315 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Proficiency in Core Java, C++, HTML, CSS and JavaScript Frameworks, Profound knowledge of various computer applications and ability to solve the technical problems. (574 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : SQL, DBMS, Computer Networks, Responsible for business development and marketing of assigned product (611 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Handling escalations and resolving production related issues, Updating QA points to avoids Internal as well as External errors (659 views )
»English Lecturer : Teaching Faculty in the Department of English (656 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Batch Counselor, Coordinator for the cultural events in the organization, Floor Incharge and Discipline Incharge, Admission Promotion team coordinator. (747 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Eclipse IDE, Android Studio, SQL Developer (630 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Bill of Quantity, Estimation of all civil works, BBS, and Costing technique of all Civil Works, Capability for accept responsibilities and accomplish project objective in a timely manner. (675 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Vibration based Structural Health Monitoring of a cracked Tapered Beam (661 views )
»Fresher Associate Lecturer/Professor : C,C++,Java (625 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Autocad, Revit Architecture, Graphics & Animation, STAAD-Pro (602 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Verilog, Embedded Systems, Electronics (632 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : AutoCad, Staad Pro, Design of RC Elements (622 views )
»Fresher MBA Lecturer : GST, Mutual Fund, Demat. Banking and Finance, Industrial Accountant Plus (669 views )
»Computer Lecturer : C, C++, C#, Core Java, ASP.Net, HTML, CSS, Java Script. (718 views )
»IT Lecturer : Planning, preparing, and delivering lessons included in computer science courses, Assessing students strength and weakness and planning teaching instructions accordingly (684 views )
»ECE Lecturer : Wireless Communication, Electronics and Communication, MATLAB, HFSS (661 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Vehicle Assembly Production (646 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Matlab, Xillinx, Mplab, Kiel Microvision, Code Comoser Studio, JD Edwards (660 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, Object Oriented Programming, Operating System, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering, UML, Data Structures, Web Technology, Java, Software Testing, System Software , Network Programming, Computer Network, Database Management System. (724 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Sound knowledge in Python, Pandas and Data Analysing (652 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Lecturer : Chemdraw & Chem Sketch, Autodock and Pymol (926 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : Power Electronics, MATLAB, Isolated Buck–Boost DC/DC Converters Suitable For Wide Input-Voltage Range (598 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Handling escalations and resolving production related issues, Updating QA points to avoids Internal as well as External errors, Handled three projects at 100% accuracy rate. (681 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Production Operation in Electronics Sector, Quality control and assurance, Telecom sector (678 views )
»Computer Science Proffesor : Prepared lectures for undergraduate and graduate students, Developed and supervised various laboratory activities for computer science courses. (650 views )
»Compuer Science Lecturer : MIS, DBMS, Computer Networking, C++ and Business Mathematics (724 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Civil, Air Monitoring, Instrumental Methods, Emerging Trends in Earthquake Engineering (682 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : PHP, Web-Design, Wordpress, Controlling DDoS attacks using Web Referral Architecture for Privileged Services (693 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Computer Organization & Architecture, Image Processing, Database Management System (832 views )
»Economics Lecturer : Business Studies, History & Civics, Sociology, Commercial Applications. (5121 views )
»Fresher MBA Lecturer : Banking and Finance, Statistics, Research Methodology, Security Analysis and Portfolio Management, Financial Derivatives, Marketing Management, International Financial Management (790 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Semiconductor devices and circuits,VLSI Engineering,Electronics System Design (723 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Provide fundamental programming along with computer applications to the students, Preparing presentations on various curriculum topics, Preparing practical as well as theoretical assignments for the students. (738 views )
»Commerce Lecturer : Specialization in Financial Management, Career Guidance Management System (913 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : ANSYS, CATIA,Thermal Engineering, Robotics, Water Cooler Cum Heater (737 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Responsible for taking the practice of the class, Teaching them using various audiovisual instruments like projector etc, Preparing monthly and quarterly assessment test paper, Making the reports of the students. (754 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Prepare and maintain accurate laboratory records, Perform laboratory testing, including pH and bacterial culturing, Prepare samples for testing using various types of laboratory equipment (748 views )
»Fresher MBA Lecturer : Sound knowledge in Human Resources Management, Innovative thinking in E- Banking (748 views )
»Fresher Mathematics Lecturer : Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus & Differential Equations, Partial Differential Equations, Matrices, Geometry, Algebra, Mathematical Techniques, Vector Calculus, Numerical Analysis, Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Operations Research, Integral Equations & Boundary Value Problems, Functional Analysis, Group Theory and Ring Theory (1087 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : CC++, HTML, VLSI Design, Exam Pattern Creation, Student Profile Creation. (724 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Electronics & Communication, Lab Instructor, Hands on Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint (700 views )
»Fresher Civil Engineering Lecturer : Collection of test samples of construction material as per sampling protocols, amount and count of samples, Testing of samples under controlled laboratory conditions viz. (1872 views )
»Fresher Hindi Lecturer : Teaching, Madhyakain Sahitya, Drama, Sampadan, Jansanchar (845 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Microprocessors and Microcontrollers programming, Matlab programming (708 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Image Processing, MATLAB, Scanned Image Segmentation & Detection Using MSER Algorithm (666 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Teaching Assistantship, Done Project in Traditional Cement to Smart Cement (723 views )
»Fresher Psychology Lecturer : Analysis of Research Data through SPSS, R and AMOS, Administration of Psychometric Tests for Psychological Evaluation (1572 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Ansys Workbench, Primavera, Solid Edge, Mastercam, Arena, Lingo, C, C++ (804 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Electric Circuits, Electrical & Electronics Instrumentation, Control Systems, Process Control, Signals & Systems, Power Electronics, Transducers. (731 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Matlab, MPLAB, Wireless Electricity Theft Detection System (743 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Wireless Communications, Digital Electronics and Logic Design, Control System ,Computer Networking, Embedded Systems (769 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Analog VLSI Design, Digital VLSI Design, Verilog RTL Anchor, MATLAB, Verilog HDL, Cadence (749 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Metal Forming Analysis, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Metrology, Pro-E Creo, AutoCAD, MATLAB, MasterCAM (741 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Image Processing, Signal Processing, Matlab, VLSI, Embedded System, Electronics, Computer Networks (724 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Scholastic Phases in English Language Learning, Research on Indian and Afro-American Literature (885 views )
»Zoology Lecturer : Teaching, Genomics and Proteomics, Data Science, Transcriptome Data Analysis, Comparative Genomics, Gene Annotation, Drug Designing (2963 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Manufacturing, Composite Materials, Sandwich Composite Materials, Autocadd, Autodesk Inventor, Ansys. (711 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, ADS, Electronics & Communication, Communication Systems, ANDROID App Development, Resent Trends in Antenna Design (670 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Power Electronics, Electrical Networks, Control Systems (738 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Surveying, Concrete Technology, Remote sensing and GIS based applications. (694 views )
»Clinical Research Lecturer : To design and assist in designing of Research Protocols in the area of Safety, Efficacy, Pharmacoeconomic drug studies, To prepare and review manuscripts those are to be published in various National and International Medical Journals. (731 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Good Knowledge SDLC and STLC, Bug Life Cycle and Defect Tracking, Writing and Executing of Test case, Web Service Application Testing. (683 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Data Base Management System, Visual Programming, Computer Network, Networking. (923 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : VLSI Signal Processing, Digital Electronics, Electronics and Communication, XILINX in VERILOG Programming, MATLAB (761 views )
»Fresher Biotechnology Lecturer : Invitro Drug-DNA Interaction Studies, Design, Synthesis and biological evaluation if new ß-carboline-bisindole compounds as DNA binding, Photocleavage agents and topoisomerase I inhibitors (774 views )
»MBA Lecturer : F&A Functions, Reconciliation, MIS & Reporting, Resource Allocation Reporting, Process Management,Team Management, Escalations & Troubleshooting, Quality Analysis (864 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : VLSI, Industrial Instrumentation, Digital Logic Circuits, PCB Design and Fabrication (796 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE, VLSI, Questa Sim, Vivado, Cadence, Digital Electronics (830 views )
»Mathematics Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Signals and System, Network Analysis, Basic Electronics and Integrated Circuits, Mathematics (986 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Analytical study of Technical and Non Technical Losses in Transmission system, Automatic Room Light controller with moisture, Temperature controller (790 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, Power Electronics, Circuit Theory, Solid State Drives, Measurements and Instrumentation, Special Electrical Machines, Power System Analysis. (793 views )
»Fresher Guest Lecturer : Ultrasonic Testing, Visual Testing, Liquid Penetration Testing, Magnatic Particle Testing, Radiographic Testing (294 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Mobile Computing, Web Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Engineering Economics & Financial Accounting, Analog and Digital Communication (832 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Power Electronics, Electrical Networks, Control Systems,Power Systems, Machines, MATLAB (791 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition, Motion Control, AutoCAD Panel Designing, HMI Human Machine Interface (827 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Analog Communication, Digital Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Control Systems, Microelectronics, Electronic Instrumentation, Linear Integrated Circuits (794 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Matlab,Modelsim, Xilinx, Serves as a basic point of contact for customers with complaints, queries, request, feedbacks etc, Prepares daily reports on the daily activities of Customer Care team (735 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : Network Analysis, Power Systems, Power System Analysis, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics (1079 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Computer Organization, Systems Programming, DBMS, Tender Application Systems (834 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, Java, SQL, DBMS, Mathematical Methods, Having Knowledge and keen to teach as lecturer (882 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Theory of computation, Computer Graphics, Software Engineering, Testing, Data structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Cloud computing, Network Security, Operating systems, Mobile computing, Computer practices. (1032 views )
»EEE Lecturer : MATLAB, Power Electronics, Electrical, PSPICE (1342 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Knowledge about STAAD PRO, Expertise in Auto Cad 2D & 3D, Knowledge about 3DS Max, Knowledge about Revit (2473 views )
»Fresher Marketing Lecturer : Handling Primary and Secondary Sales of the Distributors, Supporting Distributor through our good relation in the market. (869 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++,C#, FoxPro, Cobol, Assembly, Shell Programming, Java SCRIPTING JSP, ASP, HTML (836 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : JAVA (CORE JAVA,JSP,SPRING,SWING),.NET(ASP.NET & C#), PHP and Scripting languages (Java Script and VBScript) (835 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Manage the powerpoint presentation for students, Provide conceptual knowledge and make them visualize the things, Develop the extra curricular activities of students (797 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Research and Development, Thermodynamics, Chemical Reaction Engineering, Mathematics (842 views )
»Electronics & Communication Lecturer : Basic and Digital Electronics Data communication and Network Mathematics, Programming on C & C++ LINUX/UNIX 8051 Micro-controller (836 views )
»Botany Lecturer : Capsicum, Tomato, eggplant ,Okra, and other OP Variety , Handling of breeding and trial, Kowledge of processing plant (8627 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++,CORE JAVA, Windows XP/7/8, Linux-Ubuntu, A Security Architecture Achieving Anonymity & Traceability In Wireless Mesh N/W (857 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Computer Graphics Data Mining & Data Ware Housing Information Theory & Coding, Software Engineering (995 views )
»Mechanical Lecturer : Quality Assurance & Control, Fabrication Operation, Power point presentation, Project Coordination, Assessment classes, Assessment programes (1079 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++, JAVA, MS SQL server, Designing/ CAD, .NET, PHP, Networking (828 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Software Programming & Tools, C, Linux, Arduino Microcontroller, JS, PHP, Bootstrap, SQL (818 views )
»ECE Lecturer : Electromagnetic Theory, Analog & Digital Electronics, DSP,PLC,VLSI, Embedded System, Microcontroller, Microprosser, Power Electronic, Mobile Communication, Satellite Communication, Optical Fiber Communication, Electronic Product Design, Communication System, DISP, Antenna & Radar Engineering (808 views )
»Electrical Lecturer : Power System, Electric Machine, Automation (797 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Digital Communication and Networking, Computer Science, System Modeling & Simulation, Programming in C, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics (996 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : PCB Designing, Or cad, Embedded, Comsol, Metro Train Prototype (788 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Image Processing, Fundamentals of Telecom, Trends in Computational Engineering and Technology (799 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System, Wireless Communication, C,C++, Java, MATLAB, Network Simulator (786 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Autocad, Manufacturing Technology, Automobile Engineering (869 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Web Development & Designing, Website Creation, Project Coding, Software downloading, Installation of Antivirus. (844 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Excellent Communication Skills, Excellent Interpersonal Skills, Having Analytical Skill (933 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Automatic Street Light controller, Adaptive control of voltage source converter to power factor correction. (817 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Data structure, Analysis and designing of algorithms, Computer Networks, Cloud Computing (914 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Passionate of teaching and guiding students, Embedded systems, Power Electronics and Electrical machines. (824 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Core Java,Servlets,JSP,SQL, Incursion Recognition And Corrective Assortment In Wireless Sensor Networks (817 views )
»Fresher Physics Lecturer : Handiling Lab Equipments, Synthesizing the copper oxide nanoparticle by laboratory method and studying its structure, shape, characterstics in applied field. (4717 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Involved in complete Software Test Life Cycle includes Analysis, Test Scenarios, Test Case Preparation and Review, Test execution and Test Reports Understanding the Requirements by referring to the detailed design specifications, identify any gaps, seek clarifications and ensure that all requirements can be tested Involved in preparation of Test Plan document and in Designing Functional and UI Test cases. (820 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Networking, Telecomunication, Wireless Communication (842 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Teaching, Administration, Student & School Management, Proficient in training the students by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approaches to help students learn and get a better understanding of the concerned subject. (4800 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Cloud computing, Networking, Computer Network, Software engineering and testing, Open source software, Web Technology, Formal models and Data structure (846 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Digital electronics, Basic electronics, Electrical technology, Strength of material, Theory of structure, Discrete Structure, Fundamental of electrical engineering (1001 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Java, SQL, Identified the root cause of mismatch between System Cash and Hard Cash, Derived the root flow of functionality of Departmental Unit Allocation (820 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : REVIT Architecture, 3Ds Max, Primavera, Planning and Estimation (993 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Advance Database, Software Testing, Computer Networks, C, C++, JAVA, MySQL. (808 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Data Structure, Computer Network, Theory of Computation, Computer Graphics & Multimedia Techniques, Operating System, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing. (902 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Cloud computing, Computer networks, Operating system, Cryptography,Matlab, netbeans Java,SQL Server Express. (1077 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Visual Basic,C,C++,C#,HTML,JAVA,SQL,MS-Office,Matlab, Image processing, Data structures,Database management system (1006 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer/ Teacher : Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Data Structures, Object Oriented Technology, Computational Geometry, (936 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Altera Quartus, Mikro C For Pic, Xilinx, Multisim, Digtial Electronics, VLSI Design, Embedded System (849 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Object Oriented analysis and Design, Foundation of Computer Science, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Operating System (892 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Matlab, Xilinx, EDC, Digital Electronics & Signal Processing (993 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : DBMS, Web Technology, Programming in Java, Programming in C++ using Data Structure, Visual Basic, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Systems, Software Engineering,Design Analysis and Algorithm, Discrete Mathematics with Fundamental Automata, Multimedia systems. (1091 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Computer Networking, Design Analysis & Algorithms (DDA), Computer Networking, Theory of Computation (TOC), Compiler Design (CD), System Programming & Operating Systems, Principle of Programming Languages (PPL) & Analysis Designing & Algorithms (ADA), Object Oriented Technology & OOP’s. (986 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System/ Matlab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller (876 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : CATIA, CAED/CAM ANSYS, CNC Programming. (1034 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : JAVA, C, SQL, HTML, JavaScript,Servlets, JSP, Oracle (1076 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Manage the powerpoint presentation for students, Identify the weak points of students,Develop the extra curricular activities of students. (1041 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, ADS, HFSS, Fundamentals of Telecommunications (1048 views )
»Fresher Electronics & Communication Lecturer : VLSI, Design and develop an interface for MDA, A new topology for tumor and edema segmentation using artificial neural network (959 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, CPP, Java, Oracle, Virtualization and Cloud Computing (1008 views )
»Nursing Tutor/ Lecturer : Theory and Clinical Skill, Medical Surgical Nursing, Oncology (15751 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Object Oriented Programming System, Software Engineering, Wireless Network,C, C++ and Java (908 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Assembly / C / C++ , HTML / DHTML / ASP, ManualSoftware Testing, WinRunner / Quick Test Professional ,Test Director / Rational Robot (987 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : CSE, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Internet of things (929 views )
»Fresher Biotechnology Lecturer : Environment, Bio Fuels, Food Technology, Molecular Docking Srudies of Withania Somnifera Associated with Cardiovascular Diseases. (2625 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MODELSIM,XILINX,MATLAB, VLSI, Computer Networks (929 views )
»Fresher Computer Lecturer : JAVA,.NET,Matlab,ASP.NET,MS Access, PHP,Online Blood Bank Admin System (949 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C and C++,Core Java,HTML (1059 views )
»Lecturer/Nurse Educator : Preparing the Daily stock statement of RM/PM material and reporting to plant manager, Daily Reconciliation of all RM/PM issue slips with SAP (1133 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Xilling, Express PCB, Micro C Programming, Embedded C Programming, C, C++, HTML(Beginners Level) (948 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Basic embedded C language, Ability to interact with people on all levels & ability to work in team. (958 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Power Systems, Electrical Measurements, Electrical Networks, Drives. (1004 views )
»Fresher Geology Lecturer : Good explanation skills,Convincing skills,Good verbal and written communication skills. (1122 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Automatic Vehicle locator, PCB Design, Triple Band Metamaterial Inspired Microstrip patch Antenna (1078 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE, Embeddeds Technologies, VLSI, Computer Networks, MODELSIM, XILINX, MATLAB (940 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Matlab ,PSIM, Pspice, Simulink, JAVA , C Languages, Preparing a Heating element (958 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, SIMULINK, Embedded System & VLSI Design (997 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++,ASP.NET, C#, VB.Net, JAVA, SQL SERVER, ORACLE (1090 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Electrical Drawings, Planning of Projects, Erection & Maintenance, Both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of Different Electrical Instruments. (958 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Wireless Sensor Networks, Theory of Computation, MYSQL, OPNET, HTML, CSS,JavaScript (1000 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Excellent experience in developing materials for computer science courses, Sound knowledge of Systems Programming and Databases (979 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Teaching the students the fundamental skill of subject and language through various methods of teaching. (1168 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : VLSI, Computer Networks, MODELSIM,XILINX,MATLAB, Programmable Logic Circuits (1033 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer/ Professor : PLC – Keyence, Delta, Allen Bradley(ABB), Seimens, Horner, Omran, SCADA – Wonderware Intouch, VFD – ABB, HMI – Delta, Horner. (1031 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Networking, Database Management System, C, C++, JAVA, Dot net, HTML, JSP, Java Script, CSS (1065 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Electronics, Communication, Eembedded Systems, GSM Mobile, Fixed Line switching, CDMA WLL, OFC, PCM system, Broadband (1198 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Lecturer : General Chemistry, Synthesis and characterization of Cobalt Phthalocyanin complexes (1150 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Information Security, Mobile Computing, Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Operating Systems, Database Management Systems, Artificial Intelligence, C, C++, Java (4555 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Algorithm, Data structure, Operating system, Discrete Math, Air pollution, Environmental Science, C programming (945 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, Communication Systems, KEIL, Java & Android software development, SIMULINK (1085 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Proficient in developing new lessons and activities to expand learning opportunities, Extensive participation on committees and extra-curricular activities, Excellent knowledge of the subject and also has great practical knowledge. (1093 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : JAVA, PHP, Visual Basic, C++,OS installation, Network management, and System maintenance, Abilities in analyzing & interpreting unique problems, with a combination of project experience and logical thinking to find the right solutions (1133 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Image Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Matlab, Qualnet,J2ME,Xilnx. (969 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Developing the dataflow diagrams for the application, Working on the development of the core module of the algorithm, Testing the application with test cases. (1155 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, VLSI, Assembly languages, C, Proficient in circuit designing, hardware implementation, PCB designing. (1010 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : C, C++, JAVA, DBMS, Web Programming, Cloud Computing, Image Processing (1240 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Industrial Instrumentation, Analytical Instrumentation, Biomedical Instrumentation, Control & Instrumentation (2691 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Wireless Sensor Network, Java, Basics of C++, Data Structure,Excellent knowledge of subject and also have great practical knowledge. (1238 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C,C++,PHP,MYSQL, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX and JQuery (1275 views )
»Fresher Microbiology Lecturer : Spectrophotometery,Microscopy,Immunological techniques,Microbiological techniques (2402 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Student database maintenance of the walk ins and online enquiries, Prepare reports on students and activities as required by administration, Maintain good relations with the new students who would be going to Europe for their higher studies (1199 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Knowledge of C, MATLAB, Comparing the performance of the various filters in the application of ECG noise cancellation (1176 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Verilog, Assembly Programming, MATLAB, ALTERA FPGA, VHDL, EDA Tools ALTERA Quartus, P-Spice (1233 views )
»Fresher Polytechnic Lecturer : MS-CIT, C language, C++, Java Enterprise Edition, Online Railway Reservation (9922 views )
»Fresher English Lecturer : Good Communication and interpersonal skills, Leadership, Teaching, Learning and Research Using Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches. (13874 views )
»Mathematics Lecturer : Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Data Structures, Object Oriented Technology, Computational Geometry, and Mathematics. (1272 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Engineering Lecturer : Assembly Level Programming, Keil / Pequi / Proload, Micro Controller, Digital Code Lock System (1231 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, C, CPP, HTML, Operating Systems, First Aid Android In Defense, DUOPHONE (1224 views )
»Fresher Electronics Engineering Lecturer : Analog, Digital, Wireless, Satellite, Multimedia & Optical fiber Communications, VHDL, VLSI designing tools, HSPICE, MICROWIND, LTSPICE & CADENCE, XILINX, MATLAB, Telecommunication Switching System & Computer Communication Networks (1257 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Electronic Devices & Circuits, Electronics Circuit Design, Pspice & Multisim (1284 views )
»Mechanical Engineering Lecturer : Auto CAD,Pro-E,Ansys, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography Testing, Liquid Penetrate Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Visual Inspection Testing (4984 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Working knowledge of C,C++,java,jsp,PHP., Database softwares Oracle,SQL Server,MySQL , UML basis (1221 views )
»Engineering Professor/ Lecturer : Matlab, XILINX ISE, Tanner EDA Tools, LabVIEW, CCNA, Pocket Tracker (1247 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Digital Electronics, Microprocessor, DSP, Signals & Systems etc. (1292 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Data scrutning, Data fetching, Research on various topics, Data management . (1236 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Mobile Computing, Programming Paradigm, Real Time Applications, Java (Applet, Frame, Swings), JDBC-ODBC (1186 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Subjects Handling-Control Engineering, Electronic & Instrumentation, Digital Logic Circuit, Power Plant Engineering, Linear Integrated Circuits, Total Quality Management (1302 views )
»Fresher Lecturer/ Professor : VLSI Design Techniques and Technology, CAD for VLSI, Mentor Graphics ModelSim, Synopsys, VHDL, Verilog , Fundamentals of C. (1277 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : C, C++, MATLAB, NS2, Modified Leach Protocol Sensor Network –A Survey (1476 views )
»Fresher Electronics Instrumentation Lecturer : C language, Embedded programming, MATLAB, Assist the students for subject wise practicals during the lab, Handeling the technical reports and data of practical as well as equipments and software. (1298 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Engineering Lecturer : Auto CAD, Solid Works and ANSYS, C, C++, Fabrication of Solar Air Cooler, Experimental Analysis To Evaluate The Thermal And Mechanical Properties of Insulative Bricks (1353 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : TCAD, Cadence, Xilinx, Mentor Graphics, Tanner, Basic knowledge of C, C++, Digital electronics, Device Modelling (1258 views )
»Biotechnology Lecturer : Microbiology techniques, Molecular biology techniques like DNA and RNA isolation (2625 views )
»Dental Lecturer : Promoting rational drug use, an approach to post graduate studies, Nutrition and nutritional considerations of geriatric patients, (4107 views )
»Fresher Chemistry Lecturer : Physical, Inorgaic and Fudamental Concept of Chemistry, Turbines,Compressors,Boilers,and cylinder engines (1406 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : FEA, Vibrations, Fracture Mechanics, Condition Based Monitoring, Composite Materials, Research Methodology and Integrated Product Design. (1496 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Operating System,Theory Of Computation,Discreet Maths,Web Engg.,Android,JAVA(Core),PHP (1343 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Verilog, Basics of C, Logic design, Basic electronics, Assembly level programming and Embedded system. (1485 views )
»Physics Lecturer : Planning, preparing and delivering lessons to a high standard, Supervising and monitoring pupils laboratory work, Providing careers support and advice to pupils. (1865 views )
»Bioinformatics Lecturer : Microarray data analysis,Chemo informatics,Sequence Analysis,Biological Databases,Homology modeling,Molecular Docking, (1489 views )
»Commerce Lecturer : Responsible for teaching Business Law ,Cost accounting ,Taxation, Assigned students to write notes and assignments on subject and general topics, Teaching accounts in a simple and easy manner that helped students to quickly grasp the subject. (33043 views )
»Lecturer : C, C++, Java, Data Mining And Warehousing, Web Mining, Database Management System, Image Processing (1663 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Microprocessor and Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, Electronic Devices, MIDE, Code Vision AVR, C, Embedded C, Wireless protocol RF, Zigbee, CC2500, GSM, GPS. (1598 views )
»Lecturer : Knowledge of C language and Visual Basics, MATLAB Simulation & Hardware Implementation of Numerical Relay for Power Transformer using Microcontroller. (1488 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Fluids and Solids, Thermo Dynamics, Welding technology, Metallurgy and Material Science, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Heat and mass transfer, Quality Engineering & Management, Machine Design & Drawings. (3726 views )
»Fresher Mathematics Lecturer : Numerical Analysis of Differential Equations, Numerical Linear Algebra, Computational Methods in Engineering, Mathematical Methods in Industry, Stochastic Methods in Industry, Data Structure in Scientific Computing, Discrete Mathematics, Applied Statistics. (17693 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Operating System, Web Programming, Multimedia, Computer Networks, C, C++, Java, Networking, Html. (1591 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : To teach at undergraduate and graduate level in areas allocated by the Head of Department and reviewed from time to time by the Head of Department, To carry out research and produce publications, or other research outputs, in line with personal objectives agreed in the Staff review process. (1509 views )
»Pharma Lecturer : Teached APHE And Inorganic Chemistry, Rem Biology, Microbiology, Huntington disease Pathophysiology and Management. (7821 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer/Teacher : C/C++, Oracle, SQ L, PL/SQL (1784 views )
»Fresher Management Study Lecturer : Teaching skill (6050 views )
»Fresher VLSI Electronics Lecturer : VLSI Design Techniques and Technology, Logical (Front-End) and Physical (Back-End) Analog – IC Design, Digital Processor Design, ASIC Design (3253 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Operating System, Software Engineering, Data Structures, Object Oriented Programming in C++, Theory of Computation, Design and Analysis of Algorithm, Principles of Compiler Designing. (8624 views )
»Fresher Microbiology Lecturer/Assistant Professor : Bioinformatics, Dissertation, Immunology (9259 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Mat lab, VLSI (3863 views )
»Hospitality Management Lecturer : Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage (6142 views )
»Fresher Electronics Lecturer : Freelancer, Training&Development (1908 views )
»Fresher ECE Electronics Communication Engineer / Lecturer : Modelsim, Xilinx, Matlab, C (8862 views )
»Fresher Computer Science / IT Lecturer : C/C++,HTML,Javascript,CSS,PHP,Wordpress,Opencart (5855 views )
»Object Oriented Programming Lecturer : C++, C#, Java, Oracle, Flash, Rational Rose (1981 views )
»Fresher Networking Lecturer : Java, C#, SQL, HTML, C, C++ (1826 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C and C++, JAVA, .NET, PHP, ORACLE (17634 views )
»Nursing Lecturer : Examination Papers Setting/ Evaluating (18281 views )
»Bioinformatics Lecturer : Protein Modeling, Homology Modeling, Drug Designing, Proteomics, Genomics (2196 views )
»Commerce Lecturer : Student Counselor, Educator (5487 views )
»Fresher VLSI, Embedded Systems Lecturer / Professor : Embedded Systems, Micro Processor, VLSI, Computer Networks, C, Core java (2864 views )
»Electrical Lecturer / Professor : Circuit theory, Electrical Machines (2363 views )
»Chemistry Lecturer : Liquid Chromatography, UV Spectrophotometer (6193 views )
»Psychiatric Nursing Lecturer : Quality Nursing Care Perceptions (5197 views )
» Electrical Electronics Engineering Lecturer : Protection Switch Gears, Digital Electronics, Electrical Machines (11835 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : C, C++, Java, HTML (3014 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Auto CAD, CAM, C Language (2132 views )
»ECE Lecturer : Java, C, C++ , Visual Basic (3826 views )