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List of Lecturer Resumes( 164 )

»Physics Lecturer : Teaching, Administration, Student & School Management, Proficient in training the students by using interactive discussions and “hands-on” approaches to help students learn and get a better understanding of the concerned subject. (6 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Cloud computing, Networking, Computer Network, Software engineering and testing, Open source software, Web Technology, Formal models and Data structure (6 views )
»Commerce Lecturer : Management & Cost Accounting, Taxation, Corporate Accounting (5 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Mechanics, Digital electronics, Basic electronics, Electrical technology, Strength of material, Theory of structure, Discrete Structure, Fundamental of electrical engineering (3 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Java, SQL, Identified the root cause of mismatch between System Cash and Hard Cash, Derived the root flow of functionality of Departmental Unit Allocation (7 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : REVIT Architecture, 3Ds Max, Primavera, Planning and Estimation (5 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, BWSIM, ADS, Digital image processing, Wireless Communication, Maintaining desktops, O.S Installation, Data backups,Internet Browsing (9 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Advance Database, Software Testing, Computer Networks, C, C++, JAVA, MySQL. (17 views )
»Pharmacognosy Lecturer : Preparation of time table, Submit Student Attendance record to RGPV through RGPV portal, Conduction of proper classes, Regularly check and follow up teacher’s diary and weekly status report. (16 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Automata, Graph Theory, Database Management System, Automata (14 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Nano-Electronics and Sensors, Communication Systems, Nano-Composites, Physico chemical characterization methods, Photonics for Nanotechnology (15 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : Data Structure, Computer Network, Theory of Computation, Computer Graphics & Multimedia Techniques, Operating System, Artificial Intelligence, Digital Image Processing. (18 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Visual Basic,C,C++,C#,HTML,JAVA,SQL,MS-Office,Matlab, Image processing, Data structures,Database management system (22 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C,C++,Java,MySQL,Phishing and spamming,Software Testing (19 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer/ Teacher : Algorithms, Graph Algorithms, Randomized Algorithms, Bioinformatics, Data Structures, Object Oriented Technology, Computational Geometry, (19 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Altera Quartus, Mikro C For Pic, Xilinx, Multisim, Digtial Electronics, VLSI Design, Embedded System (21 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Object Oriented analysis and Design, Foundation of Computer Science, Data Structure, Software Engineering, Operating System (31 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C,C++, VB, VB.NET, HTML, JAVA, Efficient Video Distribution with QoS in Wireless Networks (31 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Matlab, Xilinx, EDC, Digital Electronics & Signal Processing (45 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Production Planning and Control, Manufacturing and product development, Deployment and maintenance (32 views )
»Computer Science Lecturer : DBMS, Web Technology, Programming in Java, Programming in C++ using Data Structure, Visual Basic, Computer Graphics, Multimedia Systems, Software Engineering,Design Analysis and Algorithm, Discrete Mathematics with Fundamental Automata, Multimedia systems. (37 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Computer Networking, Design Analysis & Algorithms (DDA), Computer Networking, Theory of Computation (TOC), Compiler Design (CD), System Programming & Operating Systems, Principle of Programming Languages (PPL) & Analysis Designing & Algorithms (ADA), Object Oriented Technology & OOP’s. (42 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Embedded System/ Matlab, Microprocessor and Microcontroller (34 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Solar Energy, Electrical Machines, Electronic devices and circuits. (41 views )
»Biotechnology Lecturer : Direct and indirect organogenesis of Anthurium Andreanum, Bioremediation of Cr(VI) using chromium resistant bacteria isolated from tannery polluted areas. (39 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Scheduling, Cloud Computing, C,HTML,PHP (72 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, ADS, HFSS, Fundamentals of Telecommunications (48 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C, CPP, Java, Oracle, Virtualization and Cloud Computing (52 views )
»Nursing Tutor : Theory and Clinical Skill, Medical Surgical Nursing, Oncology (56 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : Object Oriented Programming System, Software Engineering, Wireless Network,C, C++ and Java (59 views )
»Fresher Chemitry Lecturer : Initiate, Superwise, Communicate Fundamental, Applied Research (75 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Assembly / C / C++ , HTML / DHTML / ASP, ManualSoftware Testing, WinRunner / Quick Test Professional ,Test Director / Rational Robot (87 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : CSE, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Image Processing, Internet of things (83 views )
»Fresher Engineering Professor : MODELSIM,XILINX,MATLAB, VLSI, Computer Networks (84 views )
»Fresher Computer Lecturer : JAVA,.NET,Matlab,ASP.NET,MS Access, PHP,Online Blood Bank Admin System (104 views )
»Fresher Computer Science Lecturer : C and C++,Core Java,HTML (109 views )
»Lecturer/Nurse Educator : Preparing the Daily stock statement of RM/PM material and reporting to plant manager, Daily Reconciliation of all RM/PM issue slips with SAP (96 views )
»Learning & Development Engineer : Mastery in the planning & control activities like raw material, work in progress and finished goods, Having more Effective and efficient shop floor management skills like managing manpower (91 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Xilling, Express PCB, Micro C Programming, Embedded C Programming, C, C++, HTML(Beginners Level) (104 views )
»Fresher ECE Lecturer : Basic embedded C language, Ability to interact with people on all levels & ability to work in team. (109 views )
»associate professer : auto cad (103 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Power Electronics, Electrical Machines, Control Systems, Power Systems, Electrical Measurements, Electrical Networks, Drives. (107 views )
»Lecturer : Preparing Monthly Treasury Income estimates, Execution of G-sec buy/sell transactions, Borrowings’ MIS & Repayment (105 views )
»Fresher Geology Lecturer : Good explanation skills,Convincing skills,Good verbal and written communication skills. (104 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Automatic Vehicle locator, PCB Design, Triple Band Metamaterial Inspired Microstrip patch Antenna (117 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : ECE, Embeddeds Technologies, VLSI, Computer Networks, MODELSIM, XILINX, MATLAB (109 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Matlab ,PSIM, Pspice, Simulink, JAVA , C Languages, Preparing a Heating element (111 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : MATLAB, SIMULINK, Embedded System & VLSI Design (106 views )
»Engineering Lecturer : Electrical Drawings, Planning of Projects, Erection & Maintenance, Both practical as well as theoretical knowledge of Different Electrical Instruments. (97 views )
»Fresher Engineering Lecturer : Wireless Sensor Networks, Theory of Computation, MYSQL, OPNET, HTML, CSS,JavaScript (122 views )
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