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List of Instrumentation Design Engineer / Designer Resumes( 106 )

Design Engineering >> Instrumentation Design Engineer / Designer( 1091 )

»Instrument Supervisor : Manage the trouble shooting activities in safe manner according to priority, Accordance with applicable company procedures and technical specification. (60 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation & Control Engineer : PLC , SCADA, VFD, Industrial Automation , C, C++, MS Office Basic (129 views )
»Instrument Design Engineer : Maintenance & Troubleshooting of field Instruments, Predictive & Preventive Maintenance and Calibration of all type of Field Instrument (176 views )
»Instrumentation Design Engineer : Erection, Plant Layout, With Foundation Field Bus Honeywell DCS System C Series Erection & Commissioning, Control Valves, Orifice Plates, Vertex Flowmeters, Magnetic Flow Meters Mass Flow Meters’ Erection Loop Checking & Commissioning (265 views )
»Instrumentation & Control Engineer : Instrument / Cable / JB (Junction box) Index, Enquiry & Purchase specification for Field Instruments, Technical Bid Evaluation of Field Instruments (242 views )
»Junior instrumentation engineer : PLC,SCADL, AUTOMATION (206 views )
»Fresher Electronic Instrumentation Engineer : PLC, SCAAD, Microcontroller Programming, Resistor, Capacitor, PCB, Transformer,Transducer (166 views )
»Control & Instrumentation Manager : Maintenance of the entire AHP area ranging from Buffer hopper to Ash silo and from Collecting towers to Ash dyke, ESP hoppers, Ash slurry & Fly ash pump house, Bottom Ash area including regular protection & interlock checking, fire system upkeep, Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance etc. (274 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : PLC, SCADA, Instrumentation, Fully Experience in Engineering, Design, Installation and Commissioning Gantry and TFMS Equipment’s in OIL and GAS (321 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : In-depth analysis of root cause of breakdown, Material Indent, asking for quotation & follow up, Skilled in Documentation and ISO standard Calibration Report Sheet making. (367 views )
»Instrumentation Designer : PDS, PDMS, E3D, aElectrical Raceways, Equipment modeling, Drawing Manager, Aveva Instrumentation (740 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : Preparations of P & ID, Instrument lists, close loops & open loops for Power Plant, Preparation of Loop Schematics, Preparation of Control & Instrument signal cabling philosophy. (808 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : Erection of Impulse line piping, cable tray routing, Instrument mounting , Cable Laying , J.B. Mounting and terminating, Panel mounting, Panel wiring and terminating, Loop Checking. (594 views )
»Instrumentation Design Engineer : Designing, Construction & commissioning, Preventive and Corrective, Maintenance of Field Instruments and Control Systems (954 views )
»Instrument Technician : Routine Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Calibration, Faultfinding, Trouble Shooting And Diagnostics Of Process Monitoring And Controlling Instruments And Modification Job, Calibration, Commission & Trouble Shooting of Various Types of Transmitters Like Pressure. (682 views )
»Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer : Erection and Commissioning, Supervision for erection of electrical and instrumentation system for Brewery Plant, Evaporator plant, Vegetable oil plant, and Multifruit Processing plant. (1010 views )
»Instrumentation Supervisor : Preparing DPR of the work progress, Preparation of Hook up drawings for any modifications and take the approval from the client, Testing and installation of Thermocouples, RTD’s and various temperature-measuring instruments. (680 views )
»Instrumentation Manger : Erection, Installation, Calibration, Testing, Loop checking and commissioning of various Process Control Instrumentation Jobs. (668 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Control Engineer : PLC, SCADA, DCS, DRIVES, Process Control, Industrial Instrumentation. (668 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Proteus, Virtual Instrumentation (Lab View), Edraw (P&ID) (733 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Installation of field instrument as per P&I Drawing, Erection and Commissioning of sub station and switchgear panels, Troubleshooting of the communication between field and the control room. (773 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Commissioning, Calibration, Maintenance, Loop Check, Project Managment, Attend client quality management meetings (883 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : Process Control Instrumentation, Process Automation, System Design, C, Matlab, Labview (760 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Engineer : Matlab, RS Logix, Control of Traffic Density Using Image Processing, Colour Sorting Machine Using AB PLC (807 views )
»Instrumentation Manager : Process Field instruments (Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Gas analyzer, VFDS, ESP), Involved in Operation and Maintenance of Field instruments, and modification in plant. (4509 views )
»Process Instrumentation Automation Engineer : PLC,SCADA,HMI, Heat Treatment Control, Industrial Instrumentation, Process Control. (883 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Induction Motors, Dol & Star-Delta Starters, Panel Wiring, Basic Variable Frequency Drive. (833 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Maintenance of field instruments, Instrumentation for various types of process control loops and safety interlocks, Implementation of calibration schedule for instruments and preparation of master data sheet for preventive maintenance and ensuring safe and efficient performing of corrective maintenance. (981 views )
»Control & Instrumentation Engineer : Installation, Calibration, Commissioning, Repair and Troubleshooting of Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Level Transmitters, Troubleshooting, Calibration of Control valves, MOV Valves, Actuators and Power cylinders. (903 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : Interaction with the end-user/consultant, for preparation for basic design spec for logics, front end engineering document preparation etc., Conduct Pre FAT/ Factory acceptance Tests/Site Acceptance Test with end-users/consultants. (912 views )
»Instrument Technician : Instrumentation & Automation, Operations/ Maintenance, Erection/ Commissioning, Reading of P&ID diagram (1018 views )
»Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer : PLC,DCS,Field Instrumentation,Drives,Electrical, Commissioning of Boiler Panel, Field Instruments (1361 views )
»Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer : PLC’s programming software, Arduino, X-CTU, MS Office, SCADA-HMI Software. (1090 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Handling Project Documentation & datasheets, Planning for supports & cable tray laying, Planning for Cable routing & Cable laying job. (1237 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Installation, Maintenance,Commisioning. Basic knowledge of PLC, SCADA (1016 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : PLC Programming,HMI Programming, Siemens, Delta, Mitsubishi, Allen Bredlly (1486 views )
»Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Maintenance & calibration of O2 Gas Analyzer and Opacity meter, Responsible for proper functioning and maintenance Ash handling plant, and ESP, Installation/maintenance of all variety of process Instruments of all reputed makes. (1179 views )
»Instrumentation/CCTV Maintenance Engineer : Monitoring of various welding process like SMAW>AW etc, Fit-up & Weld visual inspection for all above& under Ground of piping & structure with drawing, Line History Sheet (L.H.S) verification & confirmation against loop file. (1296 views )
»Fresher Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Programing in PLC, Process Control, Petrochemical Industries,Industrial Instrumentation. (1147 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Instrumentation Errection and Commissioning, Detail Engineering and Procurement (1280 views )
»Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer : Mainline responsibility of handling Erection and Commission of various projects, To handle the overall project maintenance of trouble shooting & calibration of electronics, pneumatic transmitters, flow meters, conductivity meters, pH meters etc. (1271 views )
»Instrument Designer : Graphical illustrations from rough models and discus further development with clients, Knowledge of repairing and maintaining instruments and troubleshooting minor and major problems, Design rough sketches and drawings according to client’s requirements (2521 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Knowledge in manufacturing of Dead Weight Tester,Pressure Comparator & Temperature Bath, Maintain & generate instrument calibration report and Documentation, Loop checking of the field instruments & Also calibration in field (1153 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Smart Plant INtool (SPI), Hands on experience in planning and managing projects involving engineering, procurement and construction, Experience in progress monitoring and reporting with preparing documents pertaining to ISO standards. (1164 views )
»Graduate Instrumentation Engineer : Industrial Automation, Knowledge of Load cell, Pressure gauge, Control valve, DP switches, I/P converter, Knowledge in P&ID Diagram and Panel wiring. (1610 views )
»Power Plant Instrument Engineer : Expert In Field Mounted Instruments Maintinance, Maintenance and calibration of Field Instruments & Transducers, i.e. Pressure Transmitters, Differential pressure Transmitters (1674 views )
»Fresher Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Matlab, Labview, Improved Control Of Open Loop Cascade Process Using Setpoint Tracking Controller (1272 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Engineer : PLC Based Coal Crushing And Conveyor System, Coal Crushing And Conveyor System work on Programmable logic Controller by Ladder Logic which is Fully Automatic System (1330 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Calibration and Troubleshooting of Transmitters, Power Cylinder Dampers, Reciprocating Power Cylinder Dampers, Pressure switches, Pressure Gauges, Control valves, Thermocouples (1469 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Installation, calibration and loop checking of the field instruments, Installation of Clamp-on type Ultrasonic flow meter, Generating on-line flow meter readings across meter. (1706 views )
»Fresher Intrumentation Engineer : Basic Electronics, Optical Fiber Communication, Microprocessor (1375 views )
»Fresher Trainee Instrumentation Engineer : Industrial Automation, Knowledge of C programming, PLC (1447 views )
»Fresher Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Automatic Level Crossing Gate Controller (1591 views )
»Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Fault shooting and rectification of the hardware problem in PLC panel, Data setting and monitoring of process in SCADA screen. (1509 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Knowledge in all instrumentation field instruments calibration and Logic reviews in DCS and PLC (1994 views )
»Fresher Trainee Engineer : Knowledge in microprocessor, Knowledge in process control in industrial purpose, Knowledge in computer language in C. (1400 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Control Engineer : PLC programming, Logic developing for new circuits. Logic Sequence Designing, Industrial Measurement,MATLAB (3010 views )
»Instrument Technician : Routine Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Calibration, Faultfinding, Trouble Shooting And Diagnostics Of Process Monitoring And Controlling Instruments And Modification Job, Calibration, Commission & Trouble Shooting Of Various Types Of Transmitters Like Pressure. (9197 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : Installation, Loop checking and Commissioning of all field instruments in SCADA & Allen Bradley PLCbased rotary kiln project (Allied furnace) which was installed for waste solid, liquid & gas treatment, Installation, Calibration & Maintenance of Pressure transmitter, Flow transmitter, Level transmitter. (1676 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : Knowledge of power generation and associated common problems with Hands on Experience in DCS and PLC, Commissioning of control system of whole plant including DCS, UPS and Experience with Instrumentation wiring, panel wiring& loop checking. (2074 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Attending breakdown at site and performing analysis of repetitive breakdowns occurring and take remedial measures, Knowledge of PLC and automation systems, Maintained records and documentations of machinery. (1290 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Engineer : SCADA, PLC's, Creating application, Downloading/uploading program communication with PLC HMI, Selection of Relays and push buttons for control circuits, Wiring of different motor starter like Direct Online(DOL),Reversible Direct Online(RDOL),STAR/DELTA Starters. (2535 views )
»Electrical/ Instrumentation Design Engineer : Automation (PLC Schneider,HMI,MMI, SCADA DRIVERs), Panel Design, Termination, Programming (ladder logix) Electrical & Instrumentation Design, PLC operation & Maintenance. (2034 views )
»Lead Instrumentation & Control Design Engineer : Planning, Scheduling and Cost control for EPC contract of Instrumentation projects, Design, Engineering and Execution for Instrumentation, Control and other Automation projects, Cost/Man-Hour Estimates and Feasibility reports, Procurement and Construction supervision. (1716 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Maintenance, Calibration, Installation, Servicing, Man Power Handling, Plc, Scada, Dcs, Calibration of Mechanical, Electro technical, Dimensions, Pressure & temperature instruments in NABL accredited Lab as well as on site. (1652 views )
»Fresher Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : C, C++, Java, PLC & SCADA, RFID and Biometrics based attendance system. (1368 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Calibration of all Instruments and Control Valves, Safety valves etc, Responsible for attending the problems regarding the instruments installed, Responsible for all instrument installations including junction boxes, local panels etc. (1828 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Knowledge in analyzers (SIEMENS and ABB) and calibration, VRM Section maintance roller lubrication and field instrument, Installation and Maintenance of Field Instruments, Maintenance of cam scanner. (1551 views )
»Fresher Electrical Instrument Engineer : Power stations, Control systems, Measurements and Instrumentation, Electrical instruments & Tool designing & electrical power systems, Software & hardware (1447 views )
»Fresher B.Tech Applied Electronics & Instrumentation : Transducer & Sensors, Industrial instrumentation, Control System, Basic knowledge of C,C++, Java, Done Project in Tele Security System. (2472 views )
»Diploma Instrumentation Engineer : Commissioning & Maintenance Of All Instruments Like Control Valves, Transmitters, Switches, Flow Meters, Emergency Shutdown Valves, Movmotor Operated Valves, Rovs, Bcu. Deluge Skid System Etc. (1871 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Inspection of Instrumentation aspects in the Pumping station which includes the tuning of PID controllers, Programming of the Main controller i.e. PLC and selection and mounting of different transducers. (1510 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Preparation of Instrument Index & Review of Process Data, Preparation of Project Deliverable like Instrument Data sheet, Cable & JB Schedule, Cable Tray Routine Drawings, Instrument Hook-up Drawings with required BOQ (1621 views )
»Fresher Instrument Engineer : Automation Work & Instrumentation, SCADA Software & PLC Programming Software, Wireless Communication, Power Electronics (1602 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Engineer : Industrial Automation, Applications of transducers and sensor technology in industries, Biomedical instrumentation applications, Use of PLC, SCADA and DCS in industries. (1454 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Procurement,Planning, Organizing, QA /QC, Construction, Installation, modification, upgrades, pre-commissioning, start-up and commissioning (2231 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Control Engineer : Circuit Debugging, PLC programming, Logic developing for new circuits. Logic Sequence Designing, Industrial Measurement (1822 views )
»Instrument Calibration Technician : P&i Diagram, Instrument Loop Diagram, Instrument Mounting Details, Cable Routing Layout, Cable & Conduit Schedule, Sov, Temperature Gauge, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Regulated Power Cylinder, Reedswitch, Aircylinder, Air Filter Regulator, Thermocouple,Vibration Sensor (3177 views )
»Fresher Diploma Instrumentation Control Engineer : Automatic Water Level Controller, Controlling of Conveyer Belt using Allen Bradley PLC, PROTEUS Design Suite, KIEL Microvision, PIC Microcontroller, Embedded System Design (5015 views )
»Instrumentation and Control Engineer : Overhaul, repair and installation of Instrumentation & control equipment in a large scale chemical industry (1793 views )
»Instrumentation Design Emgineer : Control System Design / Proposal engineer (1735 views )
»Instrumentation Control Engineer : DCS(ovation,maxDNA),Control and Instrumentation (1869 views )
»Instrument Technician/ Supervisor : Pressure Gauges, Level Transmitter Switches (2346 views )
»Instrument Technician/ Supervisor : Hook-up Drawing, Loop Drawing, Wiring Schedule (1626 views )
»Instrumentation Design Engineer : PLC,SCADA (1998 views )
»Fresher Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Network Installation Setup LAN, WAN,MAN, MODEM. (5282 views )
»Thermal Power Plant Instrumentation Engineer : EPC Plant O&M Operation, Maintenance (8391 views )
»Instrumentation & Control Engineer : Instrument Loop/ Hookup Drawings (4380 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : PLC, SCADA (3857 views )
»Instrument Technician : Loop check, Calibration PH, Conductivity Analyzers (9425 views )
»Control & Instrumentation Design Engineer : AutoCAD, Field Instrumentation, Control Systems (4021 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Engineer : PLC, SCADA Programming (2964 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Infrab 2T, TB Woods, Uras 2T, Magnetox (4230 views )
»Electrical & Instrumentation Engineer : Erection and Commissioning (6399 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Smart Plant Instrumentation, AutoCAD, SAP modules (8237 views )
»Instrumentation Design Engineer : Instrucalc, Orical, Conval, Auto CAD, MATLAB (6533 views )
»Instrumentation Design Engineer : AutoCAD, HVAC, PLC, SCADA (2000 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Auto CAD, PLC, SCADA (2082 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Erection, Testing and Commissioning, PLC, SCADA (2232 views )
»Fresher Instrumentation Engineer : Auto CAD, PLC, SCADA (14169 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Hardware Circuit Module Designing (2962 views )
»Electronics Instrumentation Engineer : Allen Bradley Control Logics, PLC Scada System (2691 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Real Time Control System, Power Plant Maintenance (3000 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : Dead Weight Tester, Temperature Calibrator (1963 views )
»Instrumentation Engineer : AUTOCAD, HVAC, FIRE CONTROL, BMS (4074 views )
»Instrumentation Designer : Microstation XM, Auto CAD-3D Modelling (2443 views )