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List of Manufacturing/ Production Engineer Resumes( 142 )

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»Process Manager : Responsible for sustenance and improvements for running manufacturing processes, Responsible for productivity improvement through MOP, CIP, and low-cost automation & Scrap reduction projects (92 views )
»Mechanical Production & Planning Engineer : Conduct training related to core quality processes and problem solving tools, ensuring understanding and effectiveness of materials delivered, Implement product audit an in-process checking of parts and assemblies (1148 views )
»Production Chemical Engineer : Examine the causes of Abnormalities with why why analysis in process & Taking corrective actions accordingly, Process Calculations, Developing SOP for Complete Process and kaizen for WCM & Training on shop floor related to safety, 5S (409 views )
»Production/Fabrication Engineer : Ensure the Product quality as per client requirement, Prepare and utilize the fixture, template based upon the quantity for improving the productivity. (1168 views )
»Production Supervisor : Issuing and assessment of work permits and entry work permits, verifying that all jobs are carried out with proper Job Hazard Analysis sheets, procedures, job packs, contingency plan etc. (1431 views )
»Production Engineer : To maintain all document as per ISO standard, Maintain work order, and delivery date, Issue of job cards & movement with the respective goods. (2841 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Plan schedule for Production Target on daily basis and manage manpower according to daily production target, Maintaining record of daily production records and losses. (2356 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Knowledge of tools and gauges, BOM Preparation and sample inspection of new products. (1333 views )
»Production Supervior : Manpower management, Rejection analysis, Planning and implementing the new kaizens, Cell management daily update. (1524 views )
»Mechanical Production Manager : Analysis of data found in chart, graphs and other form of measuring information, Perform responsibilities of generating effective solutions for handling complex problems, Responsible for quality of product. (1020 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Created daily production schedule to meet customer requirements and to fulfill thedaily shipping schedule, Identified bottlenecks and setup new processes to increase productivity (1659 views )
»Production Manager : Procurement/ Inventory, Material Planning, Manpower Handling, Quality Adherence & Control, Operations Management, SAP PP Module/ MS Office Proficiency (1234 views )
»Production Supervisor : Handling customer complaints & analysis on defect, Coordination of 5’s & safety activities on shop floor, Special checking of new models & its defect, analysis & improvement on it. (1379 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Monitoring production according to plan, Implementation of OEE sheets, PM plannings and study of machine performance, Making decision of setting changes according to customer requirements (1140 views )
»Plastics Production Engineer : Plastic Parts Processing & Testing /SAP PP&MM module, To do the planning of Raw Material as per schedule, Preparing Inspection reports and Test Certificates for segments for Customers. (877 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : production (1053 views )
»Mechanical Production Manager : AutoCAD, CATIA, Solid Works, PTC-Creo (938 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Conduct process & product audit, Preventive & corrective action based on process rejections, Process improvement and defect detection, Root Cause Analysis through G8D Approach & Seven QC tools (1483 views )
»Production Engineer : Make a daily production planning, And Daily Activity Report, Deciding on whether overtime or extra shifts are necessary to meet an order, Establishing lead times for each stage of the production process. (2100 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Design verification, prototyping, process & product validation, pilot batch development and documentation, Responsible for direct communication with customer on shipping notice, RFQ Discussions, Sample approval and PPAP approvals. (1117 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics,Transient Thermal Heat Conduction, Study and Fabrication of Horizontal Axis wind Turbine (1006 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Production Engineer : Hands on all necessary manufacturing and testing facilities such as precision Stamping, Machining, Hot and Cold Forging, Electro-Plating, Brazing and design and development of Dies and Tools. (1063 views )
»Production Operation Manager : Mechanical Production & Project Management, Responsible for the all projects such as production, installation, Inspections , Labour Contract finalizing , attending the client meetings etc. (1170 views )
»Production Engineer : Work allotment as per plan & requirement given by PPC & Marketing Department, Ensuring the completion of target for the day, To ensure that there is no shortage material for attending the vehicles. (1777 views )
»Production Officer : Manage manufacturing process to ensure product is delivered on time and under budget while maintaining quality standards, Supervision of operator & guiding them in production of components. (1070 views )
»Production Engineer : Coordination with blast furnace and assorting the hot metal coming through it to both electric arc furnaces, Production and tapping of quality liquid steel with required chemistry with less TAP to TAP time. (2026 views )
»Production Engineer : Automobile Maintenance, Crane Manufacturing, Auto Cadd, Intelligent Braking System (1119 views )
»Project & Production Engineer : Green field project of rolling mill, Responsible for on site or workshop machine inspection & vendor meeting, Site Expenditure Budget & Manageaccount of contractor bill, and heavy automobile. (1424 views )
»Production Planning & Control Manager : Production, Process, Manpower, Raw Material and Inventory in the manufacturing of automobile and agricultural spares. (4310 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Production Officer : Deploying manpower, machines and material resources to generate optimum operational efficiency and utilization, Implementing Preventive/Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) to maximize operational availability of equipment’s leading to improvement in overall plant productivity. (1094 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Monitoring of Delivery Performance and Plant capacity utilization, Establishing the Quality Management System, Implement and maintain the System. (1353 views )
»Production Supervisor : CNC Programming & Setting, Autocad Drafting and Modeling, 2D Designing, Advanced Commands, 3D modeling with project (1196 views )
»Production Manager : Development of new components, CNC programming of new components & set up the process for CNC as well as lathe, Design of Jigs, Fixture and act on it. (1419 views )
»Production Manager : Supply Chain Management, Production, Planning and control, Develop Product plan, budget and timelines according to production specification. (1547 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Reading, drawing and understanding measuring instruments like Venire, Micrometer, and Dial gauges very well & checked the quality of every product by these instruments. (1742 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : PPC, Planning, Quality Control, Lean Manufacturing, TPS, Auto Cad,Pro-e (1307 views )
»Manufacturing/Production Engineer : Preparing master and day wise production planes in house manufacturing, Inventory Control of manufacturing parts. (1292 views )
»Production & Planning Control Engineer : Oversee and coach employees, Ensure the safe use of equipment and schedule regular maintenance, Check production output according to specifications. Submit reports on performance and progress. (1181 views )
»Production Engineer : Coordinate daily production floor activities according to planning target and production status and delegate assignments to production department and achieve the daily production target, Monitor work performance relative to expectations and maintain material/workflow through the facility & maintain the production level at each department. (1821 views )
»ABL&PBL Lami Tube Production Engineer : Sunway Body Maker, Topseal Caping and Hotfoil stamping Machines, Diapunching Machine & Sletting Machine (1144 views )
»Product Manager : Responsible for Product Management, Design, Estimation & Technical Support, Vendor Engagements & Profit Centre for LOB & Cost centre for region (1186 views )
»Production Engineer : To analyses the area where rejection and rework quantity is more, Handling customer complaints, Implementing and maintaining 5’S in the company. (1588 views )
»Production Engineer : Internal Audit, C, JAVA, MS Office, Windows Vista (1038 views )
»Production Planning Control Manager : Responsible for planning & scheduling the production as per orders received from Marketing, Material Requirement Planning through ERP modules. (1945 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : To develop the daily production plan according to availability of raw material and machinery,To maintain all the documents required on production floor. (1254 views )
»Industrial Engineer/ Production Manager : Optimum Utiliztion of machines & man power, Making garment production feasible through R & D, Allocating proper man power per style with MMR(Man Machine Ratio). (2083 views )
»Production Manager : Strong experience in field of Manufacturing operation, Customer Relation Management, Large Volume Project Management, ASP Management, Service Delivery Operations, Service Revenue Management, Spare Parts Operations, Team Management, Vendor Management. (1429 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Production Engineer : Having practical knowledge in assembling of mechanical as well as electronic components (1156 views )
»Production & Utility Engineer : Monitoring and Ensuring the proper PPM of machineries and updating of all History records, All Technical Assets Checklists, SOP, MIS Reports, Handling Customer complaints, Equipment’s AMC status with vendors etc, Interacting with clients through e-mails and direct reporting to Manager for work details & also sharing the Daily, weekly & monthly reports TO Engineering Manager. (2717 views )
»Production Engineer : Production Planning,Assembly,Inspection,Maintenance, Food Processing Tank Fabrication,Shot Blasting And Glass Beading, Painting, (1391 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Process Planning and Cost Estimation, Robotics, System Application and Product in Data Processing, Auto CAD, Solid works, ANSYS. (2507 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Developing and executing test plans such as APQP, PPAP, and P-FMEA, Responsibility to handle the Customer Complaints with Root cause analysis and implementing Action for Non-Conformance like 8D reports, Trend analysis for In-house & Customer NC’s. (1466 views )
»Mechanical Production/Planning Engineer : Decide daily workload with my team member, Work allotment as per plan & requirement, Ensuring the completion of target for the day, Reduction of scrap. (1620 views )
»Production Engineer : Product manufacturing activities, Knowledge of production planning, In process quality checking of extrusion product, As well as checking surface defects, Thickness, Ovality, Hardness & Ageing Process (1884 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : In charge for production planning control ( machine shop / assembly), Planning assembly & machine shop based on customer pull through color coding format , and generating kanban card for assembly & machine shop, Maintain the ware house stock at specified level fifo board (1660 views )
»Production/Plant Engineer : Making planning for shift such that there is optimum utility of machinery with minimum idle time, Maintaining qualitative & quantitative production with minimum scrap, Manpower handling and ensure proper material handling. (1360 views )
»Fresher Production Engineer : PRO-E Designing, Online marketing of insurance, Industrial & Production (1293 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Production Engineer : Power Plant Equipment Manufacturing, Product development of an Automatic ball launcher, AutoCAD, Solid Works, Ansys (1162 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Formulating production plans and accomplishing daily/monthly targets with man and cost parameters, Manpower handling, Time & motion study for setting productivity norms. (1898 views )
»Fresher Production Engineer : Unigraphics (NX-CAD) Sketching, 3D Modelling, Surfacing, Sheet metal, Drafting, GD&T Solidwork Sketching (1365 views )
»Quality/ Production Engineer : Functional parts checking on production vehicles, Ensure the variants with spec, Preparations of Daily and monthly issues report using QC tools. (1460 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Monitor and ensure daily productivity of manpower and machine as per production schedule, Ensure availability of raw material as per drawing, Reduction in production time by adhering planning, Proficient in reducing inventory. (1584 views )
»Line Engineer : Production, Engine Shop, Work knowledge covers in Engine Assembly, Inspection, Rectification, Quality and Production Supervision. (2054 views )
»Production Engineer : Production, Process, PPC, Quality Assurance, Dispatch and Procurement. (1832 views )
»Production Supervisor : Production Planning & Control, Maintenance and Quality, Line Management (1424 views )
»Production Engineer : Hull Block Fabrication,Erectionand Outfitting installation, Planning optimum allocation of resources like manpower, consumables, tools and equipment top meet work schedule. (3940 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Proficient designing and implementing quality control systemsand procedures to minimize rejections and achieve highest quality standards. Strong understanding of manufacturing process, methods of assembly and process with extensive practical exposure to people and workplace management (1332 views )
»Production Engineer : Manage and Handle Production Department in Planning & Production of components as per Customer Schedule, Development & approval of documentation as per Customer requirement. (1796 views )
»Production Supervisor : Effectively lead, coach and develop a large work team to accomplish operational objectives, Identify, diagnose and resolve operational, manufacturing and maintenance problems within deadlines (1614 views )
»Production Engineer : Layout Preparation, Time Study, Man Power Handling, OEE, Achievement Of Production Target, Production Planning & Control, Lean Manufacturing, Autocad (4638 views )
»Production and Control Manager : Preparing Quotations, Quality Control and panel testing, Overall Project Management from Concept to Commissioning, Supporting the Mechanical Engineer Project on Electrical part, Establishing a close business relationship with the internal customer, Preparing Bill of materials of Panel, AutoCAD Designing of Electrical LT, PLC, and VFD control panels. (1520 views )
»Production Manager : Over all responsibility of products planning like Pickles, Spices, Masala powders, Masala &Culinary Pastes, Instant Mixes from Raw material to Finished goods, Dispatches, from Supervisor to In charge level, Improving the production capacities with respect to production flows. (4307 views )
»Electronics Production Engineer : Having Good Knowledge In Oscilloscopes and Multimeters, Having Good Knowledge In Electronic Measuring Instruments, Having Good Trouble Shooting knowledge in PCB circuits, Soldering and assembling of Electronic components in PCB board. (4812 views )
»Prodution Executive : Handling the compliances from the client's and solving them without any due, Maintaining High Quality range to meet the client�s expectations, Taking initiative for any kind of task given by the management. (1531 views )
»Production & Planning Engineer : Knowledge of CNC Programming in Turning section, Knowledge of various mechanical measuring instruments, Like Micrometer, Vernier, Boredial gauge, Air gauge unit. (1744 views )
»Production Engineer : Prepare production plan and achieve it on daily basis, Achieve production targets as per capacities and plan, Hourly production monitoring, Prepare Raw material plan for Phosphating and Wire draw on daily basis. (1809 views )
»Production Engineer : Production planning & fabrication scheduling to meet the client�s requirement, Responsible to lead the Work Shop fabrication team to ensure customer satisfaction & expectations are met, Organizing, Co-ordination & Monitoring Site Works. (1555 views )
»Production Planning Engineer : Knowledge of Erection Processes, Knowledge of shop floor planning and sequencing of jobs, Knowledge of machining and assembly of fabricated / machined structures, Maintaining shop floor discipline and safe work environment. (1566 views )
»Manufacturing Engineer : Failure Analysis & Ndt, Foundries Of Non Ferrous Metals, Quality Analysis, Steel Foundry, Manufacturer Of Highest Quality Of Casting And Also Reputed In Pump And Value Industry, Mining And Mineral Industries. (1573 views )
»Product Engineer : Preparation of Detailed Design Drawings for manufacturing of Boiler pressure parts component like Panels, headers and coils (Superheaters, Reheater, Economiser, Boiler Drum) including Once Through Supercritical Boiler, Design & detailing using AutoCAD, Pro/E, Preparation of IBR calculations for various pressure parts components like Headers, Coils. (1462 views )
»Production Supervisor : Knowledge About The Flour, Storage Of Raw Materials, Quality Tests, Processing And Packaging In The Plant, Programming Languages C, Data Structure. (1497 views )
»Fresher Production Incharge : Overseeing The Production Process, Drawing Up A Production Schedule, Ensuring That The Production Is Cost Effective, Making Sure That Products Are Produced On Time And Are Of Good Quality. (1329 views )
»Fresher Production Engineer : Designing, Manufacturing, Automobile, Production, Analyzing production specifications and plant capacity data and performs mathematical calculations to determine manufacturing processes, tools, and human resource requirements. (1536 views )
»Production Engineer : Production planning & daily production report, Rejection summery &monthly preventive maintenance, Implementation of control plan on shop floor, Daily production report, Brake down maintenance log book, Dispatch record. (1641 views )
»Production Manager : Operations & Production Management, Quality Assurance/ Regulatory Testing and Inspection, Process Improvement Initiatives, Setting direction, energizing, mentoring, coaching, motivating, guiding and supporting teams. (3670 views )
»Production Engineer : To assembly and sub-assembly of Transmission at main & sub-assembly line, To handle the man power and use them in correct work place, To complete daily assignment of maintain check sheets. (1553 views )
»Production Engineer : Good knowledge of production processes, Welding Quality control and other Techniques, 3C & 5S Maintaining (1593 views )
»Production Planning Control Manager : Production planning & dispatch, Material packing and loading, Data management, 5�S & Safety in shop, Inventory control, Monthly data analysis, Material management system. (1771 views )
»Production Engineer : Ensure components are manufactured as per prescribed standards and QAP, Ensure maximum utilization of man power in the workshop, Follow up the planning schedule given by planning dept, Shift wise planning and Fill up utilization of Shift. (1643 views )
»Production Engineer : Manpower Handing, Maintaining Breakdowns, Study Design Of Roll And Profile Checking, Production Handing, Production Report Making, Material Handling, Quality Inspection, Maintaining Record Of Store Department, Analysis Of Production Report. (2198 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Inspection of all types of machined components like Gear Wheel, Gear Pinion, Gear Case, All Wind Turbine Internal Components during in process as per the checklist & Taking disposition action and target date from supervisor in case of any deviation. (1526 views )
»Fresher Printing Supervisor : Handling Gravure Printing machines with auto registration, Handling quality control operations with modern equipments, Imparting continuous on job training to the workforce about carious printing operations for enhancing their productivity & operational efficiencies through knowledge enhancement / skill building. (2517 views )
»Manufacturing Engineer : Leading Manufacturer of Heavy Duty Internal Combustion Engines & Generator Sets, Critical engine components like Cylinder blocks, heads, housings, con-rods are being produced in our sopasthicated flexible CNC machine shop, Man management, Shop floor handling. (2012 views )
»Production Planning Manager : Preparing production Plan Sheet, Preparing Job-Cord, Checking Daily Log Sheet of Processed Material, Stock Updating (Packed, Rejected & Processed Material). (2768 views )
»Agribusiness Analyst : To Manage The Whole Agriculture Business, From Production, To Packaging, To Sales, The Manager Is In Charge Of All, To Study And Implement Methods For Plantation And Harvesting. (2134 views )
»Product Engineer : New design and Development, Learn Manufacturing Practices, Process Simplification& Redesign, Workflow Planning, Maintaining 5S implementation, Maintaining and upgrading ISO system. (1703 views )
»Quality/ Production Engineer : Quality Checking Of Channels As Per Drawings, Making Of Tower Proto Type, Production Checking On Process As Per Drawing, Material Testing Like Hardness And Chemical Test. (1562 views )
»Production Engineer : Handling manpower and proper utilization of manpower, Deployment of manpower as per requirement, Achievement of Target as per Plan with desired quality, Online Process Inspection, Knowledge of POKA YOKE , KAIZEN. (1865 views )
»Product Test Engineer : To Take Drivability Tests, To Conduct Mass Emission Tests, Basic Carburattor Tunning, To Find The Problems In Engine & Take Corrective Actions, To Check The Vehicle Performance. (1428 views )
»Production Engineer : Supervision of production personnel, Controlling rejection & process deviation, Preparing rejections analysis & root cause for rejections, Implementing 5S & house keeping in shop floor (1731 views )
»Production Engineer : Handling manpower and proper utilization of manpower, Deployment of manpower as per requirement, Achievement of Target as per Plan with desired quality, Knowledge of POKA YOKE , KAIZEN. (1674 views )
»Robotic Production Incharge : Knowledge about 5S & Kaizen, Maintain Production & Quality Document�s, Knowledge about MIG & TIG manual welding, Knowledge About MOTOMAN &OTC TIG Welding Robot. (1664 views )
»Fresher B.E. Mechanical : Manually operated harvesting machine, To build some broad idea about how development of the Manually operated harvesting machine is beneficial for rural area. (1281 views )
»Quality/ Production Engineer : Incoming material inspection, Responsible for daily production activities of Material Receiving, Machining Operations, Production planning and control. (1808 views )
»Production Supervisor : Auto Cad, Power Plant Instrumentation, Power Electronics, Knowledge on Software and System, DVD & VCD Repairing Work (1443 views )
»Quality/ Production Engineer : Knowledge on Visual & Dimensional Inspection of manufacturing components, Responsible of manufacturing components as per QC requirement (1602 views )
»Production Operator : Personal survival Technique, Oil and Gas field, Oil and gas separation, Gas dehydration unit, Glycol regeneration, Crude Oil Metering and Export Facilities, Produce Water Treatment unit (6479 views )
»Planning/ Production Engineer : Mixing Vessel, Storage and Square Tanks, Quality checking of equipments (Pressure Vessel), Platforms of MS & SS, Hopper & Weigh Beings. (1626 views )
»Production Engineer : Safety Engineer, Quality control, Design, Fabrication of Multi Drill Holder, NEBOSH, Autocad (1667 views )
»Production Engineer : Layout preparation, Time Study, Man power handling, OEE, Achievement of production target, Production planning & control, Lean manufacturing , Knowledge in TPM ISO 5S KAIZEN KANBAN OEE FMEA JIT PPC SAP ,Autocad (2289 views )
»Semiconductor / Hardware Production Engineer : Matlab,vlsi design,xilinx software, Hardware maintenance, Automation, Software Programming (1665 views )
»Production Planning Control PPC Engineer : C,C++, Core Java (5854 views )
»Galvanizing Plant incharge, Production engineer : Auto Cad, Pro-e (3846 views )
»Production Supervisor / Production Engineer : Material handling Equipment Design / Production (2181 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : Catia, Pro-E, Master CAM, Ansys (1825 views )
»Production/ Quality Engineer : Fabric Dyeing Machines, Yarn Dyeing Machines (1942 views )
»General Manager Technical : Production/Development/QC/Maintenance (1875 views )
»Fresher Production Operations / Plant Maintenance Engineer : Ensuring Safety, Environmental Compliance (1887 views )
»Product Manufacturing Engineer : Precision, Light Engineering Industry (1884 views )
»Product Testing Electrical Engineer : Harmonic Elimination, Power Factor Correction (1754 views )
»Manufacturing Production Supervisor : Check Equipments, Reports Preparation (2286 views )
»Production Engineer : Heat treatment Process Control, Furnace Operation (2330 views )
»Auto Ancillary Production Engineer : PPC, Production Planning & Control (4001 views )
»Production Engineer : Power Plant Erection (1899 views )
»Production Officer : SHOPFLOOR LEADERSHIP, LEAN MANAGEMENT (4773 views )
»Production Engineer : SAP, AutoCAD, Pro-e, Wildfire (1914 views )
»Production Manager : Certified auditor of ISO system (2060 views )
»Production Associate : QOS Updating, Brain Storming (2503 views )
»Fresher Electrical Production Engineer : C,C++, Radio Frequency Controller (1982 views )
»Fresher Engine Production Engineer : Manufacturing, Product Processes, Quality Control, CNC, AutoCad (2201 views )
»Production Supervisor : Refinery, Petrochemical Process, DCS Operation (3834 views )
»Production engineer : Assembles Plastic Injection/ Molding Machines (2480 views )
»Plastic Production Engineer : AutoCad, ProE, Catia, UG-nx, Moldflow (5063 views )
»Production Planning Control Engineer : Plant Throughput, Quality, Maintenance (11470 views )
»Mechanical Production Engineer : AutoCAD, SAP (40040 views )
»Production Manager/ Process Engineer : CNC Programming, Manufacturing (3209 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Production Engineer : AutoCAD, CATIA, Solidworks, ProE (5268 views )
»CNC Production Engineer : Auto Cad, CNC Programming (5645 views )
»Process Engineer/ Production : Ms Word, Power point & MS Excel (2732 views )
»Production Planning Engineer : AutoCAD, PRO-E, ANSYS (2552 views )
»Production Engineer : In-process Check, Process Parameter Monitoring (2502 views )
»Power Production Engineer : Cycle Time Reduction, Raw Material Reconciliation (2198 views )