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List of Desktop Support Engineer Resumes( 66 )

»Desktop Support Engineer : Technical Support, Customer Support Troubleshooting, Helpdesk, Microsoft Windows, Implementation, Installation and Support (2 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Provided technical support, including identifying problem incidents with their subsequent resolutions, Assisted company personnel with desktop operation, including both hardware and software. (218 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Handling Daily Technical Support Activities (Windows, Hardware, Software, Firewall, Networking, Internet, PC Arrangement, Laptops , Smart Phones, Data Cards), Routing Servicing All Systems External And Internal Cleaning, Temp Files Cleaning. (199 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Interested in Learning New Techniques, Working with Team and Communicating knowledge (86 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Sound knowledge of various operating systems and security software for desktops and mail servers, Troubleshoot and Maintains for printers, computer hardware. (132 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Managing User and Group, Managing Group policy, Knowledge of installation of Desktops, Laptops, application software’s etc. (207 views )
»Customer Support Engineer : Managing and Administrating all user domains and accounts, Monitoring & troubleshooting of different Tellus , EDIN , Application Software. (76 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Fully proficient at LAN, WAN, and Wireless building, cable installation and testing, Configuration and Managing of Servers and Workstations (191 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Basic knowledge about Laptop and Desktop Troubleshooting, Software installation knowledge, Knowledge about Components of Laptop and Desktop/Printer. (243 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Database Manager, H/W&N/W, Face detection of scanned person, DBMS, DTP, MSCIT (115 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Good knowledge in System Centre Operations Manager, Fully proficient at LAN, WAN, and Wireless building, cable installation and testing (155 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : C#.net, ASP.NET, HTML, Online Shopping Store, TravelBiz (89 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Assembling, hardware up gradation troubleshooting, Windows maintenance, dual booting, upgrade & update the windows (245 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Configuration and Troubleshooting of Client System and resolving the same via remote media. Performing Installation, Configuration and Testing of LAN/WAN devices&Crimping & Punching I/O Ports Auditing and Troubleshooting the Network and LAN connectivity. Installation and configuration of mail client and troubleshooting various problems related to it. Resolving application related issues. Troubleshooting Printer and Scanner problems (338 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Maintains the computer in to the Network, Dialup connection for Data transfer, Maintains lease line Network, Backup line network and Network Design. (160 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Expertise in troubleshooting of Computer hardware related problem such as like UPS, SMPS, Printer, Scanner, Bar code etc. (476 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Assembling, hardware, Printer installation and troubleshooting, Antivirus update & virus protection (560 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Installation of SAP Client base, Configure VPN for SAP GUI and Network, Installing & configuring of Windows XP, Windows vista, Windows 7. (322 views )
»Fresher Dekstop/Technical Support Engineer : Telecommunication ,VLSI, Microprocessor, MATLAB, Multisim, Mplab, Turbo C (262 views )
»Customer Support Engineer : Knowledge of Computer Hardware, installation and maintenance, Knowledge of Software and drivers installation (195 views )
»Technical Support Executive : Handling multiple excels sheets, and various other excel sheet components for accurate data, Extracting report from database agent productivity report on daily basis sharing MIS to the seniors. (197 views )
»Fresher Desktop Engineer : Administrator Skills, C, C++ & JAVA Fundamentals, HTML, The Design Space of Bug Fixes and How Developers Navigate It (239 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Understanding the project requirements, Development of the Coding Using Asp.Net, Preparation of Document as Summary report. (232 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Installation and configuring Ms Outlook, Responsible for user data backup and restore, Supporting and response to applications and network issues (568 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Installation & troubleshooting of antivirus, wired& wires network printers & other desktop related issues, Troubleshooting complex system, servers and network issue. (364 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Troubleshooting,Installation of Operating System, Hardware and Networking, Web Technology (532 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Basic HTML& SQL , Basic Dot Net, C,C++, SQL Server, Remote Application Control On Mobile Devices (312 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Maintenance the availability of company computer systems including Desktop, Laptops, Local and Network Printers, Troubleshoot problems Desktop & Laptop Hardware and OS Configuring of Driver & Devices. (399 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Install, upgrade and troubleshoot Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10 and other authorized desktop applications. Troubleshooting hardware and network problems. managing users accounts through remote desktop connection,Telnet. Maintaining backups, Monitoring systems using system diagnostic tools. (436 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : System assembling, software installation,OS installation, Basic troubleshooting (348 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Active Directory, DHCP, DNS, Web Deployment Service, Subneting , Windows Server Backup & Recovery , Group Policy , Firewall (402 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Install OS, Windows Mail Configuration, Assemble the System (847 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Setup And Install OS, Application, Desktop and Laptop Service Engineering, Free Open Source Software, Ethical Hacking (533 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Troubleshooting of computer hardware, peripheral devices and Software problems, Installing and Configuring MS Outlook, Network Printers, DNS, DHCP Server and Active Directory, Modem and setting up Internet connections. (1092 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Handling Technology Enablement, movement, release & decommission, Troubleshooting shooting hardware related issue, Configuration & troubleshooting MS-outlook, Taking backups & restore data of users (656 views )
»Fresher IT Support Engineer : MCSE CCNA Hardware and Networking, Installing various softwares operating systems, Troubleshooting and supporting PC hardware and software, Excellent analytical, problem solving and managerial abilities. (572 views )
»Fresher Desktop Support Engineer : Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Desktop PCs, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and all the ITHardware & Network equipments installed at customer site. (608 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Configure and Manage Email clients Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Installation of various Application software, Installation, configuring and Managing of LAN. (611 views )
»Fresher Desktop Engineer : TCP/IP And ISO Model, IP Addressing and Subnetting, Configuring and troubleshooting RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP., Switching (VLAN’s, STP, RSTP). (528 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Responsible for Hardware and Networking maintenance, Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all hardware components along with the Network peripherals (902 views )
»Desktop Engineer : Assists in maintaining LAN/WAN and, as appropriate, telephone systems cable, Troubleshooting in Ms Office, Internet Explore and application troubleshooting, Installation of Software/Operation system & troubleshooting (582 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Installation & Maintenance Desktop & Laptop in Workgroup and Domain Model, Handling IT Asset Stock & Maintaining IT Inventory Records. (719 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Windows 7 Client, Configuring, Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration (800 views )
»Desktop Engineer : Responsible for Hardware and Networking maintenance, Installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of all hardware components along with the Network peripherals; (868 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Responsible for networking, design, installation and maintenance services, Supporting users and network administrators over the telephone and by email, Maintain the company’s network infrastructure. (732 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Maintaining The Network And Systems, Troubleshooting Computers And Network Issues, Installation Of Windows Operating Systems (789 views )
»Desktop Technician : Managing WAN and LAN setup. (VLAN and VPN), Knowledge of Microsoft & CISCO Systems, Skilled in identifying the business requirements for information security as well as regulations of information security, Comprehensive knowledge of analyzing network technology like WANs, VLANs, routers, and TCP/IP. (764 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Troubleshooting & Maintenance of Desktop PCs, Laptops, Printers, Scanners and all the ITHardware & Network equipments installed at customer site. (1220 views )
»Desktop Engineer : Hardware & Networking Maintenence, Installation, Maintenance & troubleshooting of all the hardware components along with the Network peripherals, Network Installation, Management and Maintenance. (920 views )
»Desktop Support Engineer : Assembling and Deassembling, Installing Hard disks, Floppy drives, CD Drives, Sound Blaster cards, CPU, Memory, Power supply unit, Network card, Video graphics card, Hard disk controller card on PC Systems. (1044 views )
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