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List of Area/Channel/Territory/Zonal Manager Resumes( 48 )

»Territory Sales Manager : Handling Distributor, Retailers, Maximum Sale to achieve Targets, Making Relation with Customer (30 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Analysing marketing trends & tracking competitors activities and providing valuable inputs for product enchancement & fine tuning, Sales and marketing strategies, Channel Management (28 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Channel Sales, Retail Management, Dealer Management, Handling on roll Team members, Augment distribution network and additional commercial channels for retail (25 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Documentation, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Cash Handling, Disbursement, Data Entry operations, Account Handling, Field Visit, Making Phone Calls For Recovery/ Business, Marketing Of Housing Loans. (68 views )
»Area Credit Manager : Handing Credit Activity For Agri Mortgage Loans, Tractor Loans, Personal Loan Product, Maintaining The Tat & Cost, Updating The Daily MIS To Sales & Upper Authority (75 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Relationship Management, Accountable for Secondary Sales, Handling Dealers & Garages, Conducting Promotional Oblique Missionary. (66 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Distribution Management, Relationship Management (64 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Recognizing and networking with strong and financially reliable channel partners, resulting in deeper market penetration and maintaining market trust. (68 views )
»Sales Branch Manager : Team handling and management, and responsible for managing the Branch Profitability, Ensuring high quality service and Customer Relationship Management (103 views )
»Territory Sales Manager : Channel Appointment, Servicing the needs of your existing customers, Reaching the targets and goals set for Promoters & Retailer, Collecting customer feedback and market research (121 views )
»Cluster/ Sales Branch Manager : Sales & Business Development, Customer Relations, Key Account Management/ Retention (121 views )
»Channel Sale Manager : Channel Sales leads Generation, Achieving Set Targets, Handling Channel Partners/ Channel Sales Accounts, Channel Sales Collections (120 views )
»Branch Sales Manager : Post service followup and calling, Managing service appointment and service -Due reminder and follow ups,service bookings, All service responsibilities- Job Card Opening, Job work Billing, Communication and interaction with customer and company HO. (200 views )
»Zonal Sales Manager : Developing business and maintain channel sales & Distribution system, Responsible for Primary, Secondary as well as Tertiary Sales, Coordinating with departments like sales and marketing Scheme tracking, Competitor Analysis (297 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Team Leader, Coaching, Business Planning, Target Achieving, Enthusiasm, Miscrosoft Word, Excel, Internet, Outlook (238 views )
»Regional/ Territory Manager : Sales, Marketing, Distribution, Channel Sales, Expense Ratio, Handling A Team f Relationship Manager & Sales Service Manager, Building New Relation With Service Provider & Professionals (282 views )
»Territory Sales Manager : Channel Management. Conceptualizing, Coordinating Sales Promotion activities, Conducting regular customer monitoring (390 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Responsible for Primary, Secondary as well as Tertiary Sales, Coordinating with departments like Finance,SD to smoothen workflow, Scheme tracking, Competitor Analysis. (482 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Sales Marketing, Product Designing & Development , Inventory Control , Product Placement, Branding (516 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Managing team of hardcore sales and marketing professionals, Maintaining coordination between operations, sales and proper check on the code of conduct. (490 views )
»Zonal Sales Coordinator : Assist the sales group in all clerical and correspondence activities, Prepare daily / monthly reports and any other report assignment from time to time, Coordinate sales, Marketing,HR & Admin related activities for Satna Zone. (743 views )
»Area Channel Sales Manager : Looking after customer complaints & request, resolving the complaint within TAT, Managing voluntary and non-voluntary cancellation request, Retaining back the customer who has come for cancellation by providing end to end solution, Coordinating with various departments to solve the customer issue. (607 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Verification of Information for New Customer Creation, New Customer Creation in SAP, Maintenance of Risk Rating/Tax Information/Distributor RDM, Changes to existing customer codes in consultation with Credit Control dept. (628 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Channel Sales, B2B Sales, B2C Sales, Coporate Sales, Market Research & Ananlysis, usiness Development (635 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Overseeing the marketing operations for range of healthcare products, thereby achieving sales growth, Identifying new streams for revenue growth & developing sales plans to build consumer preference, Utilizing client feedback and personal network to develop marketing intelligence for generating leads. (653 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Ensure Timely Reporting for Business Development,SS & Distributor appointing & Handling,Handling Sales Team & Developing of Business Plan and Ensuring the Team follows the same (720 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Managing Dealers & Sub-Dealers Monthly Target And Maintanance Their Sale, Prepare Market Report And Send To Higher Authority. (723 views )
»Channel Sales Manager : Recruit advisors, To train advisors and prepare for IRDA test to get license to sell life insurance, To download life insurance products for sales, Arranging documents for survival maturity benefits and death claims, Reporting to my boss regularly about day to day field works done. (747 views )
»Territory Sales Manager : Developing business and maintain three tier channel sales & Distribution system, Responsible for Primary, Secondary as well as Tertiary Sales, Coordinating with departments like Marcom, Finance,SD to smoothen workflow, Scheme tracking, Competitor Analysis. (3726 views )
»Divisional Sales Manager : Effectively handing stockiest, Distributors and C&F agents at various places (Inventory Management), Conducting Clinical Trials & Followup, Actively arrangement & participation in National & state level conferences. (1130 views )
»Territory Manager : Provide inputs for setting of sales target to be achieved from the territory, Set & communicate daily sales targets on the basis of the monthly targets to Distributor, FOS & Retailers, Monitor sales performance on a daily basis to ensure achievement of targets by the Distributor, FOS & Retailers. (923 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Taking care of entire online business, Provide leadership and management to the team, Revenue generation, Customer acquisition and retention, Formulation of new process regarding sales, Deals in Dmat,trading account and third party products. (901 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Responsible for handling the channel sales in zonal distribution, Responsible for both quantity and quality of channels, Develop and implement many different revenue enhancement schemes. (1183 views )
»Territory Sales Manager : Customer Satisfaction & Customer Expectation EPABX, Tally. (971 views )
»Area Credit Manager : Handing Credit Activity for TW product, Maintaining the TAT and cost, Updating the daily MIS to sales and upper authority. (2257 views )
»Channel Sales Manager : Motor Insurance sales with agency channels, Sale of FMCG products, Motor Insurance sales in the open market. (968 views )
»Area Manager : Marketing, Dealer Management & Network Expansion, Commercials, System Compliance and MIS, Sales and Collection (982 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Sales Forecasting, Volume, Value wise, segmentation of Brand, channel wise planning and scheme target setting for existing network, Cash collection and revenue management. (921 views )
» Territory Sales Officer : Maintaining proper records for sales, distribution, claims and other business data, Taking localized initiatives to improve sales & merchandising, Opening new markets / unrepresented areas (992 views )
»Area Sales Manager : MBA marketing (1134 views )
»Channel Sales Manager : Tracking Records, Implement Consumer Schemes (1212 views )
»Channel Sales Manager : Business Development, Team Management (2238 views )
»Zonal Sales Coordinator : Budget/ Expenses Report Maintenance (1335 views )
»Sales Branch Manager : Key Accounts, Strategic Management (1426 views )
»Sales Territory Manager : Channel Sales, Promotional Marketing (1579 views )
»Regional Sales Manager : Planning & Business Development (3660 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Motivating Team Members, Maintaining/ Improving Client Relationships (1611 views )
»Area Sales Manager : Store Performance, Analysis, Stock Replenishment Plan (1358 views )