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List of Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer Resumes( 151 )

IT / Computer2 >> Telecom/ RF/ BMS/ BTS/ BSS Engineer( 1074 )

»Telecom Field Maintenance Engineer : Parameter Tuning and Optimization of Network as per design requirements, Pre verification of drive data and take necessary corrective measures, like neighbor list addition and interference analysis, Report analysis through mapinfo using appropriate legend. (138 views )
»Implementation Engineer : Carrying out regular activities based on client requirements, Handling integration testing, deployment, using Kubernetes. (139 views )
»Ericsson Operation Maintenance Engineer : Winfoil, Mini Link Craft, BPFTP, IP Concept, IPV4, IPV6, IP Subnetting and Superneting (225 views )
»BMS Engineer : Well versed with all the building management systems such as BMS, CAFM, and Call Centre Management, Raised and closed job orders for Reactive and Corrective jobs. (292 views )
»BMS Engineer : Hands on experience in BMS System, Access control system, Q system, Road barrier system (344 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : Stability of Nodes DCN, due to continuous increment innodes, Working on EMS/NMS Server and check healthiness of Master/SlaveServer. (399 views )
»BSS / Telecom Engineer : VSWR and Power Measurement by using the MeterTool, Integration of BTS with CBSC, External alarm extension and testing for all the CDMA and GSM Huawei BTS sites. (794 views )
»BMS Engineer : Building Management System, Fire Alarm System, CCTV, Access Control System. (566 views )
»Transmittion Engineer : Telecom, Commissioning and Integration of NOKIA BTS Ultra BTS, Flexi BTS ,MR & AIRSCALE BTS (558 views )
»Telecom/ Network Manager : NOC Management, NOC Daily Operations, RF Planning, Order logging & BH Provisioning of LOS and Interference cases. (889 views )
»RF Optimization Engineer : RF Planning & Survey, LOS Survey, EMF Survey, Optimization & Performances & Site Rectification, Customer Complains Resolve, KPI Monitoring and Troubleshooting, LTE Parameters. (1561 views )
»Telecom O&M Engineer : Operations and Maintenance GSM & CDMA Network (739 views )
»Fresher RF Engineer : CST, Antenna Design, Microwave, Electronics and Communication (619 views )
»Telecom Executive : Configuration, Provisioning & Troubleshooting for Transmission and Networking equipment and Resolving Network problem. (633 views )
»Transmission Engineer : Hands-on Experience on PDH, SDH & DWDM Transmission Equipment’s (Muxes, Routers, Media Converters & UBR) of various vendors such as ECI, Alcatel, HP, Cisco, Mrotek, Ceragon, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE, Tejas, Tellabs, Fibcom, Nortel & Fiber Home. (1991 views )
»Transmission Engineer : SDH, DWDM, Coordinating with Fiber team for Fiber related activity through Laser Source and Power meter. (645 views )
»RF Manager : Ensure the team has done proper RFEI survey for right site. And coordination with SCM team for material movement to the site, 2G &3G roll out responsibility (916 views )
»Telecom Project Engineer : Nokia BTS Manager, Winfiol, Supervised and performed LabVIEW development, Programmed for real-time based monitoring and control systems (653 views )
»BMS Electronics Engineer : Supervision, Testing, Final Inspection of Electronics control panels (595 views )
»Railway Signal Engineer : Signaling, Preparing site Engineering manuals, installation & test procedures as per contract, Preparation of Red &Yellow works with Design Modification, Synch loop Tuning. (1956 views )
»Railway Signaling Engineer : Designing in Yard Layouts, Testing and Commissioning Engineer, Generates the reports for Analog, Digital, exceptions, speed restrictions, configuration data, and equipment expiry from time to time. (744 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : Programming, Development and Testing (648 views )
»BMS Operator : Operation and Maintenance all kinds of equipments in the Security salutation software and hardware, and BMS Control Room Responsibility of Door Access Systems, Fire Control Panel Systems, CCTV recording systems, PA Systems handling the monitoring functions (1681 views )
»Telecom Engineer : MDU Network Planning, Suggesting changes in drawings/technical clarification and to approach practical solution, Ensuring the product Quality by Quality checking as per planned design. (2022 views )
»BMS Engineer : Controller Configuration Tool, System Configuration Tool, Advance Graphics Application, Advance Graphics Application (671 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : NMS Handling, Knowledge of LAN, WAN, IP Addressing, IP Routing, Dynamic Routing, Known protocol RIP, OSPF, EIGRP. (750 views )
»BMS Engineer : CCTV Installation, PLC Automation, Fire Alarm Installation, Embeddded Systems, Pannel Board Designig, Access Control Installation (1367 views )
»Telecommunication & Network Engineer : Managing the Business customer’s orders which are on Hold, Interacting with Foreign client, various teams and customers to process the order. (1103 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : Transmission Engineer, Fiber Engineer, Optical Engineer, PMO, RoW Support (740 views )
»Telecom Engineer : Xilinx, Cadence, 8051 Controller, VHDL, RF Controlled Multi Tasking Soldier Robot (651 views )
»BMS Site Supervisor : Insulation & Servicing HVAC Automation, Testing & Commissioning HVAC Systems, VAV Flow balancing ,Schneider BMS systems & software, Winderware In Touch Visualization Software (1395 views )
»RF Engineer : Telecom BTS & RF Engineering, Having Knowledge in MW IDU And ODU Installation And trouble shooting, Attending Customer Compliant Field Visit and Resolving the network Issues. (1645 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : To Creating the New NE’s to the existing Network and creating fiber path manually in the NMS end, As per the customer requirement, shift the traffic from existing location to new location, To removing the network element in existing network, as per the customer availability (3066 views )
»Radio Network Optimiser : Post Processing Tools for Observing L3 Messages and Finding Attach Detach Values, Session Establishment Time,CSFB delay Time, Fast Return Time & Intra or Inter Handover delay time. (817 views )
»Radio Network Optimizer : Collection of Drive test data on customer specified routes / Sites/ Cluster, Analyzing the log files and find out the problems like Sector swap, Missing Neighbor, Abnormal handovers, Call Drop, Rx Level & Rx Quality. (1200 views )
»Signalling Engineer : Testing and commissioning of CBTC Signalling equipment’s, Performed test on Point Machines, Main Signals, Repeater Signals, PESB and tests involving STC to NSTC data communication (3908 views )
»BMS Supervisor : Monitors the BMS which controls all mechanical systems including of AHU control parameters, VAV boxes, equipment scheduling and operations. (1191 views )
»OSS Engineer : Ericsson OSS solutions, Veritas Volume Manager, Symantec Netbackup, Cluster Solution,Installing and updating/upgrading system for different customers (2486 views )
»Telecom Designer : Building of advertisement packet header for Data Link Layer, Network layer, Transport layer, Checking the incoming packet is valid or not. (931 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : FS for alarm rectification of RNC, Installation and Commissioning of Ceragon Microwaves, Alarm patching & alarm clearance up to the BSC end, BTS swapping from old version BTS to new arrival BTS. (1092 views )
»RF Optimizer : Optimization Frequency re-tuning, 2G drive data analysis, Co Channel & Adj Channel Interference Identification, Neighbor analysis, Analysis of drive test data to determine network issues like poor coverage areas and interference, call drops, handover problems and missing neighbor definitions. (1082 views )
»LMSR Engineer : NEC Equipment, Ceragon Link, NSN, OSN, Ericssion, Commisining & Knowledge in Transmission (1217 views )
»Fresher Electronics Communication Engineer : C,C++,Embedded C,Adaptability to any Biodiversity,Adaptability and commitment to team work,Creative thought process,Quick understanding and learning (958 views )
»BSS Engineer : Project implementation and timely delivery of sites to clients,Hands on experience working with field engineers in BTS, MW and Transmission equipments. (2170 views )
»BSS Engineer : Installations of BTS an Microwave, Commissioning of BTS and Microwave, Team Leading. (1022 views )
»Telecom Engineer : Planning, Controlling and scheduling of CDMA/GSM Installation and acceptance testing activitie, Testing on electronics equipment like-Site master, Narda and R&S etc. (1131 views )
»BMS Engineer : Power generation and transmission, Digital logic circuits & Microprocessors and Microcontrollers. (1941 views )
»RF Engineer : RF LOS Survey,EMF Survey,Site Forge,Generating Power Snap By using Citrix(LSMR) Software,RAMBOL NEP,Map Info,G-Net,Google Mapper, (2188 views )
»Telecom Manager : Monitoring Electrical Works like Electrical furnace, Transformers, Control Panels, Industrial Cranes, Production side verification. (4945 views )
»BMS Engineer : Controller Configuration Tool, System Configuration Tool, Advance Graphics Application, Advance Graphics Application (9913 views )
»Fresher BTS Engineer : BTS Link and Even Through, Cal-C, C++, Embedded System, Time Dispay On Lcd Using Micro Controller (1296 views )
»TSG/ Fault Management Engineer : Responsible for providing proper solution to customer complaints, Handling all the subscription and data charging related issues, For prepaid related issue Coordination with IN/Switch/UPPS/GGSN and Marketing team. (1936 views )
»Fresher Electronics Communication Engineer : Experience of working on PCB Designing (OrCAD), Knowledge of languages and platform in 8-bit Embedded Programming as IDE for Microcontrollers (Keil µVision), Active interest in Development, Science Projects, Internet, Software, Blogging (Writing) and Gaming. (1157 views )
»Telecom/Network Manager : Telecom,OSS,Networking,NOC Management,NOC Daily Operations,ITIL (1850 views )
»RF Engineer : Provide all RF details like Antenna Orientation, Height of the GSM antenna, and type of antenna, Freeze the number of sites in new cities based on coverage area and projected subscriber base, Benchmarking other networks (1520 views )
»Fibre Optic Engineer : Basic hardware troubleshooting related to pc such implementing hardware ,installing printer connecting input and output device (1497 views )
»BSS Engineer : Operations and Maintenance, Installation and Commissioning, Expertise in Patch up gradation & license up gradation for BSC’s, and BTS software up gradation. (5180 views )
»Telecom Engineer : Proficient in LAN/WAN Design & Support, Fiber Optic Technologies and Data Networking Implementation, Commissioning & Troubleshooting Leased Line, ISDN, Switches and Hubs (1782 views )
»Fresher Wireless Communications Engineer : Mobile Communication, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Communication, Communication electronics, Advanced Microprocessor and Micro controllers, Industrial application, Military application, Medical application, Home application. (1297 views )
»Fresher Wireless Communication Engineer : Languages C, C++, Core Java, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Logic Design, CCN, GSM, Wireless Communication, VHDL. (1889 views )
»Telecom Support Engineer : Responsible for the engineering and performance improvement of the core network nodes in a GSM system, Traffic Engineering to define traffic routing on all interfaces of a GSM network to ensure network, Integration of BTS site from BSC/OSS in BSNL, Implement site configuration changes. (2193 views )
»BTS Engineer : Troubleshooting of BSS related issues, Monitoring of BSS related issues, TRX addition and creation in different BSC�s, First level support of BSS, SITE�s migration and rehoming in different BSC�s. (1682 views )
»BSS Engineer : Collecting logs from BSC, TC and MFS for Root Cause Analysis while trouble shooting, Undertaking the Configuration and Management of Switches, Routers, CBC Servers, etc. associated with BSS Network, Dimensioning of BSS as per the customer requirements and ALU specifications, Collecting backup from BSC, modify the BSS parameters in Backup, restore backup in BSC. (1862 views )
»RF Survey Engineer : Planning of Sites for New Towns,Capacity,Coverage Sites, Infills, Planning of Off loading Sites in Urban as well as Rural area.,Highway Coverage Sites, Handling the Customer Complaint for Coverage issues,Planning the sites Accordingly. (2316 views )
»Telecom Protocol Test Engineer : Knowledge in advanced cellular technologies like 2G, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, CDMA, Basic knowledge in BLUE TOOTH, WI-FI, WI-MAX, Basic knowledge in SIP, RTP, RTCP, RTSP. (4233 views )
»Fresher Wireless Communication Engineer : C, Mainframes (COBOL, JCL), DB2, VSAM.CICS, Assembly language, VHDL,MATLAB, Embedded C, Keil Uvision and Flash magic, Micro Controller LPC2148,GSM,GPRS,LCD and Energy Meter. (1509 views )
»Nokia BTS Engineer : Expertise in Flexi/Ultra Indoor & Outdoor BTS installation, In commissioning & integration of Flexi/Ultra Indoor & Outdoor BTS, In commissioning & integration of flexi/Ultra BTS, In commissioning of FIU 19E with proper cross connection, In commissioning of various cascading sites. (3462 views )
»Fresher Telecom Engineer : Instrumentation, Telecom & Electronics, C , C++ , DSA & Core Java Programming Language. (1568 views )
»Ericsson BTS Project Engineer : Installation and commissioning of Nokia Flexi and Ultra BTS(VODAFONE Project), Worked on Nokia BTS Manager. Worked on Nokia Hub Manager, NEC Link, Pasolink PNMT, Complete knowledge of outdoor part like Antenna, feeders, ODU, connectors etc. (1704 views )
»BSS Operations Engineer : Installation, Rectification of Nokia TMA (Tower Mount Amplifier), Installation, Commissioning & Integration of Nokia Ultra Site BTS (Airtel Sites), Installation & Commissioning of Nokia Ultra Site BTS Sites, Installation & Commissioning of Nokia Flexi BTS Sites. (1763 views )
»Fresher Signal Systems Engineer : Digital Electronics, Signal And System, Wearable Senser Based Wireless Braille Natural Keypad. (1335 views )
»Fresher Electronics Telecommunication Engineer : Basic Electronics, Telecommunication, GSM Technology, Digital Heart Beat Counter, Programming Language C, Wireless electronic voting machine. (1548 views )
»Electronic Communication System Engineer : Proficiency in Electronic Communication Systems, Instrumentation and System Engineering, Knowledge in System Analysis and Requirements understanding, C, Assembly language. (1483 views )
»Fresher Telecom Engineer : Telecom Networks (GSM, CDMA, OFC & OFC Splicing, Broadband, MLLN), Cisco Packet Tracer, Learnt to configure a network consisting of Routers, switches, hubs, PCs through different protocols. (1688 views )
»Fresher Electronics Communication Engineer : Have Elementary Knowledge Of Matlab, C/c++, Proficient With Mobile Communications, Reasonably Good In Data Communication & Networking, Image Processing. (1454 views )
»Fresher Telecom Engineer : Mat lab, �C� Programming, 4NEC2, Multisim, Keil uVision, Assembly, Embedded C, Flash Magic, Diptrace software, Microcontroller. (1462 views )
»Fresher Telecom Engineer : Matlab, HFSS, CST Tools, Autocad, C, Core Java, Design and Development of Tapered Spiral Helix Antenna in the Frequency Range, Collide Vehicle Information Capturing using GPS and GSM Technologies. (4112 views )
»Fresher RF Engineer : Embedded Systems, VLSI, BI (Business intelligence) with MS-SQL and Oracle on windows, EP (Enterprise portal) with MS-SQL and Oracle on windows, PI (Process integration) with MS-SQL, Solution Manager with MS-SQL and ORACLE. (1505 views )
»RF Optimization Engineer : Optimization, Drive Tests, RF Site Surveys, and Transmission survey, Neighbor & Frequency Optimization, Analysis of Statistics and Drive tests Data for monitoring the performance of the network and generate report of the findings. (3130 views )
»Fresher Data Communication Engineer : Cellular Mobile Communication, Data Communications, C, C++, Done Project in Advance security system using face recognizer and Object Counter. (1361 views )
»BTS Installation Engineer : GSM & Wireless Technology, BTS Installation, PLC, Programming Languages C,data Structure, Core Subjects Electrical Machines (1387 views )
»OSS/BSS Engineer : Troubleshooting & rectification of OSS Alarms, Working on NetAct Report Builder, Working on OSS and OSS Server, Troubleshooting & rectification alarms of BSC, Working on Router and link of BSC. (5142 views )
»BTS Engineer : Installation of BTS, GSM, Feeder cable, Connector, Jumpers, Flexi Hopper and Microwave antenna, Commissioning of Nokia Ultra BTS, Nokia RRI and E1/T1, Nokia FIU 19E & SEMENS IDU. (1708 views )
»RF Optimization Engineer : Optimization, Drive Tests, RF Site Surveys, Transmission survey, Neighbor & Frequency Optimization and Planning using MCOM 4.2, Analysis of Statistics and Drive tests Data for monitoring the performance of the network and generate report of the findings. (1557 views )
»RF Engineer : Searching the Appropriate Nominal, Generation and submission of LOS survey report, Checking for obstacle details that may obstruct the transmission path of MW link as planned. (4039 views )
»RF Engineer : Image Steganography, Cryptography, Mobile Communication, and Virtual Instrumentation, Languages(electronics simulation) MATLAB , MASM, B2spice, VHDL. (1453 views )
»RF Engineer : Network-Optimization by drive tests, antenna tilts, antenna orientation changes and tuning the Cell-RF parameters, Analysis of Drive Log files & providing solutions for customer complaints (1516 views )
»RF Drive Test Engineer : Responsible to fine tune the RF hardware (GSM Antenna, Duplexer, Amplifiers etc) & WCDMA DRIVE TEST & for optimum utilization and better quality. (1647 views )
»Wireless Operator : Giving Protection To Military VIP�s, Control Of Military Transits Camp, In Charge Of Cantonments Maintenance, Safety And Security. (1562 views )
»Telecom Transmission Engineer : Handling the all NMS activities, Rectifying the Transmission related issue, Backup of Cisco routers, Cisco switches & Huawei switches on weekly basis, MPBN Configuration & Fault management. (8189 views )
»Telecom Engineer : Operation And Maintenance Of Bts Of Wimax Base Station, Point To Point Links, Optimization Of The Wimax Base Station, Installation And Commissioning Of Base Stations And Subscriber Radios For Tcl, Tcisl, Ttsl, & Ericsson. (1719 views )
»RF/ BTS Engineer : RF Survey, LOS Engineering, EMF Survey, Map Info, RL Tool, Telecommunication, Communication theory (1550 views )
»Fresher B.Tech. ECE : Nokia Ultra & Flexi BTS Drive test, RF & LOS Test Telecom Equipments & Technology, Work on Installation and Commissioning of Nokia Ultra Edge & Flexi BTS. (1496 views )
»Fresher B.E. Electronics and Telecommunication : Microcontroller, GSM Modem, C Programming, Keil and Matlab, Done Project in Multi User GSM Based Wireless Electronics Notice Board. (1437 views )
»Fresher Broadband Technician : C, C++, VHDL & Verilog, SQL, Oracle, MsSQL Server, Red Hat Linux, Communication, Surveillance and Security Equipments, Electronic switches, Multiplexers and Broadband (1870 views )
»Fresher RF Optimization Engineer : C Programming, MATLAB, XILINX, Running Message Display, Electronic Notice Board (1443 views )
»BMS Commissioning Engineer : Preparing Sequence of Operation for BMS Systems (AHU, FCU, VAV, EF Etc), Submittals for Material Approval from ARAMCO, Preparing Technical Comparison Sheet. (8596 views )
»Fresher B.Tech ECE : C Language, Java, Signal And Telecomm, Basic Electronics, Electronic Devices, Gesture Controlled Robot Using Accelerometer (1517 views )
»Fresher Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer : Assembly language, C language, VHDL, Mat lab, Embedded, Multisim Circuit simulator, Labview, Flash magic, Expresspcb, pad2pad, Microwind back end, Software Ride, HTML, Microcap Evaluation (1438 views )
»Telecom Engineer : Supervise proper installation and commissioning of Ericsson RBS (Radio Base Station) RBS 2206, RBS2204, 2202 antenna system installation, power system, installation of transmission network Mini-Link C. (1892 views )
»Nokia WCDMA BTS Engineer : Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Adobe Dreamweaver, Operation, Maintenance and Testing of GSM and WCDMA supported system, Installation, commissioning and trouble shooting of (NSN, Huawei) telecom equipments. (1617 views )
»RF and TND Survey Engineer : Magnetic Compass, Altimeter, GSM, and CDMA Handsets with net monitor to check Rx level, Binocular, Measuring Tape, Digital camera, Data Card. (2512 views )
»Leading Radio Operator : Capable of organizing training and managing telecom organization involving Radio System including high power transmitter and EW equipments. (1445 views )
»Radio Operator/ Administrator : Operated all types of advanced Radio communication equipments used for the Maritime Mobile Service, including GMDSS equipments. (3087 views )
»Radio Operator/ Telegraphist : Network Administration, Provided technical expertise in setting up and managing communication systems and effectively used various communication equipment (all HF and V/UHF sets) (1710 views )
»Broadcast Engineer : Installation and maintenance of D.S.N.G.VAN, Operating TANDBERG,SCOPUS and SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA Encoder/modulator, Installation of O.B set up, Full-fledged knowledge in operating a D.S.N.G VAN (2852 views )
»Fresher Graduate Engineer Trainee : Installing Relaying, Instrumentation, Analyzers and Safety Instrumented System, PLC, SCADA, Graphics Development, Tag Name Generation, Animation (5621 views )
»Fresher Telecom Engineer : BTS,BSC,MSC. C, MATLAB,VHDL (1478 views )
»Railway Signal Engineer : Installation of BSC, Making Estimate, BOQ�s and Tender Document (8816 views )
»Telecom Project Manager/ Engineer : GSM STRUCTER, BTS, FIU, CERAGON, Installing and commissioning of (NOKIA FLEXI), ULTRA,& METRO BTS Microwave and Transmission units and performing acceptance test on GSM, 900/1800 BAND (1799 views )
»Fresher Graduate Trainee : C (1360 views )
»Telecom O&M Engineer : Operations and Maintenance GSM & CDMA Network (10590 views )
»Telecom Network Engineer : Nokia Ultra, Nokia flexi hopper, MATLAB (1653 views )
»Fresher Telecom Production support / Maintenance Engineer : C,C++,Java,Oracle,Html,Xml (1692 views )
»Telecom BSS Support Engineer : TDMA, FDMA, UMTS, GSM, SS7, X-25, OMCR, OSS (2667 views )
»3G RF Engineer : UMTS, TEMS 13.0.1, 12.0.2 PROBE 2.1.3, 2.1.5 Map Info 8.5, Ms office Excel, Actix, Citrix, OSS, ENIQ, VMCC, X-CALDO (2101 views )
»Telecom Network Engineer : CCNA, 2G and 3G BTS &MW Equipment (2081 views )
»Fresher Junior Telecom Officer : matlab,cdma system (1543 views )
»Fresher Radio Frequency Engineer : FOA Testing, Drive Test Route Planning (2604 views )
»Broadcast Engineer Cum Schedule Programmer : Software Installation, Studer Maintenance (1729 views )
»Fresher VHF Wireless Communication Systems Engineer : Towers Manufacturing, Motorola Kenwood Repeaters (1758 views )
»Nokia Flexi BTS Operations Engineer : Network Management System, Anritsu, Bird (3031 views )
»Operation Maintenance NSS Switch Engineer : Routine System Backup, Digit Translation (2961 views )
»RF Transmission Engineer : RL Tool, Path LOS For LOS Checking (2095 views )
»Ericsson Operation Maintenance Engineer : Winfoil, Mini Link Craft, BPFTP (3888 views )
»NSS Field Switch Engineer : Cryptography, Network Security (2009 views )
»BSS Field Operations Maintenance Engineer : Winfoil, Hicap, Minilink PDH (2060 views )
»BSS/OMC Engineer : Operate Fault Management, BSC Rehoming (2499 views )
»Ericsson BTS Implementation Engineer : PDH-SDH Hop Conversion, Testing (2876 views )
»OMCR/BSS Engineer : GSM Signaling, GPRS Parameters Modification (4254 views )
»Nokia Flexi BTS Engineer : Alcatels BTS A9100, Lucents GSM Flexent (5881 views )
»BTS Installation Maintenance Engineer : SIEMENS, NOKIA, PDH Integration (1753 views )
»Telecom BSS Engineer : GSM Technology, Wireless Communication (1851 views )
»Fresher Fiber Optic Engineer : UG Cable Layout Drafting, Drum Testing (13092 views )
»Lead Fiber Engineer : Telecom Network Management (3676 views )
»Telecom Optical Network Development Manager : 2G/ 3G Implementation (1668 views )
»GSM/ BSS Drive Test Engineer : HUAWEI BTS/BSC Maintenance (3204 views )
»BTS Installation Commissioning Engineer : Siemens M/W IDU SRAL XD (8461 views )
»Telecom Installation Supervisor : EDX Modeling (2239 views )
»3G BTS Engineer : 3G BTS Installation, Commissioning & Integration (2694 views )
»Telecom BTS Engineer : Flexi EDGE BTS, NSN Hybrid (6654 views )
»Telecom RF Engineer / BSS Engineer / BTS Engineer : Siemens SRAL (4397 views )
»Telecom Field Engineer : Nokia BTS Manager (3303 views )
»Wire line Engineer : Telecom Transmission Network Management (2400 views )
»RF Drive Test Engineer : GSM Channels, Burst, Security Algorithms (7510 views )
»Telecom Engineer : Installation & Testing, Maintenance (2264 views )
»Fibre Optic Communication Engineer : Mat lab, Lab view, Masm, Top view simulator (1887 views )
»Fresher Telecom Engineer : VHDL, Microprocessor (2239 views )
»Fresher Telecontrol/ Communication Engineer : Hardware, Networking (1926 views )
»Fresher Telecom Hardware Engineer : Designs/ Develops Telecommunications Systems (1954 views )
»RF Optimization Engineer : GSM Antenna, Duplexer, Amplifiers (4899 views )