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List of Maintenance Engineer / Manager Resumes( 221 )

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»Boiler Maintanence Engineer : Boiler, Turbine, planning solve the solution and applying permit SAP, Monitoring of rotary equipment, Boiler hydro-test parts and Valve, Activity monitoring. (236 views )
»Operation & Maintenance Engineer : Conveyors, Chuetes, Gallery, Track Line & Stacker Machine working. RMHS, Sinter Plant, HSM & By-Product (292 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Boiler, Turbine, Boiler Feed Pump, Air-cooled condensers, Electrostatic Precipitators and rotating equipment. Planning solve the solution and applying permit in SAP. Monitoring of rotary equipment, Boiler Hydro-test Pressure Parts and valve activity Monitoring. (367 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Autocad, Piping, Format, Punch Point Closing, (Lube Oil Tank Cleaning, Lube Oil Flushing, Mesh Changing, Filter Cleaning, Mop Inspection/ Overhauling (328 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Improving production output using Performance Measurement, Kaizen, CAPA, Poka-Yoke & other relevant tools, production forecasts with input from production planning to ensure maximum production while taking into account MTTR & MTBF. (371 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules of various machineries and instruments to increase machine up time and equipment reliability (690 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Drawings, Planning of Projects, Erection & Maintenance, Theoretical knowledge of Different Electrical Instruments (592 views )
»Boiler Operation & Maintenance Engineer : Handling equipment, knowledge about hot and cold starup, servicing and maintaining any pressure leakage in safety valve, pressure pumps,ID fans,ms office, Basic computer knowledge (537 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Knowledge of Electrical Machines, Switchgear & Protection, Installation and Programming of VFD such as Allen Bradley. (618 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Rotating Equipment, Predictive & Proactive Maintenance, Planning, Resource &Materials Management, Plant Management, Budgeting/Cost Control (894 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Overall responsibility of Maintenance /management/ operation of Tower Crane/Batching Plant/Transit mixer/Roller /concrete pumps/Spare and other correlated equipment’s. (711 views )
»Automation & Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Instrumentation & Control, Operations & Maintenance, Project Planning and Management, Preventive & Breakdown Maintenance (1137 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Analysis of Machine failures, Estimation of maintenance costs, Assessing the need of equipment replacements, spare parts, Assessment of the required tool for maintenance of the equipment (674 views )
»Utility Maintenance Engineer : Relay Control card, Frequency Generator, Temperature Controller, Soldering Gun, Solving Process Related Issues. (925 views )
»Power Plant Maintinance Engineer : Preventive maintenance of mechanical equipments. Spare parts planning, Shutdown planning etc, Mechanical documentation, monthly report preparation and spare part planning (637 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Manager : Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Exposure, Planning & executing predictive & preventive maintenance program of plant Equipment’s & utilities to enhance the equipment reliability & increasing m/c uptime. (1070 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Handling manpower and Reducing Losses To Achieve Maximum Productivity, Ensuring The Men, Resources, Machine, Saftey & Saftey Enviroment. (796 views )
»Plant & Machinery Engineer : Mechanical Construction Equipment Maintenance, Responding immediately to equipment breakdowns. (2574 views )
»Power Plant Engineer : Production and Manufacturing, Supply Chain Management and Logistics, Fabrication and Structure, Power Plant (697 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Handle both preventive and curative maintenance to ensure all machines are in good condition and allow production teams to guarantee customer’s requirement, Handling Maintenance of Vacuum Brazing furnaces, Autoclaves, and allied Machinery like, Vacuum Pumps, Booster pumps, Diffusion Pumps etc. (938 views )
»Power Plant Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Resource Planning & Material Management, Following TPM, ISO, EMS, OHSAS, Manpower planning & handling, Planning for time & cost reduction. (2460 views )
»Electrical & Utility Maintenance Manager : Managing Mechanical, instrumentation, electrical maintenance related tasks including planning, control and trouble shooting. (1613 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Manager : Project planning, execution of equipment for Project, inspection of material, Erection and commissioning of Mechanical equipments, Monitoring project progress and ensuring completion of the project within the time, and quality parameters specified. (1108 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Analyze breakdown data in order to improve the efficiency and performance the various Plant machines, Ensure reliability is highest possible and where needed facilitate / perform root cause investigations to increase reliability and general performance of equipment (944 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Regular checking of all mechanical equipments of the line, Preventive and predictive maintenanceof all line working instruments and maintain its recordsaccording to ISO standards. (987 views )
»MEP Engineer : Maintenance, Installation, Testing & Commissioning, Building Automation system for all HVAC equipment. (3522 views )
»Fiber Optic Engineer : Perform regular security checks on workstations and servers, Configuring wireless modem and resolving Internet connectivity problems, Providing network administration and support, Helping customers with their network related issues. (1111 views )
»HVAC Maintenance Supervisor : Responsible for construction & maintenance mechanical activities through the supervision in respect of HSE, method, working practices, quality and timely execution of the works, Handled the tasks of preparing initial commissioning process and update the same to the commissioning engineer or manager. (3503 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : HT, PCC, MCC, Controlling and Maintenance, Operation and Maintanence of stationary and rotating equipment in Plant of motors range upto 4900kw, 6kv with GRR and LRS control. (930 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of Equipment like Roller Press, Belt Conveyors, Bucket elevators, Gearboxes, Process fans and screw conveyors. (508 views )
»Fresher Maintenance Engineer : Welding, Erection in Piping, AutoCAD, CREO, Design and fabrication of automatic stamping machine using scotch yoke mechanism (804 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Maintain Critical Spares, Material Indent, and Reservation of Materials, Monthly Costing, Purchase requisition order, pending item list, and stock overview on SAP –PM Module (1601 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Switch Gear System, Performing Preventive/Predictive/Breakdown of Electrical Equipments, Power Distribution Board Manufacturers (1180 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Manager : Maintenance & operation of Grinding Ball mill, Scrubber mill, Hydraulic press filter, thickener and their Hydraulic system, Maintenance of slurry pumps, process water pumps, Scrubber screen,Hydrocyclone,spiral section, Magnetic separator, vibrating screen and reciprocating pump for dosing system in thickener (2042 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Understanding of Hydraulic &Pneumatic circuit, Knowledge of Hydraulic pumps, cylinder and hydraulic valves (1058 views )
»Construction & Maintenance Engineer : Preparing system based documentation to reduce maintenance cost, Load shedding according to Load Dispatch centre, Maintenance work of all switchgear equipments and EHV lines from 132 KV to 400 KV, overseeing maintenance work of power transformer, Air Compressors, Switchgears, DG, Emulsifier/ Fire Fighting System. (1504 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Store Material Handling, Preventive maintenance of machinery, Conducting Inspections, Maintaining record of maintenance jobs done daily. (1628 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Industrial Power Plant, Steel Plant, Autocad, Solid Works Design & Drafting (1013 views )
»Facility Manager : Fault addressing and rectification of control circuits, inter locking, automation and BMS system, Preparation of inquiry, sizing and specification for all equipments, Operation & Maintenance of Electro-mechanical systems, Plumbing System, STP Plant, Fire System, HVAC, Access Control System, UPS System, PLC system and BMS system. (1344 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Maintaining & trouble shooting problem in VFD, sensor, Transmitter, Display unit, PLC, EPBX, Weighing bridges, Planning for Predictive and preventive maintenance. (1299 views )
»Electrical & Maintenance Engineer : Construction, Pre-Commissioning & Commissioning of Electrical Systems such as Distributions boards, Solar panels, AC UPS, Battery banks, Battery Breaker Box and Cathodic Protection System. (1099 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Preparation of internal test plans in the required standard of the customer, Final inspection of outgoing products with reefing customer / quality requirements, Responsible for controlling & monitoring of incoming inspection of all bought out items as per technical Specifications (999 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Planning for resources and manpower for planned shutdown of the plant and execution including start-up, DailyPower monitoring, calculations and reporting at monthly basis. (1094 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Overseeing maintenance of Transformers, Circuit breakers, Generators, motors, all MCC panels,EOT Crane, Induction furnace, Lab equipments etc., Trouble shooting of Motors, control panels and Underground belt conveyor systems. (1148 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Responsible for Plant Process and Plant maintenance, Set Stock Levels of Machine Spares, Preparation of Auditable documents, Making & Maintaining Machine wise Preventive. (1232 views )
»Signal Engineer : Maintenance of GE Electronic Interlocking, Salient knowledge of ATP, ATO and ATS, Siemens CBI (Electronic Interlocking). (1413 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Implementing strategies related to maintenance procedure, Performing routine maintenance inspection of equipment to identify and respond to problems in a timely manner thus preventing breakdowns. (1107 views )
»Site Maintenance Engineer : Power Plant, Industrial Management, Construction & Production. (1048 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Mechanical Work in Four & Two Wheelers (1043 views )
»Electrical & Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer : Utilization of technical expertise to improve production processes and introduce equipment upgrades and changes, utilizing, Assist in preparation of Inspection and Test Plans, Work Method Statements etc. (1116 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Panel Erection, Machine Wiring & Commissioning & Testing, PLC Automation & Panel Maintenance, AC/DC Circuits & DC Power Supply (1052 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : A Novel Approach For Controlling Distribution Power Flow Using DPFC Fact Device, PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT (1032 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Having Knowledge & Experience of all types of mechanical maintenance including Shutdown, Routine, Preventive, Predictive maintenance of Raw Mill (310 TPH) & Raw Mill(400 TPH), Kiln (4300 TPD) and Kiln (5000 TPD), Cooler, Cement Mill, Coal Mill, Crusher (impact type, 650 TPH), stacker-reclaimer and their inspections. (1344 views )
»Refractory Incharge : Looking after all the refractory activity for SMS, Iron making, Sinter plants & power plant refractory related activity of procurement, planning, & execution of jobs of all these units. (4068 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Maintenances of utility equipment such as AHU system, DG, Knowledge of working with different type sensor like temperature proximity and encoder, Routine maintenance break-down maintenance of different type SPMs. (2438 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Responsible for supporting and guiding the team for selecting right tool on right grade for achieving the target, Preparing and implementing action plans effectively tomaximize overall equipment efficiency of production machines. (1209 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Preventive Maintenance,Corrective Maintenance, Running Maintenance,Shutdown Works of Plant Equipments, Geaboxes, Gearcoupling, Scoop Coupling, Fluid Coupling, Belt Conveyors, Stacker Cum Reclimer Etc. (2944 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Site Supervision, Construction supervision, Monitoring and Installation of Geotech instruments, Maintenance of instruments. and machinery, Data Evaluation, Billing (1307 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Boiler and Turbine Accessories, Troubleshooting and root cause analysis of mechanical breakdown, To plan & execute the maintenance schedule for up keep of equipment’s. (1197 views )
»MEP Director/Manager : Prepare packages of documentation for area / equipment turnovers Interface with project management and client, Estimate and scope Mechanicaltrades during pre-construction, Review Contract Documents, making suggestions/modifications as they relate to the Mechanicaltrades. (3072 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Selection of relays & push button for control circuit, Wiring of Relays for DOL starters (1497 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : PLC, HMI, SCADA, VFD, SERVO, SENSORS, Programming of controllers, Drives etc, Design of User Interface, Project Coordination & planning with Client (1125 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Overhauling, preventive maintenance, Running maintenance of plants like Rope waysEquipments, pump, Geaboxes, Compressors, Conveyors, Hydroulic Cylinders, Hydroulic systems etc. (2948 views )
»Maintenance Manager : Programming and Screen designing process and machinery both, Monthly Maintenance of Water Treatment Plant (WTP), ETP, Industrial Air Compressor, cooling towers, Pumps etc (Utility). (1363 views )
»Fresher Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance, System work, Clapping Switch, Home energy management and load monitoring safety system using GSM (1079 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Supervise the maintenance department activities, Responsible for maintaining and repairing heavy equipment required in the day to day working like Hyva,Motorgrader,Wheel loader,Paver Dozer,Backhoe loader etc. (1316 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : SAP, AutoCAD, Automobile, Thermodynamics, Renewable energy (1103 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Handling operational responsibility of electrical & mechanical equipments work regarding preventive, routine & breakdown maintenance. (1339 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Trouble shooting and up keeping the electrical equipment, systems and protection, Planning of shutdown activities, manpower need and spares Responsible for monitoring, supervising (1173 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Knowledge in Preventive & Breakdown maintenance of HT panels, LT panels, Lighting Systems, Attending of troubleshooting jobs with using Drawings for HT Panels, SF6 Breakers, ACB, VCB breakers. (7803 views )
»Operation & Maintenance Engineer : Operation and maintenance of sub station equipments including issuing safety work permits. Trouble shooting, condition monitoring. (1324 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Reviewing the project related documents such as Engineering specifications, single line diagrams of Electrical Power Distribution System, Preparation Of the cable schedules, Cable Tray Layout, Lighting & Communication Layouts, data sheets and interface execution methodologies to ensure compliance as per approved specifications. (1255 views )
»Plant & Machinery Incharge : Generator, Vibro roller, Air compressor, Batching Plant, Excavator, Concrete-pump & Transit Mixer related maintenance & documentation. (6096 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Erection, Commissioning, operations & Maintenance, Proficiency in streamlining the working procedures, formulating cost effective solutions for enhancing Production operations (2022 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Heat & Mass Transfer, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, Thermal Engineering, Production Engineering (1214 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Matlab,Autucad (2D Drafting), Belt Conveyors ,Bucket Elevators ,Screw Conveyors ,Air slides ,Ball Mill ,Bag Filters (1108 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Planning and effecting preventive maintenance schedules of various machineries and instruments to increase machine up time and equipment reliability. (4163 views )
»Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer : Operation & maintenance Instruments, Power Plant Automation, Instrument Installation, Calibration, Basic Programming of DCS & PLC in Ladder logic & FBD, Field Instruments and control equipment’s (3557 views )
»BMS Operator : CMMS, Maxima, AutoCAD, Quite knowledge of HSE & TBT, Superior operation knowledge of heating, air-conditioning, plumbing and electrical system (20734 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : PLC,VFD, Penal, Instrumentation,Operation and program parameters by keypad mode, Communication with PLC and controlling with SCADA Software (2134 views )
»Instrument Maintenance Engineer : Developed many innovative system and procedures to improve the reliability and availability of the plant instrumentation system well versed in factory acceptance test (FAT) and site acceptance test (SAT) procedures reviewing specifications, standards, procedures and package documentation. Developed many innovative system and procedure to improve the reliability availability of the plant instrumentation sysWell versed in factory acceptance test (FAT) and site acceptance test (SAT) procedures. (1322 views )
»Utility Maintenance Manager : Boiler ETP Waste Water Recycling RO Compressors, Thermopac HVAC DM Plant Softening Water Plant Fire Fighting System (3488 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Allocation of work for manpower, Monitoring the lubricants level and machine condition, Maintaining the spares inventory as per requirement. (1552 views )
»Plant Maintenance Engineer : Responsibilities for monitoring and supervising operation,maintenance,installation and repair of equipment and maintain records of equipments with ISO, listing and maintain all spare parts of equipment. (3130 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Manager : Looking after Electrical Operation and Maintenance activities of BTG, Preparation and implementation of SOPs and SMPs. Preparation and execution of Preventive Maintenance and Shutdown maintenance schedules. Generating necessary records/files/registers/logs for the equipment data and correspondence with related agencies, Liaison and co-ordination with PTC (power trading corporation), SRLDC, Power Grid regarding power schedules, curtailments during outages of unit, switchyard and line maintenance LCs. (3864 views )
»Steel Plant Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Prepare preliminary work for the beginning of the project work at site, Reviewing the Single Line Drawings, Management of Supervisory Personnel at Site, Submit Daily Report of the work done at Site to the Manager. (2811 views )
»Tool Room/ Mould Maintenance Engineer : Mould maintenance, Responsible for planning & conducting internal audits.on matters related to the Quality System, Data collection & record maintain of Moulds History (1834 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of mechanical equipments of Injection Molding machines (heat exchangers, pumps, hydraulic actuators, pressure parts etc.) for routine, preventive and predictive maintenance, Coordinating with plant operations department for plant-related jobs (1467 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance & Operation of Screw Compressor, Chiller, Work shop & Project Work Humidity Plant, Record & maintain of schedule & Preventive Maintenance. (1395 views )
»Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Monitoring on-site erection/installation & commissioning activities of various equipments/machinery to ensure completion of project within the time & cost parameters and effective resource utilisation to maximise the output, Undertaking tests & inspections for ensuring operational effectiveness of equipment. (1817 views )
»Mechanical Power Plant Maintenance Manager : Maintenance of steam turbine, Boilers( AFBC,CFBC,WHRB), rotating euipments,FANS,pumpswtp,chp,ahp (3729 views )
»Mechanical Graduate Engineering Trainee : Material Indentation and Inventory Control, Manpower Planning, work-allocation, billing works with Contractors, Zero breakdown, computerized maintenance Management, Maintenance planning &Spare parts planning. (1477 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Superwise man power & engaged in fundamentals and maintenance of E.O.T Cranes, Induction Furnaces, Centrifugal Pumps, Softner, D.M Plant, Heat Exchanger ,Slug Crusher & Workshop equipments. (1576 views )
»Electrical Maintenance engineer : Maintenance of equipment within the planned budget. Reduce Break downs thereby increase productivity, During power restriction periods, daily planning and preparing plant operation schedule as per the requirement of operation department by considering maximum demand and units (KVAH) available, Review of maintenance results and discussion with G.M and other departmental heads. (1575 views )
»Boiler Operation & Maintenance Engineer : Emergency handling of CFBC Boiler, Responsible for safe Startup and Shutdown, Have knowledge of hot & cold startup, Ability to take quick action during emergencies, Make periodic inspections to see that all equipment and controls are operating properly and are in good condition. (11250 views )
»Mechanical Graduate Trainee Engineer : Supervision of Maintenance work of Utility Equipments in pharma service department, Supervision of Hydrogenation Area, Complete knowledge of SAP system, General Administrative work like Bill passing Procedure and other. (5837 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenances for Utility System Pumps, Compressor, Demi water Plant, Cooling Tower Pump Room, Waste Water system and Pump Room, Preventive and Breakdown Maintenances for greasing of bearings, making chain tension adjustments, tracking belts, others depending upon your system's unique requirements and equipment (2467 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical maintenances support Power Generation / Distribution, Effective time management Power saving & consumption, Operation Maintenance Diagnose /Troubles shoot problems, Budgeting & scheduling Automated control system (4220 views )
»Mechanical Equipment Engineer : To assist in supervising others involved in distribution, maintenance, construction, and operation of plant equipment and infrastructure, To inspect, survey and report on operation and condition of plant mechanical equipment; assist in preparing specifications and standards for maintenance. (1817 views )
»Maintenance Supervisor : Maintenance all pumps, Sludge Pump, all conveyor- over head conveyor, slat conveyor, pneumatic guns, impact guns, cranes, compressor, DG sets, Burner, Boiler, cooling tower and oven, hydraulics press m/c, hydra pneumatic press m/c, pneumatics press m/c, washing m/c, paint pumps, paint guns electrostatic, RO system pneumatics and hydraulic cylinder, Oil dispense unit, Condition based Maintenance practices. (2202 views )
»Cement Plant Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of all cement plant equipments and fabrication, erection, estimation, drowing checking,commissning,manpower maintenance etc (6520 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Project Planning, Execution, Erection of structures, Mechanical and Rotating Equipment’s in various cement and chemical plants. Plant Maintenance, Production Planning in Dry Process Cement Plants. (3461 views )
»Maintenance & Operation Engineer : Participating in planning and scheduling site activities to ensure completion of the project within the time and budgetary parameters and for optimizing resource utilization, Identifying project bottlenecks and undertaking corrective measures. (1810 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Equipments Maintenance, BMS,HVAC Variable Frequency Drives, Relays,TVSS, Circuit Breakers, Electrical Equipments installation by using Design drawing, ,Low current system such as Telephone, Projector, Fire Alarm & Safety System, CCTV, and familiar with international codes and standards. (1936 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : HVAC, Maintenance Engineering, AUTO CAD, PROE, ANSYS, Preventive Maintenance for AHU’s and UTILITY EQIPEMENT’s. (2019 views )
»Plant Maintenance Engineer : Erection & Commissioning of field instrument like Speed Switch, Shaft Encoder, Pressure Switch, Pressure & Temperature Transmitter, RTD, Thermocouple etc. (1757 views )
»Site Maintenance Engineer : Involved in the examination, development as well as testing of mechanical equipment and tools. Responsible for providing engineering support for workshop activities to ensure that components and equipment is maintained and refurbished correctly. (1932 views )
»Fresher Thermal Power Plant Engineer : Production Of Continuous Power With Limited Raw Material By Using The Theme Of Hydro Power Plant, Protection Of Three Phase Lines From Overload And Short Circuiting With Audio-visual Alarm (2030 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Renewable Energy Sources, Generation Transmission & Distribution, Electrical Machines, Power Electronics, Hardware & Networking. (1774 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : To monitor preventive maintenance work of above lines, Maintaining and monitoring of AirOil System for W/R and BUR Bearings of United Make mill, Working with hydraulic systems , servo systems, piston pumps, vane, gear pumps, Pneumatic systems, Different types of hydraulic & pneumatic. Valves (2679 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Preventive Maintenance Planning & follow up maintenance, Compressor room, Water softening plant, Fire Hydrant & Pump Room, LPG yard, ETP & STP Plant, Diesel Generator & Diesel Compressor. (2006 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Planning of PMS, Various maintenance schedules, Breakdown jobs and prioritizing Jobs, Indenting of material and planning of manpower, Effective Utilization of resources, material and Timely completion of jobs. (1730 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : To ensure that preventive maintenance activities are carried out as per the maintenance schedule, To ensure that breakdown maintenance activities are completed with minimum loss of production time, Preventive maintenance of all equipment like compressors & receiver tank. (3284 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Production, Maintenance, Quality, Design, Auto Cad, Pro-E, Basic Knowledge On Catia, Design Of Automatic Valve Locking Device In Plug Valve. (1572 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Officer : Coordinating for Maintenance & Installation of machines in the plant, Overhauling and Inspection operations of the equipment, Responsible for operation and planned maintenance Of electrical .& electronic equipment, Risk assessment of work, for Smooth function of equipment and remote system. (2376 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Supervision of all maintenance activities in Mixing Area, Preventive maintenance activities in Mixing Area, Modification work, if required, Planning PM schedule & shut down activities. (2440 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Operation and Maintenance of Tractor, Study of Sub- assemblies of Tractor, Study, Operation, Maintenance and Repair of 5 H.P. Single cylinder Diesel Engine, Introduction to Tractor Testing Activities and Testing Procedure. (1535 views )
»Deputy Manager : Interpret Drawings (P & Id's, Ga's, Shop Drawings Etc.), Review Specifications Concerning, Equipments, Piping, Valves, Fittings & Mechanical Works, Experience In Technical Evaluations Of Mechanical Works Vendor Quotations. (1972 views )
»Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Power Plant Maintenance, Maintenance Of Boiler And Auxiliaries, Capsule Cooler (1911 views )
»Power Plant Mechanical Engineer : Maintenance Operations Process Control Team Coordination, Developing & executing maintenance plans to achieve optimum performance levels of all production & utility equipment in the plant, without any loss of production activity. (1926 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Preparing The Schedule For The Preventive Maintenance To Avoid Break Down And For Maximum Utilization For The Operation, Pre-planned Preparation For The Repetitive Break Down Spares To Reduce Down Time, Shut Down Maintenance Job, Spare Planning And Inventory Control Activity. (2358 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Responsible for break down & Preventive Maintenance of plant, Electrical and Mechanical maintenance of tower, proof testing and colouring machines, Vendor development, Spare parts planning. (2721 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance and installation of all Hotel equipment like Transformer, Generator (DG), Electrical panels, breakars, pumps, boiler and laundry machinery etc, Preparing project Estimating & BOQ, Preparing & checking bills as per technical specification, Project Execution as Per Drawing. (1796 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Preventive, Productive & breakdown maintenance of Gearbox, Belt Conveyers, Vibro feeder, Vibration Screen, Weigh feeder, Wet Scraper, E.O.T. Crane, Sinter machine, Hot sinter breaker, Coke Crusher, E.S.P, Hammer mill, Bagfilter etc. Along with shut-down work. (2588 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of RMC Plant, Tippers, Transit Mixer Including Machinery, Batching plant, Excavators, Transit Mixers, concrete Pump and Boom Placer. (3097 views )
»Operation and Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of load in accordance with water level at the forebay, Maintain required level of oil in transformers of the substations, Checking the temperatures of the bearings in PLC and manual. (1771 views )
»Marine Engineer : Follow Up The Implementation Of The Plan Maintenance For The Ships Fleet, Verification The Maintenance And Operation Records & Procedures (1900 views )
»Facility Manager : Inventory Control, Project Planning, Preventive Maintenance, Procedure Development, Vendor Management, Facility Management, Shutdown Coordination, Staff Management, Tenant/Guest Relations (1996 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Construction of Overhead line 11 KV Double Circuit Rabbit Conductor, Errection of 25kva, 63kva, 1ookva, Transformers & testing and commissioning. (1667 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of Omni Screen, Impart Crusher, Belt Conveyer, Gears And Gear Boxes, Tripper, Recalmber, Stracker. (1657 views )
»Maintenance Mechanic : Quality, Production, Repair, Problem solving of Internal customer by Quality tool, Planning of Mulltiskilling. (1771 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Erection of Fan machinery which are including Primary Air Fan, Secondary Air Fan& Induced Draught Fan, Its alignment, Resource Scheduling Including Material Resource, Machinery Resource & Found Resource. (1959 views )
»Electronics Maintenance Engineer : Understanding Customer specification, Raw material selection based on the product safety, Review of Safety standards. (2960 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Planning and execution of preventive maintenance of electrical equipments, New modification such as Cable Installation, Panel installation. (1758 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Chief Engineer : AUTOCAD, SAP, PDMS, Independently Handling Departments like Design, Project, CNC Drill, Assembly & Injection Moulding. (1644 views )
»Electrical Engineer : Responsible for Smooth operation of 2X1.5MW Machines, Routine checking & Maintenance of Intake Desilting Chambers & Flushing Valves (1815 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Knowledge of different types of circuit Breaker like ACB, VCB, SF6, make Siemens, areva,cgl,abb. L&T make LT (415V) MCC, PCC, PMCC & Siemens make HT (6.6 KV) switchgear & panels. (2102 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance of Power and Distribution transformers, Raw material handling system, Low Tension Cable laying, ferruling and termination of Cables, Maintenance of Battery bank, Maintenance Activities in Shift. (1949 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Maintenance Complete over hauling of Crushers,Raw Mill, Kiln Coal Mill, Cement Mills, Respective Gear Boxes (2038 views )
»Deputy Manager : Planning & executing maintenance activities of plant, Devising strategies for managing the manpower in the organization, Formulating the annual budget & reducing the maintenance cost. (1697 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Developed Functional & Graphics for user interface on the maxDNA DCS System, Calibration and troubleshooting of pneumatic power cylinders of IL and Keltron make in various applications like blade pitch control of PA&FD Fans, Scoop and IGV control of ID Fans, SADC,HAD,CAD and other pneumatic valves like FISHER,VALFLO, MAZDA, INSTRUMENTATION LTD, FORBES MARSHALL, PRECISION CONTROL,MIL CONTROLS LTD make. (1801 views )
»Construction Equipment Maintenance Engineer : Excavators Vmade of CATERPILLAR, TATA HITACHI, L&T, Welding equipments made of ADVANI, MEMCO, LINCON, Compressors made of ATLAS COPCO, IGERSOLL RAND, CPT. (3958 views )
»Electrical Equipment Maintenance Engineer : Test electrical systems and continuity of circuits in electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures, using testing devices such as ohmmeters, voltmeters, and multimeters to ensure compatibility and safety of system (1945 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Electrical-CAD, Embedded, House wiring connection, DB box circuits, Engineer map identification, imulation of Electrical System using PSIM and PWORLD, Automated Night Lamp (1667 views )
»Auto Mechanic : Providing services and maintenances to all TATA ad Ashok Leyland motors. (2176 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Magnehelic gauge, Vacuum gauge, Pressure gauge, Flow meters and Safety valves, Process pumps, FBD, Blender, Sifter, Dryers, Compressors, Ejector vacuum pumps, Roll compactors (1788 views )
»Fresher Electrical Machines Maintenance Engineer : AUTOCAD,MAGNET, SOLAR PANEL BASED CHARGER, STATIC ANALYSIS OF SWITCHED RELUCTANCE MOTOR USING MAGNET SOFTWARE, Electrical Machines Maintenance, Power system (1680 views )
»Electrical Maintenance manager : Autocad,PLC,Automation,Toll Management systems,Embedded sytems,hardware and maintenance,electrical panel board designing (1685 views )
»Eletrical Maintenance Engineer : Programming Logic Controller, C, C++, Electrical Trouble shooting in Industrial Control Circuits and PLC based machines (1573 views )
»Electrical Maintenance : Preventive maintenance, DG, Compressors, MTTF,MTBR,ISO,TPM,SAP,CRM. PDCA,Planning & scheduling Preventive maintenance, AutoCAD, Cost control, Breakdown maintenance of electrical machines, Spares management, Constructional wiring, implementation of new innovations,erection of new machines... (2633 views )
»Caterpillar Machinery Maintenance Mechanic : Operating Oil Transfer Pump, Fuel Gas Scrubber (2099 views )
»Electrical O & M Engineer : Electrical maintenance, programmable logic controller, electrical automated systems (1886 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Cement Company Commissioning, SAP PM, Auto cad (2415 views )
»Electrical Maintenance engineer : Transformers, Motors, Generators, Switchgear, MCC panels direct current systems UPS, Batteries and Rectifiers (1874 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Installation,Termination,Testing & Commissioning of Main power control Centre switchgear, DT panels, load centre panels (2096 views )
»Mechaical engineer : Plant Maintenance, MEP (1980 views )
»Power Plant Electrical Operation / Maintenance Manager : Preventive Maintenance / Plant Operations / Project Management (4910 views )
»Scada Operation/ Maintenance Engineer : Monitoring International Turbines Coordination (2613 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Pump Maintenance, CNC Programming (7898 views )
»Power Plant Mech Maintenance Engineer : Structural Steel, Bins, Slurry Tanks, Ducting (3105 views )
»Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Electro Static Precipitators Commissioning (1899 views )
»HVAC Operation Maintenance Engineer : Blowers, Compressors, Valves, Cranes (10521 views )
»Sub Station Operation / Maintenance Engineer : Industrial automation, SCADA / PLC Programming (4740 views )
»CNC Machine Maintenance Engineer : Flow Sensor, Pressure Transmitter (8492 views )
»Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer : Thermocouples, RTD/QRT Checking (3656 views )
»Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : PLC Control System, Power Grid (8084 views )
»Electrical Machine Maintenance Engineer : Printing press Maintenance (2649 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Matlab, Panel Maintenance, Set Furnace (2290 views )
»Steel Plant Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Saw Pipe Rolling Mill (10724 views )
»Rotary Equipment Maintenance Engineer : Overhung, Between bearing, Screw, Vertical (6057 views )
»Fresher Machine Maintenance Engineer : PRO/E, Wildfire (1734 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Cable Laying, Cable Termination (2916 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Preventive, Substation Maintenance (14743 views )
»Steel Plant Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Kiln Support Rollers, Locking Plate Bolts Inspection (15893 views )
»Thermal Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Solar Thermal Water Distillator (2272 views )
»Automobile Maintenance Engineer : Electro Mechanical Breaking System (4947 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Generator Maintenance (4934 views )
»Cement Plant Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Vibration Analysis & Preventive Maintenance (12748 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Painting Services, Joinery Works, Gypsum Works, Glass Works, MEP Works (4615 views )
»Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Plant Operation & Maintenance (6020 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Operation Maintenance of Rotating, Static equipment (3299 views )
»Fresher Mechanical material maintenance engineer : Single Operator Multi Purpose Machining Operation (2533 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : AutoCad, PLC (2003 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : AMC, Break Down Maintenance (3626 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Routine Maintenance, Preventive, Predictive (2284 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Periodic & Shutdown Maintenance (15248 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Breakdown/ Physical Maintenance (2114 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : SCADA, Intellution FIX32 (2147 views )
»Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Equipment Piping Fabrication Erection (3401 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Water Purification Plant Maintenance (2123 views )
»Erection Commissioning/ Maintenance Engineer : Switchgear, Breakdown Support, Troubleshooting (2712 views )
»DC Battery Maintenance Engineer : Commissioning, Troubleshooting (2494 views )
»Maintenance Manager : Power instrumentation Maintenance (2269 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : UPS system, Fire suppression system (2051 views )
»Instrumentation Maintenance Engineer : Electrical Motor, Pressure Switches, Inlet Valve and Torque Motor (13466 views )
»Plant Maintenance Engineer : Heat exchangers, Spray Drier, Atomizer (2309 views )
»Mechanical Maintanance Engineer : Preventive maintenances, Shut down maintenance (3439 views )
»Tool Room/ Mould Maintenance Engineer : Quality checking for Trial component (8109 views )
»Operation Maintenance Engineer : AUTOCAD, WET COMPRESSION SYSTEM (2444 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : AutoCAD, AMC Tracker (1924 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Building Automation, fault finding, panel wiring, construction and installation (5122 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : Auto cad, Pro/E (1874 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Heavy Lifting operation, Crane Operator (4943 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Production & Quality Control, Auto CADD, PCB, PLC (2845 views )
»Thermal Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : Power Transformer Operation (2515 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : AutoCAD, Pro-E, Wildfire (2166 views )
»Maintenance Engineer : BTS Operation, Maintenance (2080 views )
»Fresher Maintenance Engineer : Automatic Seed Sprayer, Industrial Monitoring System (2138 views )
»Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : Autocad, Pro-E, Unigraphics (2155 views )
» Maintenance Engineer : Production, Projects Manufacturing (2227 views )
» Operations Maintenance Engineer : Bulk LPG Bottling, Storage, Cylinders Manufacturing (4952 views )
»Thermal Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : SAP System, DG Operation (5976 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Supervisor : AUTOCAD, Power System Operation and Control (4291 views )
»Site Maintenance Engineer : Column Internals Installation (2746 views )
»Operation Maintenance Engineer : Gas Turbine, Power Plant Operation Maintenance (3239 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Maintenance Engineer : RBD Machine, Heavy Gear Box, Wire Drawing Machine (3055 views )
»O&M Operation & Maintenance Electrical Engineer : HT, PCC, MCC Control Wiring (9374 views )
»O/M Operation & Maintenance Electrical Engineer : PMCC/ MCC Panels Checking (3803 views )
»Air Compressor Maintenance Mechanical Engineer : Managing Preventive / Break Down Maintenance (5821 views )
»Electrical Maintenance Engineer : Analog / Digital Driver, BOPP Films Production (2994 views )
»Fresher Power Plant Maintenance Engineer : D.O.L. Star/ Delta Starters Control Wiring (2383 views )