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List of Purchase Executive / Procurement Manager / Officer Resumes( 58 )

»Purchase Executive : Preparing purchase orders, payment schedules, Developing New Vendors and nominated vendors as per new development. (192 views )
»Purchase Manager : Purchase materials in a timely manner and at the lowest cost, Order special products in a timely manner, Attaint the target for overall inventory turns per year (132 views )
»Purchase Manager : Supplier selection, Supplier evaluation, Re-evaluation, vendor audit vendor rating, Procurement raw material, procurement of sheet metal parts, Enquiry, quotation, comparative statement, negotiation, releasing purchase order. (171 views )
»Purchase Coordinator : Collate purchase orders and purchase requisitions in order to order materials, goods and supplies, Send them to the suppliers on time, Review inventories and order as required. (194 views )
»Store & Purchase Executive : Supervision of Store, Stock Maintance, Handling Goods Received and Issues to various Department, Co- Ordination with internal Departments, outsource Parties. (245 views )
»Purchase Executive : Procurement of raw material, follow up with vendors for timely deliver, Ensuring right material is received as per procurement and planning, Processing purchase requisitions, raw material availability, production planning. (298 views )
»Purchase Officer : Driving Logistics, Procurement, Commercial Operations & Client Relationship Management, Production Management, Procurement, Store Management, Gained extensive experience in Supply Chain Operations, Transportation Systems, Purchase & Inventory, Space Utilization & Configuration and Vendor Relation Management. (242 views )
»Purchase Executive : C, C++ and Basics in .NET, Management Information System, System Analysis and Design, Hardware & Networking,Customer Co-ordination for all Development Criteria & All Issues, Conducting Supplier Audit & Follow up of Audit Closure, CAR against Customer Complaint. (163 views )
»Purchase Executive : Create Purchase, Release Purchase Order, Follow up with Vendors, Solve the client problems, Making dispatch bills. (235 views )
»Purchase Executive : SAP (258 views )
»Materials Manager : Purchase & Procurement, Material Management, Reports & Documentations, Customer / Client Servicing, Vendor development and Management, Supply Chain Management. (199 views )
»Purchase Executive : Raw material handling, Responsibility of making enquiries as per indent, Develop new relations with new vendors, Making comparative statements as per quotations received, Price negotiation with parties, Follow-up of incoming materials up to plant stores, Maintaining minimum stock level my procuring raw materials periodically. (328 views )
»Procurement Materials Manager : Procurement of Material (Ferrous and NonFerrous metal scrap), Coordinate with Shipping Lines, Coordinate with Transitor, Maintain Liaison with suppliers, Export of required material at the required destinations, Inspection of Material. (237 views )
»Purchase Manager : Sourcing of suppliers, Supplier selection, Negotiation and Component Development, Procurement of Raw Materials & Packaging Materials for various Writing Instruments, Localization of the Imported Items. (242 views )
»Purchase Manager / Stores Manager/ Supply Chain Manager : Responsible for Raw Material stock accounting, Reconciliation & follow-ups Purchase Materials procurement, enquiry, Orders, Negotiations & follow-ups Stores Related ISO document / procedure implementations. (356 views )
»Purchase Manager : Procurement of Thermo Couple, Transducer, PID Controllers & Electronics items & Diode Trimpot. Potentiometer. Ammeter. IC, all critical components for siemens panels, Procurement of all type precision Components & Gears Spur, Helical, Bevel Gear, Turning Components, Ferrous & Nonferrous, Castings. (212 views )
»Acquisition Executive : Acquiring The Agents, Brokers & Business Houses (Deals In Various Financial Products), Hedging Risk Through Derivatives & Equity Analysis. (174 views )
»Purchase Engineer : Inventory Management, Procurement, Vendor Management, Planning & Scheduling, Autocad, ProE (256 views )
»Purchase Manager : Sourcing & Procurement, Materials & Production Planning, Vendor Development, Excellent Cost Saving, Stores & Inventory Control. (370 views )
»Purchase Executive : SAP, Manage Inventory, Item Master Data Cost Reduction and Cost Saving Attitude, PR receiving and examine , Tender Document Preparation, Tender Uploading,Float enquiries to the suppliers (387 views )
»Store/ Purchase Executive : ERP/Tally, Inventory Control & Store Management, Material Movements, Stock Valuation Report, Purchase Material as Per Requirements and Indent , GRN, BOM , BMR , MRS. (327 views )
»Purchase Officer : Receipt Of Material, Verification & Testing Of Materials, Inventory, Material Dispatch, Reconciliation Of Materials Received & Processing Of Bills For Payments. (345 views )
»Purchase Officer : Preparation of Comparative statement & negotiation, Send Comparative statement to Approval Authority for Purchase of Specific demand. (303 views )
»Procurement/ Material Buyer : Preparation and finalization Procurement Plan and Procurement Strategy for materials being purchased and submit for approval. (358 views )
»Purchase Executive : Handling Bill Payment Transaction Carefully, Responsible for the Monthly O/S Reports, Responsible For Programmed Entries. (297 views )
»Purchase Executive : ERP, Focus, Identifying and evaluating suitable suppliers, Issue of RFQ, follow up and receipt of quotations, Review of vendor offers, Analysis of Technical Bid Tabulation. (414 views )
»Purchase Officer/ Procurement Manager : Prepare of all Procurement document of Material request order register, enquiry, rate compare, rate negotiation, vendor Development & selection, Rate Contract, purchase Order, Material Followup, Supplier assessment, supplier bill checking and Certified, Supplier payment (550 views )
»Purchase Manager : Purchased the industrial products through enquiry, comparative statement, negotiation than order by ERP soft ware system & Co-ordinate the Store. (337 views )
»Purchase Assistant : Vendor Development and Vendor Analysis, Cost Reduction and Cost Saving Attitude, Indents receiving and scrutinizing, Tender Document Preparation, Tender Uploading,Float enquiries to the suppliers. (362 views )
»Purchase Executive : Material receiving with proper documentation, Stock Transfer to the sister concern and others outlets, Routine Entry of Employee Attendance manually. (428 views )
»Purchase Officer : Material Management In Sap Software, Desk Top Publishing, Handle all the Purchase Related work & Purchase Department, Control purchasing department budgets. (322 views )
»Purchase Executive/ Officer : knowledge of ERP Key Skills For Purchase management, Planning and budgeting of purchase functions, involving cost estimation, contract negotiations, Inviting and allotting tenders. (350 views )
»Purchase Manager : Preparing various MIS Reports like Closing Stock, Physical verification, GAIR, local purchase statement, Nonmoving item statement & scrap statement and etc on monthly basis. (480 views )
»Purchase Officer : Managing vendor relationships and building effective supply chain partnerships (509 views )
»Procurement Coordinator : Purchase, Vendor / Supplier Coordination (585 views )
»Purchase Executive : Material Procurement, Vendor Management (937 views )
»Fresher Purchase Coordinator Cum Logistic Incharge : SAP System, Order wise Dispatch (352 views )
»Purchase Officer : Vendor development, Purchase order (408 views )
»Purchase Executive : vendor developement, rate negotiation, material planning, inevntory control (870 views )
»Purchase Officer : Vendor development, Inventory Processing, Cost Reduction, Visual Foxpro (518 views )
»Fresher Purchase Assistant : Supply Chain Management / Logistics Management (783 views )
»Pharmaceuticals Purchase Manager : Quotation Analysis, Packing Materials (458 views )
»Procurement Executive : Vendor Management, Vendor development (1633 views )
»Purchase Officer : Vendors enquiry, Preparing Purchase orders (1097 views )
»Purchase Executive : SAP, Manage Inventory, Item Master Data (1131 views )
»Purchase Executive : SAP, Total Enterprises Resource Management System (1160 views )
»Purchase Assistant : TALLY, ERP (633 views )
»Purchase Officer : Procurement, Vendor Development (2126 views )
»Purchase Manager : MM module of SAP / Oracle / Microsoft Navigation (875 views )
»Purchase Executive : SAP(MM) , ERP FOCUS (1371 views )
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