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List of QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager Resumes( 223 )

»Piping QA/QC Engineer : Stage wise inspection of fabrication of pipe spools which includes materialidentification, inspection of joint setup, Inspection of orientation of piping at the time of fit-up ,Welding &Erection, Performing Gasket and Bolt verification and Bolt torque. (2 views )
»Quality Engineer : Knowledge of measurement techniques, Metrology, Inspection Methods and Equipment, Understanding and interpretation of engineering drawings (12 views )
»QC Reviewer : Analysis of Raw materials in chemicals and instrumentation section, Review the integration and reports of completed analysis (10 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : ASNT Level-II in DPT,MPT,UT,RT, Perform and Inspection of QA/QC Testing likes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing and Hydrostatic Testing.ising invoice of a material like cement, sand, steel, and metal as required on-site to construct a building. (26 views )
»Mechanical Quality Inspector : Inspection & maintenance of galvanize and colour coated coils, Regular maintenance of equipments, Regular inspection of for processing coils, checking dimentions (36 views )
»Quality & Development Manager : Layout Inspection, Prepare power point presentation of senior management for monthly MRM, Responsible for In-process quality control for plant all section (sheet metal shop &injection moulding shop) (39 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Taking care of QA/QC documents of the entire project including certificates, Calibration, Test Results, Inspection reports and site instruction/observation, permanent materials delivered and QA/QC documents. (57 views )
»Mechanical QA/QC Inspector : Responsible for assuring and controlling the work quality as per the approved specification and drawings, Preparation of Documents and getting it approved from Client side, Responsible for the overall quality control of all the construction activities at site. (71 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Preparing quality assurance /quality controll documents &monitoring the implementation of the same, Inspection of site activities(foundation,columns,walls,roofslabs,also finishing works) (94 views )
»Production & Quality Control Engineer : Daily activity shop floor make consorts to work manger, Lifting planning and calculate weight per job, All the activity in shop floor to report to work maneger (108 views )
»Quality Engineer : Layout inspectionof assembly part and their Welding fixture, Jig and their documentation work, Responsible for analyzing the tools requirements and find POKA-YOKA and KAIZEN where needed, Making Packing Standard for all new parts from and taking approval from customer. (139 views )
»QA/QC Civil Engineer : Skilled in making inspection in effectively with client QC inspectors, Manage and finish separate package of major projects ahead of schedule as a result of effective staff. (110 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Inspection of components / Products at supplier end, Communicating the supplier about product Non-Conformance, Supplier rating by Rework | Rejection | Concession. (200 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Supervising, Monitoring and Execution of underground Riyadh Metro stations and carry out inspection with client and consultant according to the IRFs raised, Observe, check and record works execution is in accordance with approved methods (257 views )
»QC Supervisor / Inspector : Oil and Gas Construction, Erection of piping system as per approved isometric drawing,Inspection & fabrication and installation, Hydrostatic testing of pipelines, Underground portion and above ground portion, section piping, Flow line pipe fabrication etc. (346 views )
»MEP Manager : Plumbing System, Fire Fighting System, HVAC System, Preparation of QA/QC procedures and test plans (150 views )
»QA Testing Engineer : Universal Tensile Testing, MFI Test, Density Test, Reversion Test, ESCR Test, Hydrostatic Pressure Tests of HDPE & Upvc pipes (173 views )
»QA/QC Mechanical Engineer : ASNT NDT Level II, Erection of NRV, BFV, Float valves, Air valves and Scover valves (304 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Quality Control, Inspection, Welding, and Construction fields, Inspection of storage and handling of welding consumables before and during welding. (402 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Welder Qualification Test Conducted as per WQTR, Material receiving inspection, storage & preservation, Inspecting Pipe Fit-up, alignment, Before welding, while welding, After welding, Offering N.D.T & inspecting the radiography film. (322 views )
»Mechanical Quality Engineer : Fabrication and erection and inspection of tanks & pipes and structural steel pipe Support rack, Installation of pivot master, Mesa rood drain system and gauge pipe (341 views )
»Quality Manager : Clearance of material through SAP, Maintaining 5S in Lab and shop floor, Internal & External Quality audit (Global Quality audit, GMP, CAD, LAB Audit & RSA)Batch Audit. Forward and backward traceability of product (291 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Product validation as per IS/IEC standards, Final Inspection & Documentation of product, Active participation in reliability testing like Type Testing, Endurance, Environment, EMI/EMC (336 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Monitoring of Process overall, Analysis and Keep record in system for Daily Rejection of Casting, Planning & Handling of Third Party Inspection. (863 views )
»Quality Manager : Maintaining Quality records, PCB Layout inspection, Cost of Poor Quality, Applying suitable Statistical techniques for analysis & problem solving. (338 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : ASNT LEVEL, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Basic Pipeline Engineering (452 views )
»Civil Quality Engineer : Accountable for the quality and workmanship of every activity, precise knowledge of all aspects of engineering construction relating to Civil, Architectural and Structural discipline interfacing the multidisciplinary processes. (267 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor the assigned engineering projects, Monitor compliance to applicable codes, practices, QA/QC policies, performance standards and specifications (492 views )
»QC Supervisor : Pre Dispatch Inspection for raw casting and finished casting, Dimensional, Visual & Online Inspection and reporting, Other quality related works, documentation and reporting. (559 views )
»Mechanical Quality Engineer : Inspection of raw material, machined items and bought out items, Inspection of machines before packing, Laser cut parts inspection, Inspection of fabricated machines (838 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Preparation & Reviewing of WPS, PQR and Field Welding Schedule, Site Quality Control Procedure, NDT & PWHT Procedures and other Inspection & testing related procedures. (572 views )
»QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager : Perform and Inspection of QA/QC Testing likes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing and Hydrostatic Testing. (719 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Prepare Concrete Mix Design and Test procedure of Materials and approval from Client, Inspect raw materials and preparation of Material Incoming report with Accepted or Rejected. (698 views )
»Quality Engineer : Experience in detailing of read the BOQ ,alignment & cross-section of roadways, work materials using in road construction, Testing of materials as GSB,DLC, PQC, WMM, DGBM, BC and also Density Test of Materials. (596 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Welder Qualification Test Conducted as per WQTR, Material receiving inspection, storage & preservation, Inspecting Pipe Fit-up, alignment, Before welding, while welding, After welding, Offering N.D.T & inspecting the radiography film. (933 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Preparing Advanced Product Quality Planning Documents, Preparing Control Plan, FMEA, Process Flow Diagram, Trial taken during development with various material. (1211 views )
»Fresher Quality Assurance Engineer : Good knowledge on SDLC & STLC, Good understanding on different types of testing, Proficient in writing test cases by using test design techniques, Strong exposure on black box testing. (612 views )
»QA/QC NDT Level II Inspector : Weld fit up checking, Welder qualification test as per approved WPS, NDT inspection of welds and RT Film interpretation of Radiography, Monitoring of repair welds and ensuring the conformity with approved procedures. (644 views )
»QA/QC Welding & Piping Mechanical Engineer : Witnessing of Final Dimension, Hydro & Pneumatic testing of Vessels, Tanks, Valves, and Piping, Preparation of Hydro test packages, Punch list Preparation for individual test packs. (726 views )
»Quality Inspector : Machine Operating, Maintenance, Maintained the records of all used materials and tools on daily basis, Diagnose/ Troubleshoot Problem, Energy Management (736 views )
»Quality Inspector : Maintanig Inspection record toble to trace at later stage, Quality tools, Supplier quality improvement activities quality documentation, Zero lose line stable (855 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Making new part Development from receiving the Drawing from Customer to FPA and Mass Production and updated it on GERP, Test plan preparation for New Part. (914 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Test and Validation, Customer complaint analysis, Believes in Practical involvement of project phases, Excellent communicator with Internal and External Customers, Preparing and Guiding team in preparation Metrics (955 views )
»Quality Assurance & Quality Control Engineer : Created and Maintained Vendor/Supplier Rating Report, Expert in Incoming Inspection of Electrical material from supplier as per standard, Giving Identification Tags indicating reasons to rejected material and keep it in rejected rack. (755 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Handling the responsibilities of implementing and monitoring quality plans, Responsible for Reduction of in-process rework and rejection, 5S & safety (1002 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Review of welding procedure and performance qualification record, Qualify welding procedure and welder as per the application standard. (936 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : AutoCAD, Solidworks, Design Engineering, Quality Control (740 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Receiving color standards, Approval samples, Master Samples and Test reports before the arrival of Bulk material, Verifying the Test Reports whether they are according to performance Standards and L Brands. (701 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Understanding of Engineering Drawing, Knowledge of CNC and VMC Machinig Process, Monitor 5S, FIFO, Lot Tracibility. (798 views )
»Quality & NPD Engineer : Supplier Quality, Quality Control & Inspection, New Product Development, Process Improvement, Team Management (2459 views )
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