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List of QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager Resumes( 224 )

Site / Construction >> QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager( 1412 )

»Quality Assurance Engineer : Maintain proper records of quality with respects to work orders to minimize rejection by ensuring proper quality checks, Preparing Setup approval reports plans for each and every stage (18 views )
»Quality Inspector : Field Verification of Drawings, Physical Measurement Analysis and Routing Modifications, Material Checking and Grade Verification, Material inspection testing(visual, heat no, lot no, grade, test certificate verifications) (170 views )
»Piping QA/QC Engineer : Stage wise inspection of fabrication of pipe spools which includes materialidentification, inspection of joint setup, Inspection of orientation of piping at the time of fit-up ,Welding &Erection, Performing Gasket and Bolt verification and Bolt torque. (189 views )
»Quality Engineer : Knowledge of measurement techniques, Metrology, Inspection Methods and Equipment, Understanding and interpretation of engineering drawings (301 views )
»QC Reviewer : Analysis of Raw materials in chemicals and instrumentation section, Review the integration and reports of completed analysis (342 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : ASNT Level-II in DPT,MPT,UT,RT, Perform and Inspection of QA/QC Testing likes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing and Hydrostatic Testing.ising invoice of a material like cement, sand, steel, and metal as required on-site to construct a building. (278 views )
»Mechanical Quality Inspector : Inspection & maintenance of galvanize and colour coated coils, Regular maintenance of equipments, Regular inspection of for processing coils, checking dimentions (248 views )
»Quality & Development Manager : Layout Inspection, Prepare power point presentation of senior management for monthly MRM, Responsible for In-process quality control for plant all section (sheet metal shop &injection moulding shop) (219 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Taking care of QA/QC documents of the entire project including certificates, Calibration, Test Results, Inspection reports and site instruction/observation, permanent materials delivered and QA/QC documents. (294 views )
»Mechanical QA/QC Inspector : Responsible for assuring and controlling the work quality as per the approved specification and drawings, Preparation of Documents and getting it approved from Client side, Responsible for the overall quality control of all the construction activities at site. (376 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Preparing quality assurance /quality controll documents &monitoring the implementation of the same, Inspection of site activities(foundation,columns,walls,roofslabs,also finishing works) (325 views )
»Production & Quality Control Engineer : Daily activity shop floor make consorts to work manger, Lifting planning and calculate weight per job, All the activity in shop floor to report to work maneger (294 views )
»Quality Engineer : Layout inspectionof assembly part and their Welding fixture, Jig and their documentation work, Responsible for analyzing the tools requirements and find POKA-YOKA and KAIZEN where needed, Making Packing Standard for all new parts from and taking approval from customer. (340 views )
»QA/QC Civil Engineer : Skilled in making inspection in effectively with client QC inspectors, Manage and finish separate package of major projects ahead of schedule as a result of effective staff. (328 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Inspection of components / Products at supplier end, Communicating the supplier about product Non-Conformance, Supplier rating by Rework | Rejection | Concession. (371 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Supervising, Monitoring and Execution of underground Riyadh Metro stations and carry out inspection with client and consultant according to the IRFs raised, Observe, check and record works execution is in accordance with approved methods (591 views )
»QC Supervisor / Inspector : Oil and Gas Construction, Erection of piping system as per approved isometric drawing,Inspection & fabrication and installation, Hydrostatic testing of pipelines, Underground portion and above ground portion, section piping, Flow line pipe fabrication etc. (850 views )
»MEP Manager : Plumbing System, Fire Fighting System, HVAC System, Preparation of QA/QC procedures and test plans (373 views )
»QA Testing Engineer : Universal Tensile Testing, MFI Test, Density Test, Reversion Test, ESCR Test, Hydrostatic Pressure Tests of HDPE & Upvc pipes (323 views )
»QA/QC Mechanical Engineer : ASNT NDT Level II, Erection of NRV, BFV, Float valves, Air valves and Scover valves (478 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Quality Control, Inspection, Welding, and Construction fields, Inspection of storage and handling of welding consumables before and during welding. (571 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Welder Qualification Test Conducted as per WQTR, Material receiving inspection, storage & preservation, Inspecting Pipe Fit-up, alignment, Before welding, while welding, After welding, Offering N.D.T & inspecting the radiography film. (486 views )
»Mechanical Quality Engineer : Fabrication and erection and inspection of tanks & pipes and structural steel pipe Support rack, Installation of pivot master, Mesa rood drain system and gauge pipe (550 views )
»Quality Manager : Clearance of material through SAP, Maintaining 5S in Lab and shop floor, Internal & External Quality audit (Global Quality audit, GMP, CAD, LAB Audit & RSA)Batch Audit. Forward and backward traceability of product (448 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Product validation as per IS/IEC standards, Final Inspection & Documentation of product, Active participation in reliability testing like Type Testing, Endurance, Environment, EMI/EMC (510 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Monitoring of Process overall, Analysis and Keep record in system for Daily Rejection of Casting, Planning & Handling of Third Party Inspection. (1533 views )
»Quality Manager : Maintaining Quality records, PCB Layout inspection, Cost of Poor Quality, Applying suitable Statistical techniques for analysis & problem solving. (525 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : ASNT LEVEL, Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Basic Pipeline Engineering (629 views )
»Civil Quality Engineer : Accountable for the quality and workmanship of every activity, precise knowledge of all aspects of engineering construction relating to Civil, Architectural and Structural discipline interfacing the multidisciplinary processes. (1237 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Prepare, schedule, coordinate and monitor the assigned engineering projects, Monitor compliance to applicable codes, practices, QA/QC policies, performance standards and specifications (655 views )
»QC Supervisor : Pre Dispatch Inspection for raw casting and finished casting, Dimensional, Visual & Online Inspection and reporting, Other quality related works, documentation and reporting. (779 views )
»Mechanical Quality Engineer : Inspection of raw material, machined items and bought out items, Inspection of machines before packing, Laser cut parts inspection, Inspection of fabricated machines (1785 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Preparation & Reviewing of WPS, PQR and Field Welding Schedule, Site Quality Control Procedure, NDT & PWHT Procedures and other Inspection & testing related procedures. (786 views )
»QA QC Engineer / Executive / Manager : Perform and Inspection of QA/QC Testing likes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing and Hydrostatic Testing. (912 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Prepare Concrete Mix Design and Test procedure of Materials and approval from Client, Inspect raw materials and preparation of Material Incoming report with Accepted or Rejected. (884 views )
»Quality Engineer : Experience in detailing of read the BOQ ,alignment & cross-section of roadways, work materials using in road construction, Testing of materials as GSB,DLC, PQC, WMM, DGBM, BC and also Density Test of Materials. (823 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Welder Qualification Test Conducted as per WQTR, Material receiving inspection, storage & preservation, Inspecting Pipe Fit-up, alignment, Before welding, while welding, After welding, Offering N.D.T & inspecting the radiography film. (1116 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Preparing Advanced Product Quality Planning Documents, Preparing Control Plan, FMEA, Process Flow Diagram, Trial taken during development with various material. (1420 views )
»Fresher Quality Assurance Engineer : Good knowledge on SDLC & STLC, Good understanding on different types of testing, Proficient in writing test cases by using test design techniques, Strong exposure on black box testing. (809 views )
»QA/QC NDT Level II Inspector : Weld fit up checking, Welder qualification test as per approved WPS, NDT inspection of welds and RT Film interpretation of Radiography, Monitoring of repair welds and ensuring the conformity with approved procedures. (870 views )
»QA/QC Welding & Piping Mechanical Engineer : Witnessing of Final Dimension, Hydro & Pneumatic testing of Vessels, Tanks, Valves, and Piping, Preparation of Hydro test packages, Punch list Preparation for individual test packs. (1067 views )
»Quality Inspector : Machine Operating, Maintenance, Maintained the records of all used materials and tools on daily basis, Diagnose/ Troubleshoot Problem, Energy Management (934 views )
»Quality Inspector : Maintanig Inspection record toble to trace at later stage, Quality tools, Supplier quality improvement activities quality documentation, Zero lose line stable (1199 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Making new part Development from receiving the Drawing from Customer to FPA and Mass Production and updated it on GERP, Test plan preparation for New Part. (1131 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Test and Validation, Customer complaint analysis, Believes in Practical involvement of project phases, Excellent communicator with Internal and External Customers, Preparing and Guiding team in preparation Metrics (1797 views )
»Quality Assurance & Quality Control Engineer : Created and Maintained Vendor/Supplier Rating Report, Expert in Incoming Inspection of Electrical material from supplier as per standard, Giving Identification Tags indicating reasons to rejected material and keep it in rejected rack. (943 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Handling the responsibilities of implementing and monitoring quality plans, Responsible for Reduction of in-process rework and rejection, 5S & safety (1201 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Review of welding procedure and performance qualification record, Qualify welding procedure and welder as per the application standard. (1121 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : AutoCAD, Solidworks, Design Engineering, Quality Control (892 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Receiving color standards, Approval samples, Master Samples and Test reports before the arrival of Bulk material, Verifying the Test Reports whether they are according to performance Standards and L Brands. (875 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Understanding of Engineering Drawing, Knowledge of CNC and VMC Machinig Process, Monitor 5S, FIFO, Lot Tracibility. (982 views )
»Quality & NPD Engineer : Supplier Quality, Quality Control & Inspection, New Product Development, Process Improvement, Team Management (3111 views )
»QA/QC Piping Inspector/Engineer : Performed inspections on the assets of the refinery such as the storage tanks, and pressure vessels along with other related equipment and ensure correct storage handling and preservation. (2964 views )
»Fresher QA/QC Inspector : NDT, Ansys, Solid Edge, C Programming (935 views )
»Supplier Quality Engineer : Receiving Inspection, New Model Approval, Vendor Development, Team member for continual improvement. (1482 views )
»Electronics Quality Assurance Executive : Inspection of Highly Precision Electrical Components Stereo Zoom Microscope (848 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Supervision and laying of pavement including bitumen, Quality control, proportion of ration between used materials, Monitoring and execution of road work, boulder work, culverts, shoulder work etc. (948 views )
»Scaffolding Superintendent Supervisor : Prime responsibility for supervising group of Contractors assigned to various areas of work, accountable for the quality assurance of work carried out by their groups, Have a significant co-ordination role with end-users for planning and execution of activities. (2234 views )
»Quality Assurance/ Production Engineer : Autocad, Metalix, Trutops, ProE & Solidwork, Improve manpower utilization within existing departments and processes, Schedule stability that allows for maximum return on efficiency (1046 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Implementing Kaizens related to Productivity, Quality and Safety, Providing OJTs to operators regarding Process, Product and Safety. (1308 views )
»Quality & NPD Engineer : Supplier Quality, Quality Control & Inspection, New Product Development, Process Improvement, Team Management (12638 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Manufacturing Industries, Automobiles Industries, Research and development (1492 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Maintaining proper record of tested products, and Report to the QA/QC Manager, control, and monitor all activities related to Quality Management System, QMS. (1290 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Responsible for line Quality, M/C Process Parametersas per Control plan, Daily inspection report as per Control Plan online & final. (1463 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Process documents like Process parameter sheets, Product verification through dimensional inspection reports, Visual inspection report, Responsible for handling the Customer Complaints and to understand the problem. (1454 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Preparation and Submissions of request for approval of materials (RAM), To calculate the quantity of material required at site and to generate the material requisition, Attend the Construction & Quality meetings with KOC & other Clients. (10501 views )
»QA/QC Inspector : Instrument Cable Duct Bank, Cable Pulling from RIB to J.B & Control Room, Junction Boxes installation, and Mounting of instrument devices, Calibration & installation of Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transmitters, Multivariable Flow Transmitters (1225 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Supplier Quality, Quality Control & Inspection, New Product Development, Process Improvement, Team Management (1428 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Knowledge on Minitab software for Quality control, Learning simulation software ARENA of designing work systems (983 views )
»Coating / Painting Inspector : Survey of the Coating material & Object, Failure determination and analysis, Coating damage estimation, Coating Requirement analysis, Area determination, Stock Estimation, Quality Audits (6084 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Bore well Pipe Inspecting & Rescuing Robot, Train Collission Avoidance System (1050 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : Ability to inspect quality which is producing in plant, Maintenance the quality of product in plant (984 views )
»Product Quality Engineer : Examine Products & Materials For Defects & Deviations From Customer Specifications & Maintains Quality Standards By Approving Incoming Materials, In-Process Production, & Finished Products & Recording Quality Results. (1137 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : MASTERCAM, CATIA, ANSYS, Magnetic Suspension System, Six Way Turn Table With Auto Feed Drilling Machine. (888 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : QC Coordination, Welding Inspection, Non Destructive Testing, Documentation, Powder coating & Painting inspection. (1687 views )
»Fresher Quality Inspector : Inspection of product/ Job , Checking Dimensions , As per Drawing, Instrument used- Height Gauge, Hardness Tester, Profile Projector, Neutral Salt Spray Test, Lug-Pull Tester, Platting Thickness Tester (1541 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Calibration Certificates, Cam Calibration Plan & History Card, Month Wise Rejection & Rework Analysis & Action Plan. (1379 views )
»Mechanical Quality Engineer : Inspection of the development components and making their inspection reports, Check the quality of casting & rectification of patterns, Measuring system analysis. (1808 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Responsible for line Quality, M/C Process Parametersas per Control plan, Daily inspection report as per Control Plan on line & final, Implementation of kaizen. (1450 views )
»Civil Lab Analyst : Preparation of test reports as per relevant codes/frequency in required formats, Furnishing test reports and filling copies of reports as required in a professional and approved manner. (1138 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Building Slab Checking, Knowledge About Column, Beam, Wall Panel, Louvers, Hot Water Channel, Roof Deck Slab, The elements of cooling tower Checking as per drawing. (1324 views )
»Quality Engineer : Quality Instruments Verniercaliper, Caliper, Micrometer, Height gauge, Degree protector, Rockwell Hardness tester,Slip Gauge,Sin Bar etc. (1409 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Development & Fabrication Conical Clutch (1095 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Product & Process Audit.Process related document handling, Line Monitoring as a Q.A supervisor, According to Work Instruction & Process Standard. (1588 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Instrument Varner, Micrometer, Snap Gauge, Dial Gauge automobile Instrument Varner , micrometer Measuring tap Physically, Testing HRB,VPN,HRC,Bend Testing (1708 views )
»QA/QC Inspector : Max Engineering, Revit Architech, Autocadd, 3D civil and quantity Survey. (1129 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Review and Study Scope of work/ Contract drawings for the specific project, Managing Of Documents Pertaining to Engineering and quality deliverables, Expediting with vendor Documents. (1321 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Attend client meetings and assist for baseline of the projects, Handling Purchase activity as per the order received from client (1250 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Automobiles, Production Process, Autocad,Machine Designs, Cad/Cam, Tool Design& Machine Tool (1162 views )
»QA/QC Electrical Engineer : AutoCAD Certification, Documentation control, Executions and Inspections, Preparing & Reviewing Quality Documents. (1679 views )
»Quality Assurance Manager : Quality assurance, Internal audits, ppap,fmea,control plan, Kaizen, Poka Yoke, Capa, CTQ, SPC, 8D, 7Qc, Advanced Product Quality Planning, Measurement System Analysis, Quality Control Tools, QMS, QA, (1820 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : AutoCAD Certification, Radiographic Film Interpretation, Documentation control, Executions and Inspections, Preparing & Reviewing Quality Documents, Reviewing Design Documents. (2170 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Co-ordinate and facilitate the timely supply of materials and manpower for mining and related activities, Documentation and record maintenance of tunneling and allied activities as per contract Norms (3570 views )
»Quality Engineer : Provide first and last piece approval report, Update process documents daily, Make PDI reports. (1472 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Review of NDE procedure, quality Procedures, Quality plans with reference to project Specifications and material Specification, Preparation of WPS as per Project Specifications and codes. (1947 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Electrical, Calibration, Documentation, Third party testing, Root cause analysis, six sigma, Supplier develompent, product development, PPAP, APQP (942 views )
»Quality Assurance Manager : Establishing testing procedures to determine the final placement of material as per ASME standards and work procedures of Quality assurance and Quality control. (1100 views )
»Quality Engineer : Knowledge of all ASME Standards as per customer QAP, Handling customer inspection, Familiar with PT, RT. (1700 views )
»QA/QC Engineer/Project Engineer : Quality Control, Preparing drawings for execution, Preparing concrete mixes, Site management (1630 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Drawing review, create ballooning drawing etc.Inspection of Assemblies at tacking stage ,After full welding ,after Painting and Record the PDI sheets. (1293 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Gathered initial designing data for wood carving CNC machine, Procurement of raw material, Software installation and testing. (1167 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Productivity Improvement, Poke yoke Implementation, Cost saving projects, Prototype development. (1562 views )
»Quality Assurance Executive : Process Improvement Project Handling, In process inspection of Material, Product Audit, Lay out inspection of material, Minimize rejection (1555 views )
»Fresher Food Technologist : Responsible for overall quality assurance, Chemical analysis of product, To check Enzyme test (Blanching test), During this period conducting the BRC documentation. (1243 views )
»QA Inspector : In Process Inspection, Part Setup Approval Report, Corrective Action Against Any NC/NG, Maintaining The Records As Per Quality System. (1742 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Daily inspection of each & every components which is coming from vendors, Solving problem on assembly line & take corrective action, Daily attend quality review problem, Visit vendor end for vendor audit. (1766 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : NDT LEVEL II RT,UT,MT,LPT, Design and evaluation of vertical steam boiler (1266 views )
»Material Engineer : Material Test for Laboratory, Calibration of Laboratory Equipment, Doing various individual tests for the Highway materials like Bitumen, Cement, and Soil etc. (4266 views )
»Quality Control Manager : Quality Testing, Inspection & Testing of Raw material, Review of Raw material test certificates as per the client specification, Responsible for each aspect of quality control and product assembly. (1996 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Mainatainence of CNC Machines, Eco Friendly Refrigeration System, Piping (1593 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Making WPS and PQR, Reviewing of ITP,WPS,PQR, Raw material verification and inspection as per MTC’s,Qualifying welders as per the applicable Standards and WPS (4434 views )
»QA/QC Manager : Inspection of raw material at the Mfg. place & dispatch clearance, Receiving material inspection & release, Conducting welding procedure qualification and welder performance qualification (1965 views )
»QA/QC Inspector : Inspection and testing activities as per an ITP & PQP, Material Inspection and test certificate verification as per specification, Fit-up inspection as per drawings and release for Welding (2147 views )
»QA/QC Welding Inspector : Conducting inspection of Raw materials and review of MTC and the specification requirements, Reading and interpreting the various drawings (P&ID, GA Drawings, Isometric & spooling) required in the Piping fabrication work and erection work. (11201 views )
»Quality Inspection Engineer : Knowledge About PPAP Document,Calibrating the instruments on time and as per plan & its Master list maintenance , tracking, Knowledge in CMM (4852 views )
»Qa Qc Engineer : CSWIP 3.1,Bgas Grade 2,ASNT Level-2,Auto CAD, (1803 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Quality inspection of equipments, NDT Testing, Maintaining QA/QC Records, Condition monitoring (1901 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Monitor implementation of contractor’s quality plans, inspection plans, procedures and work instruction. Verify contractor’s records of calibration, inspection & test equipment, Check Revision of Latest Isometric used at site for construction. Co-ordinate with Field Engineering Department for latest Revision , Design Modification and Technical Queries etc, (1857 views )
»Quality Controller : PCB Designing Testing, Quality Assurance Analog, Digital Electronics Embedded System, Interactive Message Response System (1478 views )
»QA/AQC Engineer : Quality controlled supervision while fabrication and welding process, Verification of as built drawings, Assisting with the fabricators throughout the cutting process and joint fit up activities as per the drawings specifications. (1909 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Monitoring QC inspectors involved in line checking, regarding completion of weld summary sheets, NDT requirement, mark-up drawings, and as-built drawings in order to meet challenging deadlines, Co-ordinate with the client for day to day activities and also combined line check with QC inspector. (2062 views )
»Quality Controller : Knowledge of CNC programming and operating, Production and Manufacturing, Quality control and maintenance department, To ensure NC reports and reporting to the superiors develop the productivity (1537 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Working knowledge on AUTO CADD software and STAAD PRO software tools, Strong knowledge in C with system programming, quantity estimation, primavera and MS projects. (1375 views )
»Quality CMM Engineer : Responsible for CMM activities for all new product development parts, Calibration of gauges & Equipments, Inspection of incoming pilot lots as per Quality Standard. (7739 views )
»Inward Quality Inspector : Cam & Follower Arrangement, An Ergonomic Approach (2183 views )
»Quality Officer/ Inspector : Ensuring and supervising Journey Management, Preparing and conducting Road Safety Trainings, Prepare and Produce all IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System/GPS) reports on the events & RAG Scoring Reports for Company Drivers / Vehicles; (1378 views )
»Mechanical Quality Inspector : Inspection & maintenance of galvanize and colour coated coils, Regular maintenance of equipments, Regular inspection of for processing coils, checking dimentions (1975 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Maintaining a TS document that includes IPIR, SOP, SIR, FIR, Control charts and Defective matrix chart, Handling of External and Internal complaints, Introducing Q Alert and VCS for Customer Complaints (1755 views )
»QA/AC Engineer : ASNT NDT Level II, Manufacturing Engineering, Hydro forming, Green manufacturing, Water jet cutting. (1479 views )
»QA/QC/NDT Mechanical Engineer : ASNT Level-II in DPT,MPT,UT,RT, Perform and Inspection of QA/QC Testing likes Ultrasonic Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Dye Penetrant Testing, Radiographic Testing and Hydrostatic Testing. (7126 views )
»Quality Control/Quality Assurance Engineer : Periodical inspection of Pressure Vessels& Pipe lines working at refiners and bottling plants rest of India. (Just like degassing, NDT, Hydro testing Etc.), Repair and Modification of Horton sphere, Heavy structures & light structures Fabrication and erections. (1667 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Diploma in Software Testing (Grade A+), Certification course in C-language, Software MATLAB, XILINX, PROTEL99SE (1323 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : CAPA, PPAP, Profile Projector, Digital Vernier Caliper, Height Gauge, Slip Gauge, Radius Gauge, Hardness Testing (1841 views )
»SmartPlant P&ID Administrator : Creating Intelligent P & ID’s, Reports Generating, Generating Line lists, Generating Instrument lists, Onscreen Quality Check (Soft QC using EDE) of the P&ID., Final QA/QC of the project files. (2311 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Gauge Calibration,Conducting MSA,CMM,Contracer,Roundness Testar,Autocad 2010 (1661 views )
»Mechanical QA/QC Engineer : Construction, Oil Refinery & Thermal Power Plant, Steel, Aluminum, Cement Plant & Hydraulic Field. (4035 views )
»Mechanical QC Manager : Welding Inspection. Vendor Material Inspection. QA Document Compilation & Auditing. Mechanical Equipment�s Inspection. Piping/Equipment Line Checking. Test Package Review. Flange Joint Integrity and Tightness Inspection. Pneumatic & Hydro Testing. Field Piping Inspection. NDT Inspection ,Interpretation. Destructive Testing Witness. Post Weld Heat Treatment & Witness/Report Review. (1883 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Responsibility of incoming material inspection, in process inspection & final inspection, To co-ordinate the meeting with vendors regarding quality problems (2075 views )
»QA/ QC Engineer : Ensured all quality parameters are followed by all supervisors, Quality checks of all products in each department, Maintain proper records of quality with respects to work orders, To minimize rejection by ensuring proper quality checks. (1845 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Prepare ITP/QAP, Review SWP/WPS/PQR & WPQ, Stage wise Inspection, Final Inspection, Successfully handle PED & Non PED jobs as per EN & ASME. (1886 views )
»Fresher Farm Agriculture Quality Assurance Manager : Performed a survey on that rural area and recorded the Living status of the farmers, cropping pattern, Indigenous Technologies and collected problematic Soil samples from the farmer’s fields. (1456 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Responsible of Receiving & in process Inspection, Pre Delivery inspection, Instruments & Machining fixture Calibration & controlling. (2177 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Monitoring the piping materials as per available drawing and documents, WPS and PQR of various project materials, Conducting Welder Qualification Test and selection, Controlling of various piping materials through PMI test, Coordinating with NDT, PWHT agency. (1908 views )
»QC Civil Inspector : Review and verification of project execution plan, Review of client- s quality control procedure, Review of all drawings issued for constriction to make sure all drawings comply with standard specification and project procedure. (3266 views )
»QA/QC Executive Engineer : Welder Qualification test and to training the welders for quality of welding, Inspection of incoming materials ,Equipment, consumable, Ensuring Calibration of Measuring instruments & Welding M/c’s, Ground Inspection for the erection material and conducting stage inspection (2382 views )
»Quality Control Officer : Testing and analysis of Solvent Base Paint, Water Base Paint, Industrial paints, Shade Matching of Finished Products & Intermediates by Colour computer & visually, Handling the color computer and there calibrations, Daily monitoring of the Shades, QRI (Quality Rate Index) of All Batches. (1557 views )
»Quantity Surveyor : Execution Of Civil Works Such As, Rolling-mill, Sms, Chimney Foundation, Pump House, Cabletrunch, Culvert, Stockyard And Other Misc, Foundations Different Control Room Including Sub-contractor Billing And Client Billing, Execution, Monitoring Of Civil Work & Billing, Quality Control. (2361 views )
»QC Engineer : Online Inspection, Resource Planning, On Time Delivery of as per customer Requirement, Daily in process inspection. (1700 views )
»QA/QC Painting Inspector : Expertise In Qa/qc Inspection, Supervising, Selection Of Blasting, Paint Systems For New Painting, Maintenance Painting, Monitoring And Maintaining Records Of Calibration Of Measuring & Monitoring Devices Pertaining To Painting Works, Surface Preparation Of Blasting And Painting. (5227 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Maintaining the quality of the product in machining stage itself, Inspection of the component in stages, Preparation of the report as per customer requirement, Marking of the component as per drawing. (1720 views )
»Fresher QC/ QA Engineer : Organize, implement, conduct and manage the QA/QC Programs as per the Company's Quality Policy, Coordinate the document controls of technical submittals, drawings, etc with the Project Team and to ensure that the QA/QC validation has been done, to ensure their issue, amendments and recall of controlled documents. (4171 views )
»Quality Development Engineer : Manufacturing, Logistics, Industrial Engineering, Quality, Responsible for Quality Assurance & Control, Process Control, Receiving Quality, Continual improvements, Poka-Yoke and Kaizen implementation for Process improvement, Responsibility of Customer Quality Assurance and Customer Problem Analysis. (1663 views )
»QA Engineer : Metallurgical Testing of components for Incoming material, Audit Checking, Line Complaint, Warranty Failure, Development Sample & Layout Inspection, Metal Testing of components for Incoming material, Audit Checking, Line Complaint, Warranty Failure, Development Sample & Layout Inspection. (1652 views )
»Quality Incharge : Responsible for quality check auditing of various pumps & motors, Responsible for invoice processing of products like pumps & motors, Invold in maintenance of ledger for stock of products. (1951 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : AutoCAD, Application development, Database, Net working, Tools Operating System & Technical writing, Site and Plant Safety Induction, Mandatory Oil and Gas Trainings, Excavation Safety H2S, Confined space, PTW, Incident reporting and Fire Fighting. (1660 views )
»InProcess Quality Engineer : Checking the components, Prepare reports, Working on software AUTO CAD, Editing & making drawing, Working on structure & isometrics. Attend meetings, Provide information about company & products, Maintaining a good intrapersonal relation with clients. (2890 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Installation and Maintenance of Transformer, Cables, Over head lines, Colony wiring etc., Inspection of Distribution Transformer Shifting Work, Inspection of 11 KV Lines, Conductor Augmentation, Inspection of 33 KV Lines, Inspection of 33/11 KV Sub-Station, Inspection of 1200/600 KVAR Capacitor Installation Work, Installation of Power Transformer, Additional Bay at Sub-Station. (1914 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Internal Quality Inspecting the Tractors at final Audit and PDI and Coordinate the PDI team, Tractor Audit Process set up Updating of check sheets, Average demerit point trend analysis parrot Analysis, corrective actions for assembly errors Data updating. (1987 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Participate in QA process, developed include Flow Charts and Control Plans, Develop the required documentation for each specific customer requirements, Established Inprocess Production and Final QA Inspections plans. (1416 views )
»Fresher Quality Engineer : Development And Operation Of Quality Control Systems. Application And Analysis Of Testing And Inspection Procedures, Ability To Use Metrology And Statistical Methods To Diagnose And Correct Improper Quality Control Practices. (3582 views )
»Quality Asurance Engineer : PL/SQL and Java, PLC,SCADA & AC Drives, Robotics using AVR ATMEGA Microcontrollers & Basic Programming in Embedded C. (1517 views )
»Quality Control Manager : Responsible for maintaining the quality of raw material & finished product, Maintaining daily sanitation & hygiene of workers & production unit, Maintaining all the documents related to quality like incoming & outgoing material quality check, online quality check. (1703 views )
»Quality Engineer : Creating document and implement inspection criteria and procedures, Inspecting and oversee inspection of parts to ensure quality parts and compliance with customer specification or standards, Rejecting defective parts if there is any variations in dimensions. (1533 views )
»QA/ QC Engineer : Carry Out Inspection As Indicated In Quality Assurance Plan Like Setup, Welding, Heat Treatment And Dimension, Follows All Steps Of QAP. (2059 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Responsibility For Improvement Of In Process & Finish Goods Quality, Doing Daily 5s Audit & Esd Audit At Shop Floor, Root Cause Analysis Of In Process & Warranty Rejection. (1775 views )
»Quality Control Officer : Field Inspection of various crops for Quality seed production, Maintain Q.C. Dept. Records, Lab Germination, Moisture test, Physical Purity etc. (2150 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Preparing and reviewing of ITP,QAP and work procedures and specifications, Preparing daily inspection & progress reports and non-destructive test (NDT) reports including various QC related documents. (3763 views )
»Quality Control Executive : Responsible for calibration of Analytical Instruments, Initiate & closing of Lab incidents, Change controls, CRF, Deviation, OOS and OOT, Responsible for Analysis of Exhibit, Commercial batches Innovator Samples. (4218 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Carrying out the Process, Products & System Audits, and responsible for the IQA (Internal Quality Audits system), And verification of action taken against Internal concern & customer concern. (2476 views )
»QA/ QC Manager : Co-ordinate and communicate with Client on Project Quality issues, Ensure implementation of the Quality Management System. (2984 views )
»Quality Control Executive : Preparing Daily Excel Stock List Report, Preparing Daily Despatch Planning, Using ERP Entering Slab Inspection Report. (1486 views )
»QA/ QC Engineer : QC Coordination, Welding Inspection, Non Destructive Testing, Documentation, Third Party Inspection, Surface Preparation & Painting (1787 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Manufacturing The Plastic Mould Machine, Manufacturing Round Dies And Profile Dies Like Automobile Components (1454 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Knowledge of Basic and Advanced Modeling software like Auto Cad, Design development of Ceramic machines. (2594 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Engineer : Autocad, ProE, Radiographic Test, Ultrasonic Test, Liquid Penetrant Test, Magnetic Particle Testing, Construction Drawing such as P & ID, Piping isometric, Equipment, Structural, GAD. (1592 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Tool Designing, Vendor Audits, Conducting Internal audit training, AUTO CAD drawing, Periodically visiting the Supplier and maintaining the Quality check, and Quality Audits. (1719 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Entirely responsible for achieving Welding & Fabrication Shop Production targets, Handling Material Generator Rotor /Supporting Structure/Bolt Guide Plate/Brake Disc (2337 views )
»Electronics Quality Control Engineer : C,C++, VLSI, Matlab, Traffic Control System, Real Time Implementation of MEMS Based Ship Monitoring System (1593 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : MS Base, Locator base, Locator, Oil spinning box, 3 phase induction motor, Solar reflecting plate, two cylinder engine, stand, Kaizen Participation, Total Productive Maintenance (1387 views )
»QA/ QC Piping Inspector : Welding, Liquid Penetrant test, Magnetic particle test, Radiographic test, Ultrasonic test, Preparation of Inspection and Test Plan, checklist, Procedures, Asperisometric Drawing, Loopwelding & NDT Clearance. (22590 views )
»QC Mechanical Manager : Vendor Inspection & Expediting, Piping Inspection, Non Destructive Testing, Codes & Specifications, NDE coordination, Ultrasonic testing, Radiographic testing, Magnetic particle testing, Penetrate testing (2425 views )
»Quality Assurance Shift Supervisor/ Incharge : Involved in functions related to Standard Weights and measures and Food and Drugs, Trainings undertaken / imparted included Trainings on Personnel Hygiene, GMP, and HACCP. (1631 views )
»Manager Cum Material Engineer (QA/QC) : Review and approve Inspection and Test Plan for testing of various materials, Perform researches at site to improve the quality and develop new materials (2789 views )
»QA/ QC Civil Engineer : Executing, Implementing Project Critical Paths (8717 views )
»Quality Control Civil Engineer : Coordinating, Directing, Supervising (10051 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : PPAP, SIX SIGMA (1652 views )
»Automobile Quality Assurance Engineer : Process capability study (Cp, CpK), Final Inspection (2207 views )
»Automobile Quality Assurance Engineer : PPAP, MSA, Supplier Audit, Supplier deveploment (24356 views )
»Mechanical Quality Supervisor : Steel, Auto component (1827 views )
»Quality Control/ Assurance/ Systems Engineer : Supplier Audits, Patrolling Inspection (2276 views )
»Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Engineer : Man Power Planning, Line Monitoring (7754 views )
»Quality Control Chemical Engineer : Frisch/ Kodak Coding System (2295 views )
»Piping Fabrication Quality Control Engineer : 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling (2401 views )
»Quality Assurance Mechanical Engineer : Ultrasonic, Magnetic Particle Test (2472 views )
»Fresher Mechanical Quality Engineer : Functionality & Fitments, Performing inward inspections (4997 views )
»Highway Construction QC Engineer : Autocad, 3ds MAX, Photoshop (4261 views )
»Electronics Quality Control Engineer : Instruments Vernier Calliper, Screw Gauge (6479 views )
»Mechanical Quality Control Engineer : Inspection of electrical equipments (5695 views )
»Mechanical Pump Quality Assurance Engineer : Non Destructive Testing (Dye Penetration, Ultrasonic) (4153 views )
»Quality Control Executive : Textile / Garment Testing (26236 views )
»Hardware Quality Control Engineer : Testing, Debugging SMD cards (1908 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : Line Inspector (2451 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : AutoCAD, Pro-E (2225 views )
»Mechanical QC Supervisor : NDT, PWHT (11012 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : 7QC TOOLS, SQC SPC techniques (3001 views )
»QA Engineer : Tensile test, Resistivity test, Torsion test (2074 views )
»Quality Manager : Maintained close liaison, Assessing product specifications (1883 views )
»Quality Analyst : Defect Prevention, Decision Analysis (2572 views )
»QC Executive : Laboratories Information Management System (2186 views )
»QA/QC ENGINEER : AutoCAD , GTAW , SMAW welding , HVAC (4112 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : AutoCAD , AXAPTA, ERP System (2292 views )
»QA/QC Manager : ASNT Level-II in RT, UT, SMAW, GTAW, ASME, ASTM, AWS Standard. (4262 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : NDT Level II, Pipe line Inspection, Welding Inspection,Autocad (2691 views )
»QC INSPECTOR STEEL STRUCTURE/PIPING WORKS : AutoCAD (2D & 3D), Auto Plant. (11245 views )
»Quality Control Incharge : Tank Testing, Material / Cable Testing (5925 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Welding Inspection & Project Management (2295 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : CAD-UG, AutoCAD (1923 views )
»Quality Assurance Engineer : CMM Make Mitutoyo Software GEOPACK (2692 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : Auto CAD, (1926 views )
»Quality Engineer : Raw Material Inspection, Process Sheets Preparation (2755 views )
»QA/QC Engineer : Maintenance and Inspection Procedures (4931 views )
»Quality Control Officer : NDT, Raw Material Testing (2617 views )
»Quality Control Engineer : AUTOCAD, SOLID WORKS, CATIA (2848 views )
»Fresher Quality Control Chemical Engineer : Fruit Waste Alcohol Production (2400 views )