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List of Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper /Store Officer Resumes( 279 )

»Store Keeper : Stores, Receiving and issuing unit and storage, Sales items, recipes ,and sales locations, Evaluations of price and pricing policy, Inventory and stock management. (10 views )
»Store Executive : Store Inventory, Inward, Outward, Dispatch, Logistics, RGP, NRGP, GRN, LIFO, FIFO (72 views )
»Store Incharge : Experience of all types store activities, Maintain FIFO & LIFO as per material Property, Gate Entry Inward Materials, Receive incoming goods, Supervise unloading of material Count. (261 views )
»Store Keeper : Knowledge of SAP ERP System, prepare GR, issuance the material, accept the DPR, prepare code transfer GR, updation Location Tracking System,create PR print sap batch label, create work order, print airwise report and cross check the stock, prepare Stock adjustment memo, make reservation. (130 views )
»Store Manager : Warehouse Management, Inventory Control, Logistics, Behavioral Characters, Monitor Daily Workloads & Manage Work Capacity To Finalize The Daily Outstanding Work. (151 views )
»Store Incharge : Maintain inventory of the hospital, Proper evaluation of bills submitted by the vendors, and forwarding to finance dept.for final payment, Maintain all the transactions pertaining to stores. (137 views )
»Stores Executive : Receive incoming goods, Supervise unloading of material Count, Check for damage/shortage and prepare report, Arrange for inspection and complete the inspection (211 views )
»Dispatch/Store Incharge : Maintain of Material Receipt Note, Maintain of Party Job Work Register, Maintain of Store Valuation. (70 views )
»Warehouse Executive : Managing and Supervising Warehouses/SAP,ERP,CMMS and INCADEA (29 views )
»Store Incharge : Preparing Daily production plan from monthly forecasting Plan, Feeding raw material to other product cell as per demand of particular product. (146 views )
»Stores Incharge : Stores Operation, Material Handling, Resource Allocation, Effective Utilization of Resources, Material Bidgeting and Ordering, Maintaining Vendor Relationship (177 views )
»Store Officer : Receiving of materials, Physical verification, checking, stacking of materials, Binning of Material, Ensuring that the stock doesn’t exceed the maximum stock level or nor below the minimum level at any time. (218 views )
»Stores Executive : Ensure all material inward and outward from main store, Ensure all Get entry GRN preparation, Ensure all Vendor portal bar code online Generate. (402 views )
»Excise/Dispatch/Stores Executive : Preparing & Maintaining Excise Books, Excise Returns, Export Documentation, Dispatching & Stores (143 views )
»Store Keeper : Maintaining the track of enquiries made by the clients, Preparing invoice of the clients. (188 views )
»Store Officer : Receives all incoming shipments,Verifies and inspects for conformity to appropriate purchase orders,Notifies and/or delivers received items to addressee. (197 views )
»Store Keeper : Pay Roll System, Public relation activity, and Project management in computerized environment and total office automation system. (221 views )
»Store Keeper : To check all the local supplier items received and inform the store manager, Enter all the incoming goods into the system, Check daily balance of issued and received materials. (186 views )
»Store Keeper : Follow up Process programmes and related all store programmes, Manage fabric as per cutting requirement, Arrange /Purchase the fabric accessories as per instruct. (121 views )
»Store Executive/Officer : Receives all incoming shipments, Verifies and inspects for conformity to appropriate purchase orders, Notifies and/or delivers received items to addressee. (428 views )
»Store Keeper : Prepare GRN/MIS and all related Store documents, Inspect the materials received from suppliers with respect to PR, quality & quantity. (239 views )
»Stores Executive : Daily major material Issue and Receipt, GRN entries in SAP, PO selection & freight entry procedures, Maintaining various registers related stores. (417 views )
»Stores Executive : Receive and inspect all incoming material and reconciles with purchase order, Pickup materiel and ship that Material to Authorized JC centers. (195 views )
»Store & Excise Executive : Store Incharge, Receipt of incoming materials, Identification of all materials stored, Preparation of GRN for all types of materials. (199 views )
»Stores Executive : Preparation daily GRN & MRN in ERP, Daily entry of issue slips in ERP, Maintain stock ledger in ERP, Maintain day to day stock report for purchase and issue material. (266 views )
»Purchase Executive : working as a store incharge & maintaing data through Focus ERP soft. (133 views )
»Store Officer : Daily major material Issue and Receipt, Raising Purchase Requisition, Prepare Daily Progress Report (382 views )
»Store Keeper : Monitoring preparation of books, Maintain stock register, Maintain the food cost, Preperation of Food Cost. (175 views )
»Store Executive : Prepare Commercial Document, Material Handling Store, Inventory Analysis & Reduction (233 views )
»Stores Executive : Preparation of Good Receipt Note on daily basis for all Direct and indirect material received and circulating the copy of information to Purchase department. (253 views )
»Store Executive : Preparing commercial documents, Materials Management, MIS, Inventory analysis and reduction, Lead time reduction with good knowledge of supply, Inventory and materials Management system. (290 views )
»Store Executive : Maintaining Material inward and out ward record, Dispatch of Material as per orders and requirements, Maintain a track record of all dispatches. (561 views )
»Store Keeper : Maintain All Store Document and filing which related to project and company, Make P.O. for Purchasing also MRN in Focus SYSTEM & Tally ERP (330 views )
»Store Officer : Setting up the weekly, monthly, quarterly procurement plan, Procurement of raw material from national and international market, Purchasing machines with improved technology to increase production. (392 views )
»Store/ Dispatch Officer : Handling of Store & Dispatch Independently, Proper material handling & packing, Packing as per customer & make the ready for dispatch (351 views )
»Stores Officer : Preparation of Indent, General receipt note maintain in register, Receipt note maintain in system, Maintain stock register item wise. (384 views )
»Purchase Executive : SAP (218 views )
»Stores Incharge : Handling Raw Material Stores of factory, Maintain Inventory, Reporting to Manager overall activity of the day, Preparing Monthly report of the Store Raw material. (759 views )
»Stores Manager : Maintaining all process of Raw Material Store (including material inward report, issuing process, DCNR/ DCR Material handling, Preparation of Purchase Request according to the project Material requirement, Material Planning, Stacking & Physical stock Checking. (524 views )
»Stores Officer : SAP MM, Performs clerical duties associated with storekeeping function, Maintains the stock area, warehouse, and other work areas in a clean and orderly condition. (364 views )
»Storekeeper : Strategic Support, Store Keeping Activities, Plans & Procedures, Warehousing Operations, Budgeting Management, Customer Relationship Management (321 views )
»Store Manager : Receive all incoming materials and reconcile qty and materials with purchase order, processes and distributes documentation, reports, documents and tracks damages and discrepancies on orders received, Compete checking then GRN Preparation in ERP and verified to HOD and bill forward to account department. (520 views )
»Dispatch/ Store Incharge : Planning and maintaining efficient store operations through self assigning and evaluating the work performance, Material planning on daily /Monthly basis (385 views )
»Store Executive : Preparation daily GRN & MRN in ERP, Daily entry of issue slips in ERP, Maintain stock ledger in ERP, Maintain day to day stock report for purchase and issue material. (787 views )
»Store & Warehouse Manager : Preparation of TAT and evaluation of used of vehicles, To ensure planning of distribution, dispatch and arrangement of transportation. (331 views )
»Store Officer : Assessing the requirement of Store Goods & Spares & Stock verification, Prepare a comparative statement of rate of suppliers, Ensure that the materials are receiving after proper verification and unloaded / kept in the designated area / area ear marked. (372 views )
»Store Keeper : Hotel/Restaurant, Inventory & Purchase, Business Computer Application (200 views )
»Store Incharge : Responsible for Inventory Management / Jobwork Reconciliation with MIS Report related documentation, Ensuring optimum inventory levels for achieving cost savings without hampering the production process and preparing reports for the same. (605 views )
»Stores/Warehouse Incharge : Sap Module, Journalism & Mass Communication, Excel Net (427 views )
»Stores Incharge : Handle over all Stores activities at project site of the company for multi stores high rise residential buildings, Daily material Inspection. (455 views )
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