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List of Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper /Store Officer Resumes( 357 )

»Stores Executive : Handling receipt of RM, PM & Engineering Material, Storing, Labeling of RM, PM & Engineering Material as per their properties. (25 views )
»Stores Manager : Stock reports updating in GERP System & Excel for packing Material, Raw Material & maintain Stores area, Maintaining & Documentation the files of all billing & inward activities. (6 views )
»Store Incharge : Receipt & Issue of all incoming / outgoing material, Preparing stock statement site wise and contractor wise. (122 views )
»Stores Executive : Following Purchase Order from Customer based on them material requirement, Organize the material availability with Sales team support, Planning for Payment schedule & Delivery time with Customer and Vendors. (200 views )
»Stores Manager : Selection of source of supply, Receiving Indents, Negotiate with local and International Supplier, Prepare Price Comparisons. (101 views )
»Store Incharge : Management of Store, Inventory Control,Online SAP, Knowledge of material (MS & SS Raw Materials, Structural, Pipe Fittings, Electrical, Instruments, Equipment). (223 views )
»Store Incharge : Deft in route planning, System Development & Implementation, SOP, Cost saving in various materials etc. ensuring satisfaction levels, Resourceful at maintaining store & purchase follow ups with vendors for quotation and material require as per site requisition. (92 views )
»Store Head : Handle the total ware house inventory, Handling material Outward and Inward, Billing material to dealers & customers. (136 views )
»Store Officer : CDI Units, RR Units, Flashers, EMI Suppressor Spark Plug, Regulators, Tail lamp, Starter Motors, Wiper motors, Electronic Energy meters, Magneto, Ignition Coils. (146 views )
»Store Officer : Preparing all Store Related Reports & Document, Co-ordination with Purchase Team in Head Office for Site Requirement & Report to Project Head related Indent & Purchase Order (183 views )
»Store Keeper : Knowledge of goods or materials in assigned storeroom, Knowledge of inventory principles and practices. (290 views )
»Stores & Logistics Executive : Materials have to be checked with our Purchase order along with our gate entry on Supplier DC/ Invoices, Storage of materials(Binning, Placing) Once GRN got approval from the Quality Checking department (201 views )
»Store & Dispatch Executive : Responsibility of total receive material like Raw, packing, chemical, Oil & Lubricants and all type of spare parts, Arrange a Inhouse Repairing work with reference of our rate contract which is final by our Hod. (168 views )
»Store Incharge : Stores & Warehouse Management, Inventory Management and Transport Management etc. (327 views )
»Store & Dispatch Incharge : Looking at Receiving Store Receipt of material, Physically checking the material, checking the Quality & Quantity of material and giving acknowledgement to vendor on challan& Making GRN entry & Resolve all issue about GRN. (168 views )
»Store Incharge : Preparation & Formatting of Raw Material, Packing Material, Finished Product Worksheet & Certificate of Analysis. (299 views )
»Stores Executive : Store Management, Sales Revenue Reports, Profit & Loss Statements, Inventory Reports, Trend of operations (351 views )
»Purchase & Stores Manager : Handling various tasks like Purchase, Receipt, Issue, Storage, & Codification of material, Maintain stores related records in computerized system like Goods Receipt, Goods Issue, Purchase Requisition, Stores Accounting, Daily/Monthly Reports, and MIS etc. (342 views )
»Store Executive : To assure the quality of the incoming parts as per their criteria and Quality inspection standard, Maintain the record and analysis of CAPA, defect record, Rejection PPM, Supplier rating etc. (708 views )
»Store Manager : Issuing of Stock Updating on Daily basis, Preparation of Daily & various type of report on daily basis, Preparation of Monthly report & reporting to HOD (547 views )
»Store Incharge : Overall responsibilities for stores & inventory control, Bulk Material Report Daily Basis MaintainStock, and other Store related Document. (738 views )
»Stores Executive : SAP, Handling a store management, Maintain receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom, Develop and arrange promotional material and in-store (981 views )
»Stores Executive / Manager / Keeper : Estimate the total cost of material required for project, Precosting of material prior to purchase, To keep the track record of material from beginning till the end of project. (724 views )
»Store Incharge : Performs clerical duties associated with storekeeping function, Prepares form records and obtains necessary signatures for stock issued. (700 views )
»Store & Logistics Manager : Inventory Management, Logistics Management, Assists with daily management responsibilities of the stores. (398 views )
»Store Incharge : Responsible for in-warding the materials after having ensured correct supporting documents, Making a Goods Receipts Note as per bill / Challan. (521 views )
»Stores / Purchase Executive : Day to day planning & execution of various works, Handling various tasks like Purchase, Receipt, Issue, Storage, & Codification of material. (573 views )
»Store Incharge : Handling Stores Activities in Construction field like Inventory Management (Materials Requisition & Receipt & Material storage & Issue of Materials), Responsible for in-warding the materials after having ensured correct supporting documents, Making a Goods Receipts Note as per bill / Challan. (569 views )
»Store Manager : Store & Inbond Logistics, Handling Stores Activities like Inventory Management, Responsible for Inventory Audit Compliance (439 views )
»Store Incharge : Maintain the proper storage of spare parts, stationary and other materials. MSL( Minimum stock level) & Efficient & Error free record maintenance (369 views )
»Store Keeper : Prepare Purchase Requisition & issuance form, Collection of quotation from supplier and preparing QCS. (495 views )
»Store Incharge : Materials issue to Plant Persons and timely updating in SAP, Creating Job work Challan (Subcontracting Challan), Creating Service Entry after completion of work. (484 views )
»Stores Incharge : Checking proper stacking of shuttering material and other building material also, Checking Machinery condition, scrap and surplus materials. (311 views )
»Stores Manager : Handling Stores Activities like Inventory Management (receipt storage & Issue of RM/packing /Materials), Responsible for in-warding the materials after having ensured correct supporting documents, Making a Goods Receipts Note as per bill / Challan. (562 views )
»Store Incharge : Store Management, Supervisory Management, Ammunation Inventory Control Package (582 views )
»Store Keeper : Receives copies of material requisitions ,purchase orders and shipping documents, and files such copies for reference separate file for each purchase order awaiting receipt of materials. (498 views )
»Store Incharge : SAP, Handling a store management, Maintain receipts, records, and withdrawals of the stockroom, Develop and arrange promotional material and in-store (627 views )
»Store Executive : Maintaining records of receipt and issuance keeping in view material reconciliation and audit requirement, Component feed in store location according to FIFO and Issue as per FIFO. (945 views )
»Store Executive : Reconciliation Done with client and vendors, Handling solar power equipment and maintain manual register, And keep all record in computer (527 views )
»Store Executive : Monitor & control the activity of warehouse, Plan-stocking & de-stocking planning, Co-ordination with our staff for Receipt of material at warehouse, planning, supervising and administering the work of subordinates’ loaders. (510 views )
»Store Keeper : Inspected incoming shipments, completed various general office task, and prepared processed purchase orders, Maintain Receipt and records and with drawl from store. (440 views )
»Store Manager : Monthly Taking Inventory, Daily check physical stock, and Also check system counting, & take appropriate action for any Mismatch. (593 views )
»Store Executive : Analysis and Management of materials movement like Raw materials, packing materials, Engineering items and General items (658 views )
»Store Incharge : Managing annual and day to day requirements, Consistently negotiate favourable vendor contracts to keep costs low, Managing distribution of stationery, housekeeping, and pantry items. (745 views )
»Store Officer : Maintain Purchase Requisition Record, Negotiation with supplier, Placement of order, Follow-Up, Material Tracking etc. (764 views )
»Stores Manager : Responsible for store and inventory management, Material Receipt, Material Issue, Responsible for physical stock checks on a regularly basis (662 views )
»Stores Executive : Inventry Mangement, Calculating and reviewing establishment requirements,supervising work and guiding juniors as necessary,assisting in Export/Import and custom clearence, Thorough knowledge and experience of cheking scale entitlement, preparation of surplus reports and undetaking local purchases as required. Taking custody of valuable attractive and security items and ensuring their proper care and maintenance. Implementaion of new policies, orders etc in respect of their section. Fuction as NCO incharge and assisting in general administration. Supervising work of juniors and guiding them as necessary. (733 views )
»Stores/ MIS Executive : Stock Transfer Note, Sales Invoices, Trip Sheets, Pick Lists, eCommerce Delivery Documents, (451 views )
»Store & Purchase Engineer : Received the material along with delivery challan and checked the quantity as per challan, Preparation of Goods Receipt Notes to check whether material is as per Purchase order, also checked cenvat if applicable or not. (474 views )
»Stores/ Operations Manager : Ensure proper pick-ups and deliveries, Handle customer’s quarries and ensure customer satisfaction, Follow up of all consignments of booking till delivery. (472 views )
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